Arena/coli bug

How long does it take to fix the disk bug? I know for a fact you have had every player in arena one complaining. Yet you don’t fix it? I’ve never in my life seen such a disregard for the players that pay good money. Its reasonable to expect you as a company 1 to care and 2 to act accordingly. Over three months of messages to pb support. Same generic messages just for the devs to ignore it. Then we get a crappy response is its a feature. So fixing arena for your mates is a feature. Wow. No wonder you have lost so many players. Completely shocking. @Loutre when will we actually get an update on this. Because quite frankly it’s pathetic!!!

Can you be more specific to what you’re calling a bug?

If it’s the ability to change disks then that isn’t a bug that is intended.

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Yeah, pretty sure they are referring to this -

Obviously we don’t want the defence cooldown to trigger every time we swap a disk around, but if someone actually changes their disk then goes in to edit and save their defence, that definitely should be triggering the cooldown to prevent this abuse :man_shrugging:


I can see the point now. Does make sense. It was announced as a feature and I recall back then I was happy because:

  1. I was new and was just unlocking disks, so it was frustrating not to be able to use them right away.
  2. It was counter-intuitive that you had to go and update defense for them to show up, it was often forgotten for weeks.

Maybe the feature should be tweaked to prevent the abuse you mentioned but still allow some leeway for newer players? E.g. all your war/arena/coliseum defenses pick up your new disks on the start of the day.

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There should be a cool down for changing Heroes, but when I brought it up to the team they’d have made the change where every time you change the disk it would trigger a 24hr cooldown. They decided to keep it as it is as it is intended to change disks.

Is the cool down for changing Heroes not triggering?

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What i mean is that if we’re just in the heroes view (outside of Arena/Coli) and swap a disk, that shouldn’t be triggering any cooldown and nor should it be updating our defence automatically. But if we do that same disk swap, then go to our Edit Defence page, and save the lineup with the new disk in place, that should be triggering the cooldown (it’s not).

Currently it’s open to abuse (and is apparently happening). Eg:

Megara (Shank disk) - gives the frontmost hero 7.5s of invincibility when Megara is KO’d.
Megara (Aladdin disk) - does not.

Given how important Quick Win points are in PVP, theoretically one could post a defence with Meg(Sh), keep it up for the duration of the week/season to prevent opponents scoring Quick Wins, and co-ordinate with their friend or guild member to swap to Meg(Al) for a very short period (ie. a few minutes) during which that player, and only that player has the opportunity to attack and score that important Quick Win.

This is the type of abuse OP is referring to and apparently is happening, that could be prevented if saving defence - with the same heroes but different disks - triggered the cooldown.


We don’t need disks and mods changes without 24h cooldown, top guild is cheating to win because they are filling arena in last week
Also, no defense to be changed for 4 days would be awesome to stop top guild members from cheating to allow one of them to keep winning
They are strong but can’t win without cheating

It would be great to lock defense changing, hero changing, disk changing, mod changing, lock the defense button for 4 days at least

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MaXxXx posted about this 10 days ago, using a clear, obvious example with pictures:

Unfortunately, someone decided that being a jerk was a great way to motivate support to address the issue, and the thread ended up locked.

@Loutre: If you’ve passed that particular comment along to the dev team, what was their response? Is this change intended to allow players to change their disks at will in Arena and Coliseum, allowing their friends and guildmates to score points that they can then deny other players by switching their disks back? Should everyone not in one of the top two or three guilds just give up on ever reaching the top leagues of Arena/Coli again?


Yes @Loutre you said you closed that thread and passed on the feedback to the dev team to get a response.

It’s clear people are abusing this feature in arena helping there guildmates out and locking out positions for everyone else


We do pass feedback to the team for them to investigate and review. The team does consider all feedback which does take time in order to find a proper solution.

I hope you pass my comments too about locking defense for 3 to 4 days from each week starting to avoid cheating by same guild members

Or / And

Give all the arena keys in day1

But disks and mods should be locked with cooldown of 24h at least

Or / And

Remove quick fights bonus

That was bad bad bad feature, changing disk didn’t count as cooldown? It is 100% “cheat”

We want arena and coliseum champion = 100% champion

not by cheating By asking their guild mates to change disk, so they can get benefit point, and swap disk back?

Tell me, why war defense can’t be changing disk too?

Or what the reason changing disk inst trigger cooldown? That is nonsense


Devs have some questions while they’re thinking about what can be changed. Do you only care about the disks being changed or mods too?

If we didn’t let you fight guild members would this be a possible solution?

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But that can’t be a thing in challengers.
And moving leagues up will become harder too.


Anything that could make the battle significantly easier or harder, or take longer, should trigger the cooldown.

Personally I think improving items already in place (eg. disk levels & stars, mod levels, mod upgrades) should not trigger the cooldown, but swapping a disk to another, removing or adding a disk, or changing / adding / removing actual mods, should trigger it.

This will have the downside of potentially not being able to immediately use newly unlocked items in defence if a cooldown is running, but that seems relatively minor.

No, not at all without a lot of consideration of how that would work - in the top Challenger leagues, it’s very common to have 2-3-4 or more players from the same guild in a league, this seems like a can of worms.

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For me it’s just the disks need to go on cool-down like the team. If someone changes there defence to make it easier for there teammates then that should be locked untill the cool-down has finished. It’s there fault then if others take advantage of there poor defence

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How possible can that be done for last week? I believe it’s impossible, the solution for last week is to prevent disks, mods and the whole defense changing in last week all of it

Everyone can do the changes 1 day before then why allowing them to change during the week?

It’s called challenger, that means to challenge whatever is there without changing at all

10 guild mates always in last week of challenge, 3 keys to unlock only per day

If I decided to unlock 1,2,3 in 1st day and they decided to unlock 4,5,6 which no one knows what they decided to do, then next day they will change 4,5,6 to hard line so we can’t score as their guild mates which is cheating

If not going to lock defense changing for all the week then at least make it 3 days cooldown from day 1 of the week

Both and defense changing to be locked all the week

If a change is made it will take time. This will not be done in a week and it won’t be a retroactive thing.


Thanks for your concern, at least it will be done one day soon

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