Bernard & Bianca Concept (#154)

Bernard & Bianca



Description: Members of a distress organization to help children all over the world, Bianca and Bernard are amongst the top agents of their field. Originally a janitor, Bernard found himself being a co-agent to Bianca, the Hungarian representative, and succeeded in their first mission in Devil’s Bayou. Now, they take on many different missions in order to save children, as well as enjoy each other’s company as their romance blooms ever so strongly.

Quote: {Bernard} “I don’t know… I mean it… could be risky.” {Bianca} "Oh, come on. Remember our pledge? “Through storm and rain and dark of night” - {Bernard} “Never fail to do what’s right.” “All right… Duty calls.”

Role: Support
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Bernard takes his mop out of his bucket and swings it on the closest enemy, dealing X damage, and removing all of their buffs.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Bianca walks in and applys perfume on herself as Bernard brings his janitor equipment slowly but surely.

Victory: Bianca and Bernard kiss each other.

Defeat: Bianca gasps as Bernard covers his face with his hat.


White Skill:
“Rescue Aid Society"
Bianca and Bernard will call upon the members of the Rescue Aid Society to give moral support to all the allies in the assistance of creep control. They will convert every allies damage into true damage on their skills and basic attacks, and will mark the enemy with the most Max HP, decreasing it by half and studying them for 7 seconds.

Green Skill:
“Perfume Spray"
Bianca will apply perfume on herself, making her and Bernard deal X fantastic damage when they are near an enemy. Bernard & Bianca will also grant the two closest allies precise for 7 seconds, and increase their basic damage by 30%. The precise will have a chance to fail against allies above level X.

Blue Skill:
“Janitor Duties"
Bernard will grab a little mop and start to sweep and clean the floor, granting himself a shield of X HP, as well as granting his allies X skill power and healing them for X HP.

Purple Skill:
“Infatuated Emissaries"
Everytime Bernard performs his basic attack, he will slow their enemies movement speed by 20% for 7 seconds. If one of Bianca and Bernard’s allies gets K’Oed, the slow will increase by 20%, and he will give himself and his allies super crits on their basic attacks for 5 seconds.

Red Skill:
“International Agents of Love"
Bianca, Bernard and their allies will start each wave with two stacks of hardy and their skill power will be increased by 50% for 7 seconds. Also, Perfume Spray will charm the closest enemy for 7 seconds and increase their attack speed by 250%.

  • +X Healing from Janitor Duties
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP

Jake (Rescuers Down Under)

Disk Name: “Relieving the Good Days”
Disk Effect: Bonus True Damage on Basic Attack

Other Effects:

  1. For the first 10 seconds of each wave, Bernard and Bianca’s basic attack will deal X additional true damage. Allies will also gain 10% armor. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Bianca and Bernard reunite with their old friend all the way from the Outback and the reunion brings back memories from both sides. Jake asks how the two have been since they last seen each other and the agent couple tell a few stories of their experience in the new city. The two offer Jake more times to hang out as friends when they aren’t busy with rescuing duties, and he is more than happy to oblige with that offer!)
Allies: Wilbur Robinson & Carl, Antonio Madrigal, Max Goof


Disk Name: “An Unusual Distress Call”
Disk Effect: Perfume Spray Drains

Other Effects:

  1. When Bianca performs Perfume Spray, the three closest enemies will be drained for 6 seconds and lose 12% of their reality. (+12% per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Basic Damage

Campaign: (A new city calls for new children to help, and quite a strange case this one is. Bianca and Bernard discover that the kid in question: Boun, is perfectly fine. He has been missing ingredients for his well known dishes on the Shrimporium. Bernard and Bianca help Boun try to find the lost stockhold of ingredients and ultimately have a nice romantic dinner with a new special they’ve never tasted before in Shrimp Congee.)
Allies: Duke Caboom, Alameda Slim, Lady Tremaine


Great Concept :+1:


Great concept!


Nice Concept!


It looks good, but with the entrance I would switch it with Orville clumsily landing to drop them off then take off.

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Don’t revive dead topics

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