State of the Game - February 2020

Welcome to this year’s first State of the Game post! 2019 was a year of ups and downs for us. We love Disney Heroes and put a lot into making it the best mobile RPG. We launched Invasion, lots of great new heroes, and more, but we also made some mistakes.

We come into 2020 looking forward to a new year and a new focus on working with our players. We had our first Dev Q&A Corner last year! Because we felt it was so valuable, we’ll be doing these on a quarterly basis. The next one is scheduled for late February. Part of that is also writing these State of the Game posts quarterly.

Some of the things we learned from last dev chat:

  • We need to do a better job closing the gap between casual and serious players/payers.
  • Some hero power creep is okay, but we need to watch out for heroes who are truly OP.
  • Some game modes are getting a bit stale:
    • Either too easy, too boring and/or the rewards are falling behind.
  • We need to make sure we keep bugs and event issues as infrequent as possible, and squash them as fast as possible when they do pop up.
    • This is more important to most players than new development.
  • The friend system, especially missions, need a revamp in a big way.
  • You love the story, and would love a way to re-read it.

We want to address all of the points mentioned above and more in the coming year. Our biggest challenge currently is what order to tackle them in.

With 1.15 through 1.15.4’s release in December and February, we’ve addressed a fair number already:

  • Began to address player gaps with more stamina, improved Trials rewards.
  • Global Release of Red Skills.
  • Improved Invasion rewards.
  • Added the ability to make custom Invasions (which we debuted recently)
  • Made disconnects in Guild War less painful.
  • Adding new difficulty levels in Heist.

Moving forward in 1.16 we want to tackle:

  • Releasing Arena & Coliseum Challenger Seasons.
  • Adding new difficulty levels in Creep Surge.
  • Global Release of Diamond Quest.
  • Adding new Guild Perks to help maxed out guilds.

In 1.17 we’re planning to:

  • Introduce an updated Creep Surge:
    • We’re working on an “endless” version where your guild can decide how much they want to do and get more rewards for it!
    • No more choosing a number of waves that’s too easy or too hard.
  • Expand our collections and cosmetics in a fun new way (more to come)
  • Improve the selection of heroes available at the start of the game for new players.

Now, plans always change and features can take longer than estimated. New things can also come up that take precedence, so this isn’t set in stone. We normally don’t share this much detail on our roadmap, but it seems like everyone would appreciate it, so we’re trying it out!

In addition to our feature roadmap, we have a great lineup of heroes coming this year. We have some new characters planned that tie into movies releases, and we’re also reaching back into the Disney archives for both old favorites and a few surprises.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the upcoming few months of 2020. We’re excited for the year and look forward to your feedback now and in the next dev chat. In an effort to keep incorporating player feedback, we’re going to be creating a section of the forums for invited top Guild Leaders. We want to collect targeted feedback on features that are still in development. We are planning to have this new section of the forums up and running next week.


Respectfully, the stamina issue was not remotely addressed. Yes, you increased the amount that can be earned and stored for free, but the last couple of badge ranks have gone up in cost exponentially as well. A couple thousand free stamina each day is pretty meaningless when you need 45,000 stamina for one hero.


It sure will be surprise if Kim Possible join. Many months and nothing… community waits.

It was few times asked here by many people.
It will be best thing for now to made (as new character to add). :slight_smile:


How about addressing the constant cry from everyone about relaxing the pace at which the level cap and gear increases come?


i am wondering if there is a possibility that we can see Tarzan characters someday. I heard that Disney doesnt have a right about Tarzan now. But I am not sure this is true


Thank you for being this open about your plans! I know in development it can be difficult to be transparent about your roadmap, because you don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. I’ve got my own concerns, but I’m happy to see this kind of engagement from the PB team.


Level increases need to slow down and the cost of things needs to either drop a bit or offer lots more gold or xp drinks. At the end of ‘18 it was said the level increases would slow down a little bit…they didn’t slow down at all.

Please for the sake of this game and people’s sanity fix these things because you’ve let it get out of hand.


I wish that all glass cannon heroes like zurg and jackjack had more survivalability like randall. By far randall still not been toned down and he still the superior obstacle in city watch when trying to not use a randall of my own because he has his red skill maxed.


Does this mean Mulan will come?

And Pooh is def an old favorite of everyone!

I can’t wait for what the next few updates will bring!


Also, this is a great idea to do and kudos for admitting that there are some issues with the game! Many developers would never do that! I’m looking forward to see how the game improves with the team and the other players!


Please just slow down the lv increases


I really appreciate this post but the main issue has not been clearly mentioned . All these plans are quite interesting but level caps are the real headache of the game. If it doesn’t change, I dont mind any other improvement… It’s frustrating to not be able to beat someone just because he or she spends more money than you… It’s impossible to keep up with the rhythm


Really appreciate the open communication. Most people just complain on these things and don’t point out the good stuff. This is a step in the right direction. Thank you!


I think we just need to encourage individual activity within a guild. Like surge, they don’t get rewards if not contributed… it should be the same for war and invasion. Or make it so there is a minimum requirement or else they don’t get rewards.

I also want Mulan and Jiminy Cricket in the game :yum:


great idea. you don’t participate, you don’t reap the benefits.


I agree. This is the biggest issue. While we appreciate the increase in earned stamina, the cost of badges desperately needs to decrease. 10k stamina for 1 badge is insane. This is by far the biggest complaint I’ve heard the last several months.


I would like to see a Survival wave. A one time shot, once a day, of like 30 waves with one set team. Get rewarded depending on his high you get in the waves. You can even put non participant heroes to make it fair. Also were you Have to kill the enemy in order to progress because of heroes that can just out last the enemy is not fair. Anyways keep up the good work; but I agree need more material. Game is getting a little dull.


Very true. I was just calculating stamina req for powering up Donald from o1 to r0 and it is around 24k with double drops. Now imag8ne it is 48k without double drops. And there are 5 more ranks to go rn. How have they addressed stamina issue is beyond me.


I hope you release jungle book characters too , especially baloo and Mowgli


What about Disney park characters?

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