Courtesian Melody - Sebastian Likely Concept

Here’s my submission for @Disney-Fan 's Animal Kingdom Concept Contest.

"Courtesian Melody" - Sebastian Likely Concept

Name: Sebastian
Description: As a distinguished, undersea songwriter and composer, Sebastian will fill the battlefield with music to help his allies.

Quote: “How do I get myself into these situations?”

Trial Team: Blue

Role: Support

*Position: Back

Stars: :star:

Entrance: Sebastian gets carried in a carriage moved by sea horses and then stands on a small rock.

Basic Attack: See Passive

Victory: Sebastian jumps in the air.

Defeat: Sebastian holds his head.


White Skill: Courtesian Melody
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Sebastian moves his baton and applies speed notes to allies. Every speed note applied to allies, increases the attack speed by 5%.
Active: Sebastian moves his baton up in the air, removing all notes from his allies and increasing team’s attack and movement speed by 100%.

Green Skill: Sea’s Creation
Sebastian calls a flock of small sea horses to surround an enemy stealing 200 energy and stunning that enemy for 6.0 seconds.

Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Cooked Crab
Sebastian covers himself with a lettuce leaf healing himself by X HP and becoming invisible for 5.0 seconds.

Purple Skill: Go With The Flow
Before Sebastian gets KO’d, he uses ‘Courtesian Melody’ again with twice the attack and movement speed buff duration and healing them all by X HP.

Red Skill: Musical Performance
‘Sea’s Creation’ deals X damage to the enemy.
‘Cooked Crab’ blind the closest enemy for 4.0 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts
+X Armor
+Y Tenacity
+2.0 extra seconds of invisibility in ‘Cooked Crab’


  • Sebastian/Linguini & Remy

    Allies: Robin Hood, Angel, Miguel
    "Put On A Show"
    ‘Courtesian Melody’ grants to everyone one stack of ‘Hardy’.
    +X HP in every healing.
    +X max HP.
  • Sebastian/Eeyore

    Allies: Animal, Genie, Baloo
    "Melody Of Grey"
    ‘Sea’s Creation’ saps the enemy for 3.0 seconds.
    +‘Cooked Crab’ heals also the enemy with the least HP.
    +‘Courtesian Melody’ grants also an X HP shield to the front most ally.

Hero Mastery Collections

  • Healers (only with Eeyore’s Power Disk)
  • Shields (only with Eeyore’s Power Disk)
  • Stun
  • Support

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Thank you for submitting

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Thank YOU for hosting the contest!

While Sebastian is right that the human world is a mess, this concept is not a mess at all since it is great!

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Thank u @TherMasterStitch.

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Cool concept

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