Forumer of the Year 2020 - VOTE

This is close!

I know 11 voted for Kayla. I need the # of people who voted for me because I cannot calculate the percentage correctly lol

21% of 47 voters is 9.87 people. I don’t know how the forums rounds numbers, so I think either 9 or 10 people voted for you.

Though idk if that includes people who accidentally voted on the second poll.

That would be 10 then. @Giosphere @Lucky-Oswald and @Slinky-Dog who did you vote for in the 2nd poll by accident? That way I will know.

Um, how did 11 people vote for me if only 10 voted in the poll?

Cocoa King.

What? It says there were 12 voters in the poll for me, including Gio, Oswald, and Slinky.

12 did. 3 on accident. If Oswald voted for Cocoa, then that means that 11 voted for you, 2 on accident, which means that 9 voted for you.

Image result for Mickey head explosion carried away

Must find Tiebreaker!

Weird. For me it only shows 10.

So the question is… does the forums round up or down?

If we’re going by traditional mathematical rounding laws, then I think it’d round up.

1 vote is equal to 100/47 = 2,128 %

Which means that 21% should equal 10 votes.

Which, to clarify, means @Imagineer_V is Forumer of 2020!! Congrats!


Hands trophy to myself… This is awkward. :trophy:

Thanks to everyone who nominated for me and voted for me as well. I did not expect this and it makes me feel good to know I am that great of a forumer that I won!



I just want to say…

OMG. I got THIRD overall?! I’ve only been on the forums for about 3 months now!! I’m actually speechless!! Thank you all!


Well, that’s settled then. Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it!

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We do have them, but I likely will not be hosting those. And I am not really dead or a fragmented soul. I just have a dramatic flair. Please do not bring that into this honestly.


I know.

Congratulations @Imagineer_V! You really deserve this!


Agreed, you are a great asset to the forums!

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