Forumer of the month - February ❤

The final vote has began. The post above contains the poll. Go vote!

The voting for this round has now started. I have quoted the post where you can vote for each category above.

Before I start I would like to thank @UnderTheSea for hosting this event till this time!

Welcome back to Forumer of month! We will look at the forumers that made the forums great in February.
This months will have some little changes to how it works, so make sure you read through the entire post.

There are some slight changes to the nomination process. From now on you can nominate a forumer per category. That means you can nominate from 1 up to 5 forumers.
You still have the choice to nominate in public or private via PM. The restriction that someone can only be nominated once remains as well.

These are the categories:

  • Activity, are they coming online enough? Do they post enough?

  • Importance, are their posts important to the main post? Are they helping out the community?

  • Attitude, are they being nice to other forumers? Being nice in the forums.

  • Creative Content Creator, are they exceptional in making concepts? Do they make nice memes?

  • Helpfulness, are the helpful to other users? Will the take their time to help other users?


Polaris: why should they be the former of the month? “Because its polaris and that’s why they should be in category X."
Discobot: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because its discobot and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: Why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."

How do we decide who wins?

There will be a poll. With the five category’s I will put the different choices in the polls and who ever has the most votes wins. Then their will be five people left whoever wins is the forumer of the month.

You do not have to @ the forumer you choose. I don’t want to be responsible for spam.

Please play fair, no alts!

Submissions are now open! Submissions will close on 10 March at 21:00 CET / 20:00 GMT / 15:00 EST. The voting in different categories will follow in the two days after.



  • Tragic-Magic
  • Filadae_Djaq
  • Muppet_Labs
  • TotallyNotDash
  • Numi_S1
  • Lucky-Oswald
  • Grim_grinning_Ghost


  • Myeong
  • WaitingForGoodKimRefresh
  • LilRubyKinz
  • Imagineer_V


  • Lucas1999
  • One_Little_Spark
  • Slinky-Dog
  • AbuBakr_Umar
  • Pipsqueak

Creative Content Creator

  • Commander-Rex
  • Disney-Fan
  • lrrer_Minnie
  • Kayla
  • Champion_David
  • Scarlet_Captain
  • MissingLure


  • Rinoxeronte
  • Winter_Phal
  • Giosphere
  • Pawpsicle
  • Prince-Aamir
  • Jody_Caviness

Hall of Fame

Forumer of May 2020: @LetsGetDangerousBro
Forumer of June 2020: @Filadae_Djaq
Forumer of October 2020: @Irrer-Minnie
Forumer of the year 2020: @Imagineer_V


I think there should be a category of the funniest, a lot of forumers here are funny and make hilarious memes or other things.

What is former of the month

So will this be like forumer of the year? Or will each of us have to be nominated?

At the moment I’m still holding on to the categories used by Kayla, but I might change it later

The Forumer of the month is the one forum user that made a great impression on the forums.

He or she will be chosen by all of us!

The difference with the Forumer of the year is that the categories return and that each person can only be nominated once.

And yes, in order to become Forumer of the month, you need to be nominated first


(10 characters)

I would like to nominate the following
Activity- @Tragic-Magic (made the meme thread, and I like their name)
Importance- @Commander-Rex (Always has something good to say)
Attitude- @Lucas1999 (Kind)
Creative Content- @Commander-Rex (always makin’ memes)
Helpfulness- @Musk (Helps me around the forums)
Salad- @coleslaw (I @ed a random forumer named coleslaw, if you know, you know)
Hotel- Trivago
Blackheads- Zero


Just one thing, could concept making be content creator instead?

As at the moment it’s pretty limited and will be the same people everytime, whereas lots of people make concepts, games, memes, artwork and fun photos, which could bring a nice variety to that category


Agree, this would be like the creative award.


Yes, I’ll change that. I don’t follow concepts that intense myself, so I didn’t notice this very much. So thanks for the remark!


Ok I just got the weirdest glitch, anyone else get this :thinking:


I will nominate:

  • Activity : @Filadae_Djaq, A forumer present on a large part of the topics
  • Importance : @Musketeer, A forumer who has created and contributed to very important topics, such as “Next update, when?”
  • Attitude : @One_Little_Spark , A kind and sympathetic forumer
  • Concept making : @Disney-Fan , Their concepts are always creative
  • Helpfullness : @Just_Phal, A great player who gives great advice.

I didn’t know Lucas could speak Minecraft Enchanting Table…
(But seriously, that is some really glitched out text lol)


i was just reading over the topic when i recieved this notification

I updated my post to have reasons


:musical_note: What can I say except you´re welcome? :musical_note: I should stop doing this :rofl:


Nope, 10/10 verse. Makes a simple “You’re welcome” funnier!


Ah yes, trivago, one of my favorite forumers.


Yes! That meme is the best!


Well I nominate:
Activity - Not sure :thinking: but I nominate @Filadae_Djaq (I haven´t seen a single day when they aren´t online or haven´t posted)
Importance - …All in here are important! can I skip this one?
Attitude - @One_Little_Spark (new guy here and I think they are very positive I also like the emoji thing)
Creative content - @Myeong (puns, memes, changes songs to something funny, references, and he inspired the meme center, do I need to say more?)
Helpfullness - From what I´ve seen is @Giosphere (always trying to help and is nice to everyone)

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