Governor Ratcliffe & Percy Concept (#148)

Governer Ratcliffe & Percy

General Ratcliffe


Description: Glory, God, and Gold. That is the goal of General Ratcliffe and his men in annexing the land of Viginia for himself. His plans were ultimately foiled as he was transported to a new and treacherous looking city. But with his pug Percy by his side, Ratcliffe will make it his mission to gain the riches in any way.

Quote: “Don’t lose your heart, men. It won’t be long before we reach the New World. And remember what awaits us there. Freedom, prosperity… the adventure of our lives. You’re the finest crew England has to offer, and nothing-- not wind nor rain nor a thousand bloodthirsty savages shall stand in our way."

Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
-Ratcliffe- Ratcliffe calls upon his manservant Wiggins to rush through the enemyline with his arrow headpiece.
(Damage Type: Normal)
-Percy- Percy has X Max HP, X Armor, and X Reality. He will splash water from his bathtub, healing Ratcliffe and himself for X HP.

Entrance: Percy will jump into his tub, as General Ratcliffe will walk in and present himself.

Victory: -Ratcliffe: Ratcliffe will victoriously pose.
-Percy-: Percy will be more relaxed in the tub.

Defeat: (See Purple skill)


White Skill:
“Guns n’ Glory"
Ratcliffe will call upon his army to open fire on every enemy, dealing X damage, decreasing their armor and reality by X, and giving it to Ratcliffe and his allies. Ratcliffe and Percy will gain a 70% damage reduction for 5 seconds after using this skill.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Cherry Picker”
Percy will pick a cherry from his stand and eat it, healing himself and Ratcliffe for X HP, increasing their allies Max HP, and making them immune to distracts for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill:
“Smug Pug”
Percy will smile smugly at the enemyline, decreasing their basic damage by X, and giving himself, Ratcliffe, and their allies two stacks of determination and berserk for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill:
“Glory, God & Gold”
If Ratcliffe is K’Oed, he will immediately use Gun’s n’ Glory, and makes every enemy pierced for 8 seconds. If Percy is K’Oed, he will rush out of the tub and run through every enemy, dealing X damage and applying shatter to them.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Red Skill:
“Greed of the Virginia Company”
Every 5 seconds of combat, Ratcliffe will gain X armor, and Percy will gain X reality. When Ratcliffe and Percy gain their respective armor and reality every three times, they will also gain a 30% damage reduction. Also, at the start of each wave, Ratcliffe, Percy and their allies will be immune to knockbacks and will gain a stack of determination for every attempt at a knockback.

  • +X Armor for Ratcliffe
  • +X Reality for Percy
  • +X Max HP

The Prospector

Disk Name: “Enraged Excavators”
Disk Effect: Copy Defenses

Other Effects:

  1. When enemies gain any defensive buff, Ratcliffe will steal that buff from the enemy and gain that buff for 7 seconds. Buffs include hardy stacks, determination stacks, shields, damage reduction, and dodges. (+1 buff per star level)
  2. +X Armor
  3. +X Reality

Campaign: (Governer Ratcliffe is as much of a greedy man as can be, and unfortunately, competition for gold is pretty big. And one of those individuals that prove to be a bit of a hassle is the prospector, who is always on the hunt for more and more gold. It’s a battle of the greed and it won’t end well for either party…)
Allies: Scat Cat, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Miriam Menndelsohn

Sheriff of Nottingham


Disk Name: “Mine Mine Mine”
Disk Effect: Damage Boost from Gun’s & Glory

Other Effects:

  1. When Ratcliffe gets K’Oed and uses Gun’s & Glory, it will deal 10% more damage. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Percy’s treasured bathtub is gone and he is more than irritated at who could have stolen his prized possession. He informs Ratcliffe about this travesty, and they both figure out that the Sheriff of Nottingham is behind it. Taxes are a big deal with him, but when it comes to what is rightfully his, Percy will rebel for his rightful throne.)
Allies: Mushu, AUTO, Massimo


Love this concept!! If we do ever get them I really hope they’re a duo.


Great concept :+1:


Nice Concept!

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