Bruno Madrigal Concept (#184)

Bruno Madrigal

Description: Perceived as the black sheep of the Madrigal family for his gift in predicting the future, Bruno left them in order to keep Mirabel’s unfortunate fate hidden. However, Bruno hadn’t really left Casita as he has been hidden in the walls before ultimately returning back once Mirabel brings the family together. Bruno will use his insight into the future, as well as his rats to hopefully help his allies secure a prosperous victory!

Quote: “You can’t hurry the future!”

Role: Support
Position: Back
Team: Blue


Basic Attack: One of Bruno’s rats will scurry through the enemyline dealing X damage to every enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Bruno will walk in as his alias “Hernando”, before removing his hood.

Victory: Bruno’s rats will scurry up on him as he presents them.

Defeat: Bruno will pull his hood in and cowers.


White Skill:
“Future Telling”
Bruno’s eyes will grow green as he proceeds to tell the future outcome of the battle, granting him and his allies 2 stacks of determination, an immunity to all debuffs for 5 seconds, and invincibility for 6 seconds. When Bruno is below 50% HP, the determination stacks, debuff immunity and Invincibility will be doubled by half.

Green Skill:
“Rat Telenovela”
Two of Bruno’s rats will appear from the palm of Bruno’s hands, as he places some cardboard cutouts on the rats face, performing a “telenovela”. This act will confuse the two closest enemies for 7 seconds, and every enemy will be distracted for 9 seconds. Bruno will also heal him and his allies for X HP, and Bruno will grant himself a 30% damage reduction for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill:
Bruno will put a bucket on his head as well as his “spackle”, granting himself reflect and a 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds. Bruno and his allies will also gain X Max HP, X Armor and X Reality, and also heal for X HP.

Purple Skill:
“Accurate Precognitions”
If Bruno gets KO’ed, his allies will gain a 50% increase in their Max HP, as well as reflect for 7 seconds. They will also be healed for X HP overtime for 6 seconds.

Red Skill:
“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
Everytime Bruno uses Future Telling, he and his allies will gain a 70% chance to dodge all attacks for 8 seconds as well cursing all enemies for 10 seconds. Also, Bruno will give all enemies true damage conversion on all of their attacks when he gains a shield.

  • +X Healing from Rat Telenovela
  • +X Reality
  • +X Evasion

Mirabel Madrigal

Disk Name: “The Wave of the Future"
Disk Effect: Confused Healing

Other Effects:

  1. When enemies try to heal HP, they will instead be confused for 9 seconds and will lose 80 energy. (+80 energy per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage
  3. +X Armor

Campaign: (Bruno has finally come into the new city and is welcomed by the Madrigals with a celebratory family dinner. Bruno has taken up the role of undercover spying in the city for the villains, eavesdropping on conversations and relaying the future to the CPD for good or bad circumstances. Mirabel for one is proud of Bruno branching out to the community and using his powers in a way that isn’t shunned for. She’s even more impressed that he doesn’t need to require his sand-based ritual to perform his visions!)
Allies: Izzy Hawthorne, Mark Beaks, Hunter



Disk Name: “I Smell a Rat"
Disk Effect: Rats Ignore Berserk Buffs

Other Effects:

  1. Every time Bruno’s rats scurry through the enemyline, they will ignore berserk buffs, and give them 1 stack of weakness. (+1 stack per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage to Bruno and his Allies
  3. +X Max HP to Bruno and his Allies

Campaign: (A new rat has found his way into Bruno’s room, and he is surprised to see that he is bipedal rat with a very fancy getup! Ratigan who is in attempting to steal one of Bruno’s visions of his namesake is more than annoyed to be part of his “telenovela” plays. It gets to the point where he lashes out and scares Bruno’s rats away. Unfortunately, when Ratigan gets ahold of one of Bruno’s visions, he is enraged and disheartened to learn of yet another failed heist at the hands of Basil of Baker Street.)
Allies: Priya Mangal, Emperor Belos, Jaeger Clade


Amazing concept :+1:
Always nice to see a bruno madrigal concept every now & then


Cool concept!


If I was a betting man, I honestly think Bruno would be the first Encanto character brought into the game if Mirabel isn’t first. His song is just too iconic and I think they would want to capitalize on that. It would be like how Eda was the first rep for Owl House and Luz got in later down the line. I could see the same for Bruno.



I can see Bruno or Isabela coming into the game first. Bruno has definitely a higher chance because of the song. Isabela because of the plant magic or whatever (I’ve never really seen the movie, just scenes of it).


It is Isabella

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Ok thanks for correcting me fellow internet user

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I meant Isabela

But yes :slight_smile:

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Wow! :star_struck: Thanks! :pray:t2:

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