Gurgi Concept (Likely)

Gurgi (The Black Cauldron, 1985)

Gurgi is a lovable oaf with a passion for helping his allies… and an even bigger passion for munching and crunchings.

“Great prince give poor starving Gurgi munchings and crunchings. Nice apple.”

Stars: :star:

Type: Frontline Tank

Trials Team: Yellow Team

Entrance: Gurgi leaps across the ground on all fours, then comes to a stop and stands on all fours.

Victory: Gurgi puts his hands behind his back and stands up proudly.

Defeat: Gurgi sticks out his open hands with a mischievous look.


Basic Attack:
Normal Damage :fist:
Gurgi pulls out an apple, takes a small bite out of it, then throws it at one of the three nearest enemies.

:white_circle: White Skill: “Hungry Lunge”
Normal Damage :fist:
Gurgi pounces at the enemy with the most remaining health, dealing X normal damage. He then rolls away and ends up back on the ally side, healing himself equal to 75% of the damage he dealt. If the damaged enemy has more than 50% of their health after Gurgi attacks them, Gurgi also gains Y shield.

:green_circle: Green Skill: “Crunchings”
Normal Damage :fist:
Gurgi pulls out an apple and takes a big bite of it, healing himself X health and removing up to two debuffs at random. He then throws it at the nearest enemy, knocking them back and dealing Y normal damage.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: “Trouble!”
When Gurgi falls below 50% of his max health, he becomes Berserk for 8 seconds and moves in front of all allies. Gurgi then heals himself X health per second for 13 seconds and has his armor and reality increased by 50% for the remainder of the wave. This skill can activate once per wave when Gurgi falls below 50% of his max health.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: “Munchings”
Gurgi’s basic attack heals him X health before he throws the apple. Gurgi’s basic attack now has a 60% chance to distract the damaged enemy for 12 seconds.

:red_circle: Red Skill: “No Lie!”
“Crunchings” also increases either Gurgi’s armor or reality, chosen at random, by X for 16 seconds.

Anytime Gurgi is takes damage equal to at least 10% of his max health in one hit, he becomes Berserk for 6 seconds.

Every third basic attack, Gurgi Knocks back the damaged enemy.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X max health

  • +Y reality

  • +Z “Crunchings” healing


Gurgi and Taran & Hen Wen: Fulfilling Feast

Take less damage with more energy

Disk Power

  • +X max energy

  • +X max health

  • +Y armor to Gurgi and all allies

  • +Y reality to Gurgi and all allies


  • Gurgi takes 40% less damage from all sources while he has at least 900/800/700/600/500 energy

Allies: The Evil Queen, Snow White, Rabbit

Gurgi and The Beast: Beast Mode

Go Berserk with “Hungry Lunge”

Disk Power

  • +X armor to all Tank role allies

  • +X reality to all Tank role allies

  • +Y max health to Gurgi and all allies

  • +Y max health to all Tank role allies


  • “Hungry Lunge” now causes Gurgi to become Berserk for 2/4/6/8/10 seconds

Allies: J. Thaddeus Toad, Lady Kluck, Caterpillar


Cool concept dude


Good concept :+1:


Loving your concepts. Black Cauldron is really underrated and I wish we get to see more characters appear in the game other than The Horned King

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