Jenny & Georgette Concept (#196)

Jenny & Georgette

Jenny Foxworth


Description: Living in the richer parts of New York City, Jenny Foxworth is a young elementary school student, with a luxurious, yet mostly isolated life. With her parents away on business trips and their butler Winston taking care of everything, Jenny fortunately has the greatest friendship and love for her pets, including the adopted stray cat Oliver, and her precious, peevish, and pompous poodle Georgette. With Georgette as her company, Jenny vows to help her allies in every way, for truly every friend is good company.

Quote: “Well, it’s nice to see that one of you has some manners."

Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
Passive- Instead of attacking, Georgette will adjust her blue fur coating, and fixing her hair, cleansing herself of all debuffs, and healing herself for X HP, and charming the closest enemy for 7 seconds.

Entrance: Jenny will walk in with Georgette who struts her way into the arena.

Victory: Jenny hugs Georgette around her arms as she smirks at the enemyline

Defeat: Jenny gasps as Georgette coldly stares in rage.


White Skill:
“Poodle Perfume”
Georgette will apply perfume onto herself, granting X Max HP, reflect for 6 seconds, and granting every ally fantastic damage immunity for 8 seconds, If an enemy tries to attack Jenny and Georgette after this skill, they will be blinded for 7 seconds.

Green Skill:
“Ice Cream Lick”
Jenny will lick a cone of ice cream, healing herself for X HP, and will then share it with the ally with the most amount of true damage. She will grant them a 50% boost in their true damage as well as healing them for X HP.

Blue Skill:
“Bluebird Encore”
A pair of bluebirds will come to Georgette’s side, granting her a 60% chance to dodge all attacks. The bluebirds will then fly towards two enemies, confusing them for 10 seconds, and dealing X damage over time for 5 seconds.
(Damage type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
“Perfect isn’t Easy”
When Jenny & Georgette use Poodle Perfume, they will now heal all their allies by X HP overtime, and enemies will take X damage over time when they are nearby the healed allies, as well as removing X Max HP, armor, and reality.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Red Skill:
“Good Company”
At the start of each wave, every ally will have their basic stats doubled for 7 seconds as well as their healing for 9 seconds. Also, when blinded enemies attack an ally, they will be immune to that damage and instead be healed for X HP and the enemy will be given 2 stacks of corruption.

  • +X Healing from Ice Cream Lick
  • +X Normal Crit to all Allies
  • +X Armor

Fagin & the Dog Crew

Disk Name: “Girl, We Got Work to Do!”
Disk Effect: Stun Armor Increases

Other Effects:

  1. When an enemy tries to gain armor, they will instead be stunned for 2 seconds and lose X armor. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Armor for Jenny, Georgette and their Allies
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Jenny’s family have been a huge help for Fagin and his living conditions, but now that Fagin has a new job as the owner of a dog cafe, he is planning on moving out and starting a new living. Jenny is distraught as she has gotten to bond over him and his love of the pets, but is happy to learn that he’s gonna live in the next building next to hers! She even has the benefits of being a bit of an apprentice to Fagin, helping him find some dogs to sponsor his establishment!)
Allies: Broadway, Reflux, Nani & David


Disk Name: “Emotional Pain”
Disk Effect: Permanent Dodges

Other Effects:

  1. Jenny and Georgette will have a permanent 7% chance to dodge all attacks, and will heal X HP to the ally with the least HP. The dodges cannot be cleansed. (+7% per star level)
  2. +X Normal Crit
  3. +X Healing

Campaign: (Jenny has had a wonderful relationship with her new pets, but deep down, she still can’t scrap the feelings of missing her parents that for all she knows are still out on business trips in her world. Her butler Winston has noticed this sadness and has called upon a new cat {a more… mechanical one} that helps with emotional stress and comfort. Jenny has shared a lot of her feelings with Sox, feeling comfort to the white noise sounds as she sleeps {Georgette mistakes it for dog whistles} and is ultimately is saddened to see him go on and help another person, but knows she is loved by all.)
Allies: King Andrias, David Xanatos, Julieta & Augustin Madrigal


I’m loving these duo concepts!
Good work!

You ment allies, right? Because if not, that is a horrible ability.

I meant allies. Lemme change it.

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