Kenai & Koda Concept (#28)

Kenai & Koda

Description: With both their ingenuity and brotherly love, Kenai and Koda look out for their allies by taking the frontal assault on their enemies.

Quote: You want to know what I did this year? I went on the longest, hardest, most exhausting journey I have ever been on, with the biggest pain in the neck I have ever met. Well, what do you expect from a little brother?

Role: Front
Position: Tank
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Koda swings his branch at the closest enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Kenai roars as Koda climbs up onto him.

Victory: Kenai rolls over and plays with Koda.

Defeat: Kenai falls down to the ground.


White Skill:
“Spirital Call”
Kenai roars into the sky calling on the great spirits for assistance. The great spirits circle around Kenai and Koda making them invincible for 9 seconds and give all allies X Skill Power.

Green Skill:
“Tripwire Trap”
Koda targets the enemy with the most reality and activates his tripwire rope trap. The enemy then springs up from the ground and goes offscreen for 6 seconds. When the enemy is offscreen, the enemy takes X damage per second.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Blue Skill:
“Salmon Snack”
Koda pulls out a salmon and takes a bite out of it healing himself for X HP. He then throws the remains to the ally with the least amount of energy giving them 100 energy.

Purple Skill:
“Brother from Another Mother”
Kenai and Koda are now immune to all scares. They also give allies immunity to scares. The effect has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill:
“Brothers to Each Other”
Once per wave, Kenai and Koda will grant the first ally who falls under 20% HP, invincibility for 8 seconds. Also, Kenai and Koda are given a shield with X HP when they K’O their first enemy.

  • +X Healing from Salmon Snack
  • +X Shield HP
  • +X Max HP


Baloo copy

Disk Name: “Welcome to Our Family”
Disk Effect: Salmons Give Hardy
Other Effects:

  1. Salmon Snack now gives Kenai and Koda, as well as all other allies one stack of hardy (+1 stack of hardy per star level)
  2. +X Healing from Salmon Snack
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (When Baloo stumbles his way into Salmon’s Run, Kenai and Koda, as well as the other bears in the area offer him to become a part of the family.)
Allies: Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Big & Koslov, Cheshire Cat

Yelena & Mattias

Disk Name: “A Kindred Spirit”
Disk Effect: Cleansed when Invincible
Other Effects:

  1. When Kenai and Koda are invincible, they will be cleansed of one debuff. (+1 more debuff per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (While drinking near a river, Kenai and Koda have an encounter with a spirit in the form of a horse made out of water. Startled from this new figure, they reach out to Kenai’s shaman, Tanana who has made allies with a fellow shaman Yelena. From there, they learn of more spirits and learn from one another.)
Allies: Pocahontas, Olaf, Goliath

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