Star Butterfly Concept (#200)

Star Butterfly

Description: Princess of the Intergalactic kingdom of Mewni, Star Butterfly is the ultimate ball of fun that unintentionally leads to chaos not just in her world, but also Earth as well. Utilizing a wide range of spells, and even undergoing a metamorphosis in power complete with wings and even more spells, things are gonna get a little weird and wild with Star Butterfly on the field!

Quote: “Normally, I’d blast you guys with narwhals right now, but hey: you don’t need magic for everything!"

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Ponyhead will fly through the enemyline dealing X damage to every enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)
Passive- Star Butterfly will target a random enemy and make them the “most wanted” enemy at the start of the wave. If that enemy is K’Oed, Star will switch to another random enemy and mark them as “Most Wanted”. The role that the most wanted enemy will be determines what White or Green Skill action Star Butterfly will perform.

Entrance: Star Butterfly will walk into the battlefield and test out her magic wand.

Victory: Star Butterfly will form a rainbow with her wand.

Defeat: Star Butterfly will try to shoot a spell from her wand, but colorful goo will spill out.


White Skill:
“Mewberty Form”
Star Butterfly will transform into her Mewberty form and perform one of four spells based on the most wanted enemy’s role:

(W) Winterstorm Hyperblow
Winterstorm Hyperblast (Tank): Star Butterfly will blast a gust of cold wind on the enemyline, dealing X damage, as well as freezing and shattering them for 6 seconds.
(Damage Type: True)

(W) Raspberry Ribbon Lasso copy
Raspberry Ribbon Lasso (Damage): Star Butterfly will create a light ribbon lasso and snatch the most wanted enemy towards her, before blasting them with an energy beam knocking them back to the farthest enemy, dealing X damage to both of them.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

(W) Jellybean Hallucination Mist
Jellybean Halluciation Mist (Support): Star Butterfly will make every enemy hallucinate with jellybeans everywhere, stunning them and decreasing their armor and reality by X over time for 9 seconds.

(W) Supersonic Leechbomb
Supersonic Leech Bomb (Control): Star Butterfly will summon five leeches that stick to every enemy blinding them for 6 seconds. The leeches will then explode, dealing X damage, sapping them for 7 seconds and giving 2 stacks of decay.
(Damage Type: True)

Green Skill:
Star Butterfly will perform a spell from her royal family wand and cast one of four spells based on what role the most wanted enemy is:

(G) Shooting Star Explosion
Shooting Star Explosion (Tank): Star Butterfly will shoot out exploding shooting stars on the two closest enemies, dealing X damage to them, sapping them for 6 seconds, and knocking them back.
(Damage Type: Normal)

(G) Narwhal Blast
Narwhal Blast (Damage): Star Butterfly will shoot a stream of narwhals out, with one of them landing on the enemy with the most amount of reality, dealing X damage to them, and decreasing their reality and tenacity by 40%.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

(G) Dagger Crystal Heart Attack
Dagger Crystal Heart Attack (Support): Star Butterfly will shoot a load of heart-shaped daggers on the most wanted enemy, dealing X damage per hit, and piercing them for 8 seconds.
(Damage Type: Normal)

(G) Mega Starfish Tsunami
Starfish Tsunami (Control): Star Butterfly will create a huge wave filled with starfishes that crashes into the enemyline, sapping them for 7 seconds, and decreasing their healing by 60%.

Blue Skill:
“Spider With a Top Hat”
Star Butterfly will summon the Spider with a Top Hat, who will transform his hat into a mini-gun and deal X damage to the three closest enemies. Star Butterfly and her allies will gain a 50% attack boost after using this skill.
(Damage Type: True)

Purple Skill:
“Royal Magic”
The most wanted enemy will be unable to gain any buffs for the first 6 seconds of gaining their debuffs no matter if they are invincible, or have an immunity to debuffs.

Red Skill:
“Other-Dimensional Princess”
Everytime Star Butterfly transforms into her Mewberty form, she will have a 50% chance to hex enemies for 6 seconds and will grant herself and her allies an immunity to all saps for 8 seconds. Also, when Ponyhead flies through the enemyline, she will remove 50 energy, and it will increase by 50 energy everytime she comes in.

  • +X Damage from Merberty Form
  • +X Damage from Spellcaster
  • +X Max HP

Madam Mim


Disk Name: “Acts of Theivery”
Disk Effect: Spider With a Top Hat Drains

Other Effects:

  1. When Star Butterfly uses Spider With a Top Hat, enemies that are hit by this skill will be drained for 3 seconds. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Damage from Spider With a Top Hat
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (Madim Mim has become intrigued with the world of Mewni, and has gotten ahold of Heckapoo’s dimensional scissors to head to that world where she comes across the small bird-like creature Ludo and the cunning immortal lizard Toffee. Together, their shared interest in taking the Butterfly family’s wand leads them to cause a mayhem in the city, and its up to Star and a few other magic users to fend off their cunning forces.)
Allies: Chica, Shenzi Banzai & Ed, Lotso

Mabel Pines

Disk Name: “Spunky and Spirited”
Disk Effect: Ponyhead Confuses Enemies

Other Effects:

  1. When Ponyhead flies through the enemyline, she will confuse enemies for 7 seconds and will decrease their skill power by 12% (+12% per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Finding herself another high spirited kid like herself, Star makes friends with Mabel Pines rather quickly! Mabel introduces her to Candy Chiu and Grenda Grendinator, and Star introduces her to Ponyhead, and her best friend Marco Diaz {Mabel sees through Star’s blushing that she loves him}. With Star’s magic at hand, they head to the bounce lounge, where the ultimate party and fun can commence!)
Allies: Commander Lyle Rourke, Peter Pevensie, Mufasa & Zazu

Authors note:
Just like how I wanted to bring a super strong hero for my 100th concept with Bill Cipher, I wanted another strong hero to end off on, and in this case, it would have to be Star Butterfly! And no worries to those that were expecting Asha or Oswald, I have them in mind and you may see one of them very soon :wink: !! Anyways, it feels so crazy how just a year ago since I came out of my hiatus, and boy am I glad at how far I’ve come! Me doing these concepts make me so happy, and it always encourages me as a Disney fan to go beyond the realm of the popular classic films that everyone knows and loves, and expand out to lesser known titles for both the animated, live-action, and TVA scene. And this is not the stop for me! I still have so much more concepts in mind and I’m ready to show my passion for Disney even more! And to celebrate this milestone, I want to bring a big surprise to the home page of my concepts.

As I’m reaching over 200 concepts, its obvious that the body count is going to be a hinderance, so I did a project of my own that I think will be great for the overall look of my page. I’m going to migrate my concepts into separate pages based on their roles, and replace them with this!

This project is a whole celebration of every concept that I ever made, as well as freshening up my concept page a lot more. You may have also noticed the season at the top. I have compiled my concepts into numbers, and thus, with 200 now in the game, I have decided to equate it to 50 heroes per season. So technically, we are now entering season 5 of concepts!! When I’m gonna reach my body limit, you will see them pop up on the main board, and clicking on the role text will bring you to all the concepts!

This may be the end of season 4, but there are still plenty more heroes abound! Be on the lookout for more! And once again, thank you so much for sticking with me for all this time!


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