Layla Williams (Sky High Hero Concept)

Layla Williams

Layla gives a serious advantage to her allies with her plant-controlling powers.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Backline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I AM a sidekick.”

Entrance: Layla steps into the battlefield from a vine staircase.
Victory: Layla swings on a vine with a smile on her face.
KO: Layla gets wrapped up and held upside-down in her own vines.

Basic Attack: Layla whips enemies with a vine.

White Skill - Vine Wrangle - Fantastic Damage
Layla wraps vines around an opponent, stunning them for 4 seconds and preventing them from gaining HP, energy, or shield.

Green Skill - Pheromone Cloud
Layla creates pollen-covered flowers that will charm a random enemy for 7 seconds when erupted.

Blue Skill - Eco Friendly
At the beginning of each wave, Layla starts the battle with a stack of Sunlight for 6 seconds. When this stack of Sunlight runs out, all allies’ HP are completely refilled.

Purple Skill - Power Placement
When Layla reaches 0HP, she regenerates her HP by 50%, steals HP from the strongest enemy, and gives that HP to the weakest ally.

Red Skill - Flower Child
Layla gains energy each time an ally of her respective Team Color deals or takes damage. If there is no ally in her Team Color, she instead gains HP each time an ally deals or takes damage.

Layla Williams + Will Stronghold
Campaign: the Power of Love - Will wants to make the prefect dating experience for Layla, but as they’re on patrol together, he has a hard time keeping his plans secret.
Disk: Paper Lantern Special
Disk Memory: Layla’s basic skill power increases by X% each time she takes damage.
Disk Power: Z shield power, Z reality

Layla Williams + Maleficent
Campaign: Job Openings - Maleficent can no longer rely on her goons to follow her orders, but she spots Layla easily holding her own against the creeps. However, because she fights for good, she needs a little persuasion.
Disk: Pricker Bouquet
Disk Memory: Layla’s “Vine Wrangle” timer is extended to 9 seconds.
Disk Power: Z energy gain

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