Will Stronghold (Sky High Hero Concept)

Will Stronghold

Born from two of the world’s greatest superheroes, Will Stronghold protects the City using his superhuman strength and flight.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “So in the end, my girlfriend became my arch enemy, my arch enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey, that’s high school."

Will descends into the battlefield using his flight powers.
Victory: Will rushes behind a room divider and reappears, having changed into his Sky High gym uniform.
KO: Will is launched offscreen by a spring mechanism similar to the one in the Sky High gym floor.

Basic Attack: Will punches enemies.

White Skill - Stronghold Shockwave (True Damage)
Will leaps into the air and punches the ground, creating a floor-shaking shockwave that stuns the three closest enemies for 5 seconds.

Green Skill - Hero Support
Will strikes a heroic pose, granting himself shield and increasing his allies’ attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.

Blue Skill - Bus Stop
Will calls for Ron Wilson to ram through enemies with his rocket bus, knocking back and dealing heavy damage to all enemies.

Purple Skill - Sky’s the Limit
Each time Will uses “Stronghold Shockwave,” an additional enemy is stunned. If all enemies have already been stunned before, the stun count resets to three at once and goes from there.

Red Skill - Pacified
At the start of each wave, Will instantly steals X energy from the closest three enemies and shares it with the weakest ally.

Will Stronghold + Mr. Incredible
Campaign: Double Dad - Will shares his life as a young superhero with Mr. Incredible, who has superhuman strength like his father the Commander.
Disk: New Burden
Disk Memory: The knockback caused by Will’s “Bus Stop” skill also deals X damage.
Disk Power: Z armor, Z HP gain

Will Stronghold + Kim Possible
Campaign: Super Soldier - Will faces off against Kim in an espionage challenge. Whose gear works better: Wade’s or Jonathan Boy’s?
Disk: Same Cause
Disk Memory: Will’s “Pacified” skill also grants X energy to the weakest ally every 2 seconds.
Disk Power: Z energy gain


This has to do with Trust-level. If you want to post pictures, I would advice you to “read” (scroll) through some topics and like a few posts to gain “Basic”

This can be worded more easy: If enemies are already stunned, the stun will be extended by X seconds. (Seconds are mostly not variable, but okay)

Is this more than one time?


Yes. You know how each level has three stages? Those stages are called “waves” in the game.

But the way you worded it was:

Which implies that Will can enter the battlefield multiple times in one wave.

A better wording would be “At the start of each wave…”

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