Matai Shang Concept (#203)

Matai Shang

Description: Leader of a holy cult with his kind in the humanoid alien entities known as the Thern, Matai Shang and his followers strive and yearn for the destruction of many planets. His race has the incredibly sneaky ability to shapeshift into other beings, but they are most feared for their ability to harness a strong energy known as the Ninth Ray. Matai and his people can and will control this energy to either control or outright disintegrate anyone out of existence with just a touch.

Quote: “We’re not haunted by mortality as you are. We are eternal."

Role: Tank
Position: Mid
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
Passive- Instead of attacking, Matai Shang will hold out his arm and use a powerful energy barrier to deflect every projectile that is directed at him, as he will gain a 50% chance to dodge every attacks, and will grant his allies a permanent 5% dodge and evasion increase that cannot be decreased.

Entrance: Matai Shang will float down from the air

Victory: Matai Shang will hold out his arms in victory.

Defeat: Matai Shang will duck as he teleports out of the arena.


White Skill:
“Ninth Ray Disintegration"
When an enemy is below 10% HP, Matai Shang will teleport to them and strike his palm on them, dealing X damage to them, as well as instantly KO them as he disintegrates them ignoring all buffs including revives. After using this skill, enemies will be distracted for 7 seconds, and Matai and his allies will be invincible for 5 seconds. Every time Matai uses this skill, the remaining enemy HP requirement will be increased by 10% 5 times.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Ninth Ray Stun"
Matai Shang will pull out a Ninth Ray laser as he implants a blue energy that courses through the the enemy with the most HP as he stuns them for 4 seconds before controlling and charming them for 8 seconds. Charmed enemies will also remove all buffs when they use their basic attacks on other enemies.

Blue Skill:
“Shifty Impersonation"
Once per wave, when Matai Shang falls below 50% HP, he will become immune to all damage as he shape shifts into the enemy with the most HP, and copy their skills and basic attacks for 9 seconds. Matai will also gain a 60% damage reduction for the whole duration of the shape-shift.

Purple Skill:
“Death Bringer"
When Matai uses Ninth Ray Stun, he will remove X armor and X reality and deal X true damage from the enemy over time. Matai and his allies will absorb 20% of the stolen armor and reality each.
(Damage Type: True)

Red Skill:
“Faction of Ahnihilation"
Shifty Impersonation will decrease the impersonated enemy’s Max HP by 40%, and will make them become studied for 8 seconds. Also, Matai Shang is immune to all slows, stuns, and silences for the first 12 seconds of each wave.

  • +X Armor
  • +X Reality
  • +X Max HP

John Carter

Disk Name: "Cult Following”
Disk Effect: Projectile Pushback Reflect
Other Effects:

  1. When Matai Shang deflects a projectile attack, he will knock the closest enemy back and gain reflect for 8 seconds as well as gaining a 10% damage reduction for 10 seconds. (+5% per star level)
  2. +X Evasion
  3. +X Reality

Campaign: (The Thern aren’t as well known in the city as they were back in Barsoom, but that doesn’t deter Matai and his followers to spread some chaos in the city. While it is great that just the power of Ninth Ray can easily take out a large horde of creeps like a virus, it only means more fear in the hearts of all civilians. Fortunately John Carter, Deja Thoris, and lots of other heroes are here to put a stop to Matai Shang’s overwhelming tyranny.)
Allies: Della Duck, Rabbit, Rico & Buck


Disk Name: "Interstellar Gatherning”
Disk Effect: Ninth Ray Stun Drain
Other Effects:

  1. When Matai Shang uses Ninth Ray Stun, he will also drain the chosen enemy for 5 seconds, as well decreasing their energy gain by 8% for 7 seconds (8% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (Matai Shang has made a pact with the Moonlanders to conquer this strange and digital planet, after Matai Shang has shown them the Ninth Ray and its overwhelming power. However, he is shocked and annoyed that save for the general Lunaris, the other Moonlanders are rather useless when it comes to handling the weapons. Not to mention that one of the moonlanders Penumbra, is also trying to stop him at every turn with her new friends and allies. Matai Shang will have to fight dirty if he ever wants to take out the competition and feed on the new planet.)
Allies: Lucy Pevensie, Wade Ripple, Hudson & Bronx


Great concept once again :+1:


Thanks for the great hero concept!

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