I realized what I wanted most wasn’t Dream Island. It’s you, your friendship. I just want you to know that I’m tired of all this turmoil that’s going on, all these conflicts and stuff, and I’d rather spend my time with you whether it’s on dream island or not.

Team: Red
Position: Front
Role: Damage

Description: Firey brings the heat to the battlefield. Literally! He will inflict pain on anyone who gets in your way!


Entrance: Firey enters in on his hang glider, in which he falls off of. (CHANGES AT GREEN)
Victory: Firey catches a piece of cake in the air.
Defeat: a bucket of water is spilled and Firey is extinguished.
Basic attack: Firey Slaps the nearest enemy


White Skill: Ferris Wheel
Firey summons his Ferris wheel, which rolls through the enemy line. It deals X damage to each enemy it passes through, as well as knocking them back.

Green Skill: Hang Glider Havoc
When Firey enters in on his hang glider, he accidentally sets it on fire, in which the hang glider crashes into the ground. This deals X damage to the closest enemy to the wreckage, as well as sapping and silencing them for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: Emergency Button
Firey takes out his Emergency Button, which zaps the enemy with the most HP. The zap deals X damage and applies a random disable.

Purple Skill: Hot Hang Glider
“Hang Glider Havoc” now can damage 2 enemies.

Red Skill: Fiery Firey
When Firey uses “Emergency Button”, Firey now gains a shield for 6 seconds and boosted armor.

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Damage on “Ferris Wheel”
  • +X Max HP


Firey/Gelatin (COMING SOON)
Best Buds
Allies: Simba and Nala, Luca & Alberto, Chip & Dale
Ferris Wheel now applies a random disable to the first person it hits.

Spotlight Stealers
Allies: Ralph, Quasimodo, Stitch
Hang Glider Havoc now deals damage to 2/3 enemies. (Depends if you have red skill or not)


I hope you enjoyed this concept! I recently started watching object shows again and thought it wouldn’t be complete without a Firey concept.


Vote for my next concept!

  • Gelatin
  • Book
  • Bomby
  • 4 and X

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Cool concept! I like it dude :blush::blush::wave::wave:

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Thank you! :smiley:

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