Patch Notes 4.4.10

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.4.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.4.10 Update! This release features Mayor Bellwether from Disney’s Zootopia, a new feature called Patch, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Mayor Bellwether from Disney’s Zootopia!
  • New Feature! Patch!

Mayor Bellwether

Mayor Bellwether is a back-line “Support” character on the Yellow team, aiming to win with well-placed darts. Mayor Bellwether will be available in the Prize Wall starting November 24!


Foe Frenzy

Passive: Instead of Basic Attacking, Mayor Bellwether points to the ally Hero with the lowest percent HP. That ally Heals for a percent of their Max HP and gains an Attack and Move Speed increase for a duration. Active: Mayor Bellwether darts the enemy with the highest Basic Damage and Charms them for a duration. This Charm cannot be Dodged or Evaded. While Charmed, the enemy gains Berserk, an amount of Basic Damage, and Scares the next enemy hit for a duration.

Ally Ambush

Mayor Bellwether darts the ally with the most Basic Damage, granting them Berserk, increased Skill Power and Basic Damage, and a percent increase in Attack and Movement Speed. All the effects of Mayor Bellwether’s dart last for a duration.

Not Amused

Mayor Bellwether stares down the enemy team, Scaring and Sapping all of them for a duration. Enemies are also dealt Fantastic Damage per second for a duration. For each enemy she Scares with this skill, Mayor Bellwether and allies gain an amount of Energy.

The Art Of Dart

Mayor Bellwether can now dart an additional target for both “Foe Frenzy” and “Ally Ambush”. Allies darted by “Ally Ambush” are also Cleansed and Healed for an amount of HP.

Baaad Sheep

“Foe Frenzy” now deals a percent of the enemy’s Max HP as Normal Damage after the Charm duration ends. Allies darted by “Ally Ambush” now take Reduced

Damage for a duration. For each enemy Mayor Bellwether Scares with “Not Amused”, she and her allies Heal for an amount of HP.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Charm is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Tank Ally
  • Effect Buff: Team Shield


  • Agent P
  • Demona

Hero Refreshes

Judy Hopps

  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Bunny Hop

    • Increased Normal Damage dealt
    • Now Slows an enemy for 6 seconds
  • Deputize

    • Inspire now grants more Basic Damage, and Movement and Attack Speed
    • Inspire now lasts for 10 seconds
  • Testify

    • Judy now Heals allies for a higher amount of HP and Inspires them for 6 seconds
  • Play Dead

    • Judy comes back to life with a higher amount of HP
    • Inspire now lasts 5 seconds
    • Judy will now be Invincible for 3 seconds
  • Officer’s Cheer

    • Increased amount of Energy, Tenacity, and Hardy provided when Judy uses Deputize, Testify, or Play Dead
  • Carrot Caper

    • Higher amount of Max HP provided
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Additional Healing for Play Dead
    • Higher percentage of Attack Speed
  • Deputy Junior

    • Additional Skill Power


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Natural Healing

    • Heals for a higher amount of HP
  • Flower Power

    • Deals a higher amount of Fantastic Damage
  • Body Odor

    • Deals a higher amount of Fantastic Damage on enemies
  • Chill Vibes

    • Now reduces enemies’ Attack Speed by 50%
  • Total Relaxation

    • Grants an additional amount of bonus Fantastic Damage to Body Odor
    • Provides a higher amount of Max HP
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Musk Yax

    • Now adds additional seconds to the duration of Chill Vibes
    • Additional Skill Power
  • Chill Yax

    • Increased Conservation
    • Natural Healing provides a higher amount of Basic Damage with each use


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Healthcare Companion

    • Shields now have a higher amount of HP
  • Blast Off

    • Baymax now deals a higher amount of Normal Damage when he charges across the screen
    • Baymax’s Shields have increased HP
  • Optimized Armor

    • Shields from Healthcare Companion and Blast Off now reduce a higher amount of damage taken from critical hits
  • Protective Programming

    • Provides more stacks of Hardy
    • Baymax gains more Armor when he has a Shield
    • Higher amount of bonus Shield HP to Blast Off
    • Max HP increased
    • Armor increased
  • Snow Day

    • Blast Off freezes enemies for a longer duration
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Happy Go Lucky

    • Optimized Armor now provides more Armor to allies


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
    • Jafar gains more Energy from Basic Attacks
  • Snake Charmer

    • Increased Jafar’s Energy drain and Basic Damage to Charmed enemy during Snake Charmer
      • This makes Snake Charmer have a quicker impact while allocating more time for Jafar to use his other Skills
  • Sands of Time

    • Jafar now gains more Energy from using this Skill
    • Steals more Energy
    • Reduces Movement and Attack Speed by a higher amount
    • Slow duration reduced to 4 seconds
      • The cooldown for this Skill is also now reduced to 5 seconds
      • This change was made so Jafar has more opportunity to cast this Skill on enemies while maintaining high uptime on the Slow
      • This change also allows Jafar to steal Energy more often from enemies
  • Whirling Dervish

    • Jafar now gains more Energy from using this Skill
    • Increased damage dealt
    • Blind duration increased
    • Cooldown for Whirling Dervish reduced
  • Sultan Vile Betrayer

    • Increased Attack Speed
  • Patience

    • Increased Energy gained per second per Charmed enemy
    • Increased Damage per Second to Whirling Dervish
    • Increased Skill Power
    • Increased Reality
  • Twelve Dozen Gems

    • Deals a higher amount of Damage per Second that Jafar is Healed for
  • Pin It To Me

    • Whirling Dervish deals a higher amount of damage to Damage and Control enemies
    • Tank Heroes gain more Max HP
    • Support Heroes gain more Skill Power


  • Base Stat Increases

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
  • Plasma Slice

    • Increased True Damage dealt
  • Laser Hand

    • Increased True Damage dealt
    • Knockback distance increased
  • Stunning Precision

    • Increased True Damage dealt
  • Slice it Up

    • Increased amount Healed from using Stunning Precision
    • Increased Damage to Laser Hand
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Armor
  • Treacherous Lecture

    • Increased Energy gain from Stunning Precision
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Reality
  • No Sweat-er

    • Increased Skill Power
    • Increased Armor

New Feature! Patch!

Patch will arrive on November 15th and we want to give you a preview of what’s coming! There will be new seasonal Franchise Trials, and a revolutionary new progression system called Patch! We plan for each season to last one month, but we plan to gather feedback and review the data and we may make adjustments later.

Franchise Trials

Franchise Trials are new seasonal Trials offering satisfying new challenges and exciting new rewards.

Each Season, you’re challenged to defeat waves of enemies using only Heroes from specific Featured Franchises. Each new Season will Feature several new Franchises. In this first Season, we’re Featuring Zootopia, Big Hero 6, and Aladdin! Use the new Franchise Filter to focus on and invest in these Heroes to earn the greatest rewards.

When clearing lower Stage Franchise Trials, you can gather Badge Bits to help you Promote your featured Heroes faster. When clearing higher Stage Franchise Trials, you can also collect a potent new resource called Patch Essence! Heroes from Featured Franchises become Patchable, and Patch Essence enables you to empower your Patchable Heroes!


Once you’ve gathered enough Patch Essence, you can spend it to gain incredible combat advantages with Patch Levels, Patch Power, and Patch Talents!

Spend Patch Essence to add Patch Levels to Patchable Heroes! Each Patch Level improves that Hero’s Core Stats, contributes to your total Patch Power - which further increases all Patched Heroes’ Core Stats, and unlocks and upgrades that Hero’s new Patch Talents!

As you gain Patch Levels on many of your Patchable Heroes, you’ll eventually reach new Patch Power Milestones. Your Heroes’ Max Patch Level will rise as you reach new Patch Power Milestones, and the amount of Core Stats offered by each and every Patch Level will also increase! The more you Patch all of your Heroes, the better they’ll all become!

And as each Hero gains new Patch Levels, they’ll also unlock and upgrade powerful new Abilities called Patch Talents! Like Memory Disks and Red Skills, these will radically impact how different Heroes can contribute in combat. Each Hero has 5 new Patch Talents to eventually unlock and upgrade to 5 Stars!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass was not being updated to Premium without reentering the Battle Pass screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the start of combat effects appeared before the characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Barley’s SFX was still being played after the battle ended.
  • Adjusted the Franchise Tag for Quasimodo.
  • Fixed an issue where The Evil Queen wasn’t targeting the enemy Distracting her.
  • Fixed an issue where Quackerjack wasn’t summoning his teddy bear at the start of each wave correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Ariel’s Fish Squirt skill wasn’t working properly while running for the Mayor.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-14 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased to 340
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +21
  • Chapter 62: “Portal Panic” is now available
    • Elite Campaign features: The Evil Queen, Eeyore, Syndrome, King Louie, Belle, Captain Amelia, Chip & Dale

New Heroes

  • Mayor Bellwether will be available in the Prize Wall starting November 24

Servers 21-25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased to 285
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +10
  • Chapter 51: “About the Oasis” is now available
    • Elite Campaign features: Sulley, Eve, Maui, Maleficent, The Queen of Hearts, Robin Hood, Belle

New Heroes

  • Mayor Bellwether will be available in the Prize Wall starting November 24

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, November 15, 2022.


First villain which is support type! OMG! :flushed:

Wait, she is a mayor? :thinking:


Sorry but are you taking her from the part of the movie where she was the current Mayor of Zootopia?!?

I trough she would be only Bellwether.

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Oh by the way this is the quote I choose for this update if you see my link.

" Fear always works! And I’ll dart every creep in the city to keep it that way.

Hope you like that quote I choose for the update.


There is some text missing or a typo here?

The format of this section is very difficult to read
But thank you for this!!!
Hopefully bring back some older heroes to meta or usefulness at least

Based on this I assume we will have another patch notes before 24 November to indicate where the old prize wall heroes will rotate to?

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Wow, another feature to dig deep for money, can’t wait for the „special patch offer“ :joy:
Maybe make first sure, that people can max other things in the game (red skill, mods, disks, battle badges) and then offer new things like this. I hope this is well capped and not totally imbalanced to go to infinity


Oh I almost forget to put this.


This is not going to happen. Sorry.

There is no finanical benefit for them to release this and spend time developing it.

Patched heroes will be a money grab like red skills, megabits, disk power, mod power, gold and stamina and it will once again come down to who can spend the most.


Mayor Bellwether, Patches, Cap rises, Awesome!:star_struck::exploding_head:


I remember back in the days a lot of people complain about Kim Possible. Until they got her.

If they archive it we can do it again if we gather as community one more time.

(If not at least I have this meme done for every update)


Not much into yet another Zootopia hero, 7 was enough, but there was no villain so I can forgive.
Her skillset sounds good too, hopefully she will have good evasion to work full-time!

More faces which deal damage, first Disgust and now she!


Awww, someone was reading my thread for hero refreshes ideas?!
Very happy to see that Judy’s inspires will last longer, finally!
Yax and Jafar refreshes are definitely great, poor Yax never had anything.
And this is more than I ever thought…

But Wasabi refresh? Kinda unnecessary. Hiro, Finnick or Nick would be better.

Something new, something great, I hope.

When Joy will be fixed? :expressionless:

But how that will happen?

Double text. :confused:

And Judy, Yax, Baymax, Jafar will get their core stats increased again? Definitely welcome if so!


Let’s go! Like I said before, I think AngerIII got his wish!


So many good additions!! New prices of game, new hero, multiple refreshes, and cap raises


She looks INSANELY op!!


Welp, this is a pretty great set of Patch Notes. Hooray!


Corrected! And to clarify: Patch will arrive on Tuesday November 15th WITH the update!

I appreciate you pointing that out!


Before The Codebase was released:

Pretty much immediately after release:

And a while after that:

We are now at Y21 requiring exponentially more Megabits to upgrade our Battle Badges, that’s nearly 2 years later, and The Codebase is now defeated in 0.5 seconds and drops exactly the same number of Megabits as it always did.

The feature had great promise, but despite it having been brought up as feedback over the months and the flaws being so blatantly obvious, it hasn’t been touched.

Instead of The Codebase scaling and dropping more Megabits, the Megabits have started popping up in IAP in huge quanitites. :man_shrugging: We want to be encouraged to play the game, not just throw money at it because it’s the only option.

Please don’t do this with Patch Trials / Essence… this also looks like it could be really promising, but will be just absurdly disappointing if nothing has been learnt from The Codebase. It absolutely must scale with rank.


SO MANY HERO REFRESHES AND RANDOM SKILL REFRESHES!! this must be one of the biggest patch notes yet!


too much space :eyes:

Could be possible to add ‘’##’’ before each name, currently it’s too bland together.


^ for this effect


I’m Glad Bellwether is coming in the game and I understand they had to add someone from Zootopia because of Zootopia+ Now Zootopia is the third franchise with the most characters.

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