Patch Questions!

Hello everyone! Our dev team would love to get all your questions regarding Patch so we can answer them and put them in a nice FAQ on our help page. We’d also like to see if there are ways to improve the ingame tutorial. To head off questions regarding lists of Patched heroes they will be in Patch Notes before a new season starts and we will not be giving any list of possible talents ahead of time as we want that to be a surprise for you to find as you play.

Now get us those questions! We are going on our Holiday break soon so some answers may wait until January.


What sort of questions are you looking for here?

I ask as I fear this thread will turn into more of a ‘Patch Requests / Demands / How to balance the game’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Questions regarding the system! Yes, please no requests/demands/balance. We just want to make a good FAQ and make sure the tutorial has everything needed.


I already asked support these questions and got answers but if you’re making a FAQ on patch then please include:

If you don’t patch a toon during its franchise trials, will it still be patchable later on?

How do you get to patch level 2?

Why can I only patch some toons and not others?


This week or next?

The rewards of the essence will improve?? or even the rewards overall from the franchise trials?

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These questions are more for the Patch feedback thread. This is for the help page FAQ

It’s missing how many patched heroes are needed for levels 2, 3, 4, 5. It’s not clear that we need to patch 15 heroes to increase level to 2.

And currently talents on level 2 does nothing (they are the same as level 1), so it’s misleading.

  • Players can keep any Essence they haven’t (yet) used - it won’t disappear.

  • Once Heroes are Patchable, they will remain Patchable. Once Heroes are Patched, they will remain Patched.

    [Patched] If Aladdin gains Patch Level 1, he will still have Patch Level 1 next Season.
    [Patchable] If Aladdin did NOT gain Patch Level 1 this Season, he can still gain Patch Level 1 next Season.
    [Patchable] These Heroes stay ‘open’ (Patchable), and new Heroes join them

I’m unsure if you are referring to the full roster of characters available in Disney Heroes, but this is because different franchise heroes will be released over time to become patchable!


So basically, it’s a permanent feature for all (most/eventually) heroes, just with a slow rollout to give us time to work on them? Like Red Skills when they were released :slight_smile:

I agree that it’s not entirely clear which heroes can be patched and which can’t - something that will only get even less clear in future seasons, since it will be additional heroes that aren’t in the open franchise trials


This shouldn’t be? It should go to 2nd star level 1 which has more stat boosts. Can you send a ticket so we can see if this is broken?

This thread is for the Patched Heroes feature questions!

There’s a lot that goes into building characters for our game including complex back-end things, which is why we release characters gradually.

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Oh now that makes sense

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Will the franchise trials be new every time they refresh or will there just be a rotation?

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Franchise Trials will be new with every season!

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Hi Loutre

Couple of things that are confusing to me:

  • There are 18 heroes patchable at the moment, with more to come. Currently we can only Patch a hero once, using Tier 1 patch stamina. Will Tier 2 only be released once all heroes have Tier 1 unlocked or will there be overlap?
  • Will Tier 2 cost only Tier 2 essence, or will Tier 2 cost x amount of Tier 2 essence and y amount of Tier 1 essence?
    – with Tier 3 costing x of Tier 3, y of Tier 2 and z of Tier 1, etc (similar to Mod upgrades)
  • How do we increase the stars of talents? Currently the first star is unlocked when we unlock Tier 1. Will there be an additional cost to increase the stars or will the stars increase with Tiers? Currently if you look at a hero posted in chat, there is no indication of which Tier they are, only how many stars - so it looks that the two are related.
    – Follow up on that, if we promote the hero then to Tier 2 and unlock the second talent, will it automatically be 2 stars too?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think Loutre said it will come with Season 3, so in February(?).

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Okay, but that doesn’t really answer the question
Will we have all heroes’ Tier 1 unlocked by then or will there be some heroes on Tier 0 and some on Tier 2?

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How much essence does each level-up cost: 3-4-5 (level 1 is 50, level 2 is 55)
How many heroes need to be upgraded and at what patch level to unlock levels 3-4-5 (level 1 is 0, level 2 is 15 of level 1)

Will there be any requirements to unlock the second ability in terms of number of patched heroes at specific patch level?


So why don’t naughty or nice work. Kinda silly putting it out there and noone can get it to work.

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Welcome to the forum! This thread is about Patch system questions. If you are having an issue with claiming your codes please open an ingame support ticket.

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