State of the Game Dec 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the December 2022 State of the Game post! We’ve had so much happening at PerBlue and Disney Heroes since the last State of the Game post in March so let’s just get right to it!

This year we had so much going on! We released 27 amazing heroes into the game. We had server merges and opened a new server! DH was added to the Huawei store which means we now have the game on five different operating systems. Skill Tag Visibility, Battle Pass revamp and our new DH newsletter were also big projects for us, but the biggest project this year was the Patch system! We know you all still have some questions regarding Patch and so we made this questions post to make sure we can have all your FAQ’s in one place and our devs can work on extending the tutorial and ingame tips for you all.

For 2023 we’re finishing up our Yellow and War quality of life updates. The only information I’m able to share regarding this for Yellow QoL is that we’re working on making the Megavirus more cunning and adaptable, reworking the prime badge economy, and adding better megabit scaling. Unfortunately, I can’t get any more specific than that! The information I’m able to share regarding War QoL is that we’re going to improve the matchmaking system, improve rewards, and make the car bonuses more meaningful. Other quality of life changes are coming too. Possibly even the ability to buy more Gold Crates with just one click.

With 2023 we will also start having a different update cadence. Now before you start with the “game is dying” posts this was decided as we will be doing so much that we want to give the team more time to work on things. We will no longer be doing the .10 updates. We will be doing one client update every 4 weeks. This will give our devs and QA teams more time to get things done without feeling like being rushed. We are doing more refreshes and so much more with quality of life that this is going to be nice for our team.

Another thing changing with our team is that I’m moving away from working on specific games and am overseeing PerBlue’s community as a whole. This was brought up previously, but is still coming up often with being tagged. Nugget is the DH community manager and is helping with support as well! They will be the one answering questions here and sometimes in tickets. Please ONLY tag Nugget from now on. I may pop up sometimes like if Nugget is going on vacation or has a day off, but otherwise please do not tag me looking for a response as you will most likely not get one from me.

We’re so excited for 2023 and have so much on our internal roadmap (that hopefully can be added to the external roadmap soon)! We’re going to have our live dev Q&A on Wednesday Dec 14th at 2:30pm CST! Start thinking about your questions now and we’ll have another announcement on the specific time next week.


I honestly see less frequent updates as a good thing, if gives the devs more time to work on bugs that could take a while to fix


That’s what we’re hoping for!


This, hopefully, is great news. The last few updates have been somewhat riddled with bugs, and featured little in the way of actual bug fixes. No insult meant there - it’s clear that the team is under too much time pressure to cram everything in, so having more time to get everything spot on can only be a good thing :grinning:

Looking forward to the Yellow and War updates!


Thank you Loutre

Unfortunately did not expect anything more on this… but here goes

This seems good and have been badly needed for well a over a year now

Unfortunately this piece is something that we are not looking forward too, as it is too easy to make it more difficult for players to enjoy the game, so we will have to wait and see.

Similar to the above, badly needed for over 4 years now.
Hopefully this will bring some more life into wars and make it interesting for even lower guilds to be able to participate - possibly one of the most exciting things I look forward to in 2023… hopefully it will be in the first few months, and not only in September next year when we get this.

That fact that you have to say this so directly sends chills through my spine and honestly if the last 5 years is any indication, please prove us wrong… but until then, I personally stick to my lack of excitement when things like this are announced.

We try to, but people don’t read… so don’t get your hopes up :wink:

Looking forward to the Q&A :+1:


It’s mainly because you guys make posts every other week that I have to say stop being such worrywarts.

It’s more of a “don’t get mad when I’m not answering” warning.


Said it before, and will say it again:


It’s not ended yet and it’s been over a year of posts so I think we’re good.


It has to end sometime… it can’t be the year 8022 and DH is on update #600.1 with 2 players
so every day is a step closer to the end
we just fear that the end might be closer than we are being told and what you anticipate, that’s all :slight_smile:

I will leave it at that.
Let’s see


I understand the concerns - obviously, we wouldn’t be told it was closing down until it was fairly imminent, or people would just stop buying stuff :laughing: so until it’s closing down imminently, it won’t be closing down at all.

But, a lot of aspects of the game economy are actually doing pretty well at the moment, and we just got a whole new feature - that would seem like wasted time if it wasn’t in for the long haul. Likewise, reworking the war matchmaking system that’s been outdated for 4 years doesn’t seem like an exciting proposition if it’s only going to be live for a short time.

1M points in the Fortify contest that just ended was only enough for the top 25% bracket, so players are clearly still happy to buy & spend diamonds/stamina, even if the overall player base is smaller.

Things can change in this industry very quickly, but at the moment I’m less alarmed than I was a few months ago :man_shrugging:


Thank you so much for the update! For Yellow, I’m confused why it follows the badge enhancing that gets removed after ranking up. So you spend a ton of XP and it only lasts for 4 weeks if you want to level it up. It’s so wasteful. I’ve kept them at level 1 and really only gotten 4, because the cost for multiple battle badges is exponential!


Yup and that’s why we’re looking into reworking the badge economy!


Interesting stuff. Hope they’re all good news

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Honestly this is a great thing. Reworking old toons is a definite must. Plus this also saves on unlocking new toons.

Definitely looking forward to the war changes. It’s been long overdue. The QoL updates overall are decent. Only question now is…

When’s the server 1 merger happening? :rofl:


We’re still getting 4.5.10 this year?
And how this will effect the prize wall rotation, because less frequent updates would mean the whole rotation will be even slower! And it’s already 6 months before hero appears in gold crates… TOO LONG.

Slider! :pleading_face:


Ok great! Thanks for reworking that part of it :slight_smile:

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Thank you in general for the game. I almost quit awhile ago, but badge booster crates kept me on. With them, I can reliably keep up 20 heroes. If these awesome monthly special trials didn’t give a lot of badge booster crates, then there’s no way I could keep up with the high stamina requirements.

Also it’s interesting to see the deals get better. For almost a year, the deals have been so bad and I haven’t spent at all. Since they are better, I’ll probably start spending again.


Rotations and everything will be the same. There will not be a 4.5.10. We’re going straight to 4.6 and then 4.7


4.6 tomorrow?


4.6 is next year!

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