Please nerf the following characters

Fine, fine. I’ll look into other characters. But I do still wish I could encounter the ones I listed in the first post a little less often - at least in the friend campaigns.

I’ll go now.

Sorry if a bit much, but yeah just want to help you and you actually having more fun in the game by not struggling so much :-).

If you want tips to who is likely the best to focus on I recommend checking this list as it has the character release in chronological order:

Up to you if you want to go, but yeah hope it overall goes better for you going forward :-).

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What about Darkwing and launchpad? They are op

They are not op!


Jack Sparrow :rofl:


My first post on this forum, but hopefully it will be on topic. Can we expect balancing Ian, Cheshire Cat and Slinky dog? I’m not saying they are unbeatable, but the amount of damage they do is ridiculous, or defence is way too strong compared to other heroes. I understand PerBlue wants to make money of new heroes but they are broken for too long already

Ian is sensitive to disables
Slinky dies by Dash and Shan

Only Cheshire needs nerf, he does 50M damage with his head.

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Chesire does not need a nerf any longer. The combo Ian and Meg can easily take him out, and Ian can take him out on his own if he has the lowest hp in the team. The reflect buff makes sure Chesire head tosses himself out.

Only one that really needs nerf is Bunsen and Breaker…

Yes he does. Just because he can be defeated doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be nerfed. No hero should deal over 20M damage with one skill.

Not really. Exploding Beakers can be a pain but I’ve never really found B&B to be a big issue.

He is?

Darkwing (Ni) and Buzz with Red skill too.


The only thing that should be nerfed is their purple. That’s honestly it.

Yes, as far as I know he has no tenacity.

And he has even lower evasion than Kim. Huh.

But he does have reflect, I guess.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Reflect actually works on disables; it only works on damage. I’ve used Ian to counter Mulan’s green skill before, and I’m pretty sure that although the damage gets reflected back at her, Ian will still be stunned by that skill. But again, I could be wrong about this.


That’s right.
And well… Ian has hardy, from his red. Though he can be disabled before he gets it


Another one that probably is severly OP is Kermit and his white

Reflect is a buff that can be passed on, so the only thing to hope is that Kermit gains energy very slowly

He’s probably gonna be very good, but, we should wait to see him before judging.

Personally, the only character I have a real issue with rn is Fear. And it’s just his purple, 100% less to everyone from crits is crazy. And no Tron doesn’t work, since Fear keeps gaining stacks after he dies, and after that they can’t be removed

While true, I’m not terribly fond of heroes having only one reliable counter, and even less fond when that counter involves multiple heroes. (And while you could have a one-hero counter by ensuring Ian has the least HP on your team, given how much HP Ian has, that requires either having a weak Ian or having all newer, OP heroes for the rest of your team.)

Like I said above, they are beatable, but each requires a TEAM to beat just that one hero. That is ridiculous and that isn’t true for other heroes/ and also, I have lvl 220 maxed DWD and he does nothing to Slinky. Dash might be a counter, I just don’t have good enough to test. Shan Yu also deals way less than Slinky gives with shields.
To me, this game had two periods of nearly ideal balance, post Quorra nerf before Merlin and Jafar, and before they added Cat. You could really improvise and enjoy various strays. Now we are back to 8 heroes meta. Others are in trash can, and it’s sad :frowning:


No, only Cheshire :thinking:

Ian can be countered by Tron and Slinky by Randall (Yz)

Unfortunately, there is your problem. Remember that it is a good idea to have a top 20 toons and be open to those changing as the meta changes. I know a lot say to only have a top 15, but that is just for defensive purposes for War and Coli. A top 20 or 25 allows you to have more options for offensive lines. If you know what toons you are facing, you then tailor your line to counter those toons.

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