Popular Suggested Heroes

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a backline Control character armed with his handy Remote Control and outlandish cartoon physics. He makes his presence known to his enemies on the battlefield, making up for his lack of appearances as of late.

“I’m starting to see why he liked you more.”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, a small electric zap from his Remote

  • WHITE: “Firework Show”, presses the Remote’s big red button and launches a firework at every enemy. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • GREEN: “Boomerang Arm”, detaches his own arm and throws it in a line, hitting beyond the first target and striking again as it returns. Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: “Reprogram”, raises his Remote upwards to create an electric dome around himself, which Stuns enemies and decreases some of their Armor. The more he’s surrounded, the more enemies it would effect. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • PURPLE: “Twice Lucky”, grants Oswald much increased Tenacity, and some minor Tenacity for his allies.

APPEARANCE: Based off the new Mickey Mouse cartoon. The Remote he carries has a comically large red button at its center, and a red light on its antenna.

ENTRANCE: Flies down via his helicopter ears and hovers before landing, making a taunting gesture with a thumb on his nose and wiggling his fingers at the enemy team.

VICTORY: Cartoonishly puffs out his chest proudly, before the weight slides back down to his bottom.

DEFEAT: Is knocked onto his bottom and crosses his arms, making an irritated face with his ears drooped. For cartoonish effect, a small scribble appears overhead to emphasize his irritation at losing.


Jack Skellington, a mid Damage dealer who embodies Halloween, Scaring foes and cackling into the night with his faithful dog, Zero, at his side.

“What’s this?"

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, a quick lash of his Soul Robber

  • WHITE: “Play Fetch”, pats his leg and calls on Zero to attack, Scaring and Silencing the closest enemy to Jack. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • GREEN: “Grave Smash”, flings the Soul Robber at the closest enemy and slams said enemy against another farther enemy, damaging them both and knocking the first enemy backwards. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • BLUE: “Pumpkin Fire”, throws an explosive Jack-o-Lantern that Scares an enemy and deals Fire damage. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • PURPLE: “King of Halloween”, increases the duration that a Scare can last on enemies, and lets Jack deal more damage to Scared enemies as well.

APPEARANCE: Based off The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a green coil around his right wrist to represent the Soul Robber. When attacking, the Soul Robber turns whiplike with a pointed end to attack.

ENTRANCE: Wanders in, looking around excitedly before spotting the enemy team, and smiles widely, preparing for battle. Much like the segment when Jack first discovers Christmas Town and the song “What’s This?”.

VICTORY: Stands tall before taking an exaggerated bow, chest puffed out and looking pleased with his performance.

DEFEAT: Dramatically falls to his knees, and then sadly hangs his head in defeat.


Donald Duck, a frontline Damage dealer or Tank who uses his stubborn nature to soak up damage from his friends. Coupled with losing his temper at the drop of a hat, he’s about to go quackers like never before.

“Why does this always happen to me?"

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a feathered uppercut

  • WHITE: “Duck Amuck”, flies into a rage and flails wildly, damaging any enemy who he comes into contact with, and possibly inflicting Silence as well. Deals Normal damage. Can gain increased damage based on BLUE skill.

  • GREEN: “Flying Feathers”, flaps about in his signature fighting stance and scatters feathers, granting increased Movement Speed to himself and his allies.

  • BLUE: “Simmering Anger”, allows Donald to gain Basic Damage and Armor the more he is attacked in a wave. Using his WHITE skill will reset the gained stacks.

  • PURPLE: “Bad Luck Duck”, Donald is more likely to be attacked compared to other Heroes.

APPEARANCE: Based off the new Mickey Mouse cartoon.

ENTRANCE: Stomps closer with a glaring expression, before knocking his hat towards the front of his head, showing he means business.

VICTORY: Smiles and performs a shortened version of his dance from “The Wise Little Hen”.

DEFEAT: Staggers before making one final attempt to land a punch, missing of course and falling flat on his face.


Hiro & Baymax, a frontline Tank duo with as much focus on their allies’ health as is their focus on stopping the bad guys from hurting them. With no powers of his own, Hiro keeps his eyes open while Baymax does the heavy lifting.

“Hey, now you’re getting it!”
“I will add ‘Fist Bump’ to my caregiving matrix.”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, an armored punch

  • WHITE: “Tough Love”, at Hiro’s command, Baymax fires his rocket-powered fist at the closest enemy, knocking them backwards. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: “Booster Shot”, Baymax heals an ally with less than half HP (or whoever has the lowest), and grants them an extra 6 seconds of HP regeneration.

  • BLUE: “Clinical Defense”, Hiro uses magnetic pulses to create a shield around the ally with the lowest HP, and gifts them some energy as well.

  • PURPLE: “Health Care Companion”, increases the Max HP of allies and the rate of HP healed from GREEN skill.

APPEARANCE: Both from the Big Hero 6 movie and series. Hiro stays connected on Baymax’s back at all times.

ENTRANCE: Both fly down from above, Baymax giving his signature wave, and Hiro pointing at the enemy team with determined face, making Baymax to prepare for battle with a more offensive stance.

VICTORY: Hiro and Baymax fist bump and wiggle their fingers.

DEFEAT: Hiro falls off Baymax with a pained exclamation, prompting Baymax to relax his stance and look at the player, concerned for Hiro.


Mickey Mouse, a mid Support equipped with his Magic Paintbrush and a sense of adventure, having been through countless jams in the past. There’s nothing stronger than the love he has for his friends.

“See ya real soon!”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, swings his Magic Brush and lobs a blob of blue Paint or green Thinner, alternating between the two with every attack. Damage could be Fantastic instead of Normal.

  • WHITE: “Mickey Miracle”, Mickey makes a wish and it comes true, granting all of his allies Energy and removing negative status effects.

  • GREEN: “Thinner Disaster”, shoots a stream of Thinner from his brush at the closest enemy, dealing damage and lowering their Reality. The Thinner from Mickey’s BASIC ATTACK now damages enemies over time. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • BLUE: “Paint Splatter”, shoots a stream of Paint from his brush at the closest enemy, Charming them and increasing their Reality for the Charm’s duration. The Paint from Mickey’s BASIC ATTACK now slows enemy Movement Speed.

  • PURPLE: “Strength of Heart”, granting Mickey immunity to being Charmed, and adds a small heal to his WHITE skill.

FRIENDSHIP WITH: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  • Mickey takes some time to reconnect with his brother, and Oswald sees that his jealousy of Mickey is somewhat unwarranted. Through it all, Mickey gains the Disk “Friend To All”, which lets Mickey’s Paint BASIC ATTACK heal allies and boost their Reality, instead of lowering enemy Movement Speed.

APPEARANCE: Based off the new Mickey Mouse cartoon. He carries a large brown paintbrush as his weapon, with black bristles and a silver guard towards the top.

ENTRANCE: Struts forward with pep in his step, whistling with the Magic Brush on his back, before twirling it in his hand and preparing himself for the battle to begin.

VICTORY: Returns the Magic Brush to his back and starts to do his “Hot Dog Dance”.

DEFEAT: Dazed, he falls into a heap on the ground as the Magic Brush floats above him, just out of reach as Mickey tries to grab it again from his spot on the ground.


Kim Possible, a frontline Damage dealer wearing an advanced battle suit under her usual outfit. With nimble reflexes and quick reaction time, she’s ready for any mission!

“So Wade, what’s the sitch?”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a low sweeping kick

  • WHITE: "Catch a Line”, fires her suit’s wrist grappling hook offscreen and swings into a single enemy, Stunning and knocking them backwards. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "So Not the Drama”, uses the suit’s gauntlet to intercept an enemy projectile, reflecting it back at the caster with additional power. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • BLUE: "Call Me, Beep Me”, uses her battle suit to generate a shield around herself with her familiar ringtone.

  • PURPLE: "I Can Do Anything”, increases the HP and Energy Regen between waves for Kim, and adds HP Regen during the duration of her BLUE skill.

APPEARANCE: Based from the last season of Kim Possible. She wears her Battle Suit underneath her mission outfit.

ENTRANCE: Her signature ringtone is played before the invisibility on her battle suit fades away, Kim checking her Kimmunicator. She then puts it away in her pocket, getting ready to fight.

VICTORY: Performs a quick cheer to celebrate the victory, ending in a split.

DEFEAT: Falls backwards, an annoyed expression on her face as she tries to blow her hair out of her eyes with a huff.


Goofy, a frontline Tank who arms himself with whatever he could find from his garage. He shrugs off enemies and status ailments like they were tiny bugs, even if for only a moment.


BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a bump with a trash can lid

  • WHITE: “Charging Bash”, gives his trademark holler as he barrels through the enemy team in a straight line, giving slight knockback and Stunning whoever he comes into contact with. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "Gone Fishin’”, pulls a fishing pole out of his golfer’s bag and performs the Perfect Cast, yanking in the farthest enemy. Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: "Feeling Goofy”, forgets what he was currently doing and removes any negative status ailments from himself. This includes Stun, Blind, Silence, Charm, and Scared. This does not effect being Frozen, Studied, or Cursed.

  • PURPLE: "Super Goof”, gives a large increase to his Armor and Reality.

APPEARANCE: Based off the new Mickey Mouse cartoon. He wears a green golfer’s bag on his back, housing items such as a fishing pole, a plunger, and a small flag. In his hand is the metal lid to a garbage can.

ENTRANCE: Walks in slowly, waving cluelessly to the enemy team as if they were friends.

VICTORY: Takes out a trombone from his golfer’s bag and plays it.

DEFEAT: Cartoonishly screams in fear, falling to his knees with arms at his side.


Alfredo Linguini, a mid or backline Support who hides Remy under his hat, allowing him to cook up a helping hand for his hungry teammates.

“Look I know it’s stupid and weird, but neither of us can do this alone, so we got to do it together, right? You with me? So, LET’S DO THIS THING!”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, flips an omelette out of his frying pan.

  • WHITE: "Dinner Rush”, lifts his hat and Remy whistles for his clan, who swarm on the closest enemy and damages them over time. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: “Saffron Spice”, cooks Spicy Mushrooms for his allies, healing them slightly and letting their basic attacks deal fire damage for a short time. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • BLUE: "Maestro Cooking”, cooks Ratatouille for his allies, healing them more than GREEN and increasing their Armor.

  • PURPLE: "Anyone Can Cook”, which doubles the effect of GREEN and BLUE if they happen to Crit.

APPEARANCE: Both from Ratatouille, Linguini armed with a golden frying pan like Chef Gusteau’s. Looking closely at Linguini’s hat reveals an outline of Remy as he controls Linguini’s movements.

ENTRANCE: Remy is already waiting as Linguini stumbles and trips catching up to him. Remy runs up Linguini’s shirt and to his hat, controlling Linguini back on his feet.

VICTORY: Crosses two frying pans over his chest with a goofy smile, as Remy peeks out from under his hat, smiling as well.

DEFEAT: Linguini’s body makes several drastic poses before he falls over, his face looking pained as Remy had tried to keep Linguini in battle best he could, but failed.


Scrooge McDuck, a frontline Tank who uses his centuries of adventuring experience to stay ahead of his rivals. Not only can he control enemies positions, but he can rake in more wealth than you’d know what to do with!

“No man is poor who can do what he likes to do once in awhile! And I like to dive around in my money like a porpoise! And burrow through it like a gopher! And toss it up and let it hit me on the head!”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a golf swing with his cane

  • WHITE: "Hopping Mad”, Scrooge hops onto his cane like a pogo stick, and bounces on the closest enemy twice, possibly doing more damage to Shields. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "High Driver”, proving that he’s tougher than the toughies, Scrooge’s BASIC ATTACK now delivers knockback. He also has increased Tenacity.

  • BLUE: "Money Shark”, proving he’s smarter than the smarties, he dives into the puddle of coins at his feet, making him untargetable as he burrows closer to the enemy group. He then bursts out of the ground, dealing damage to whoever is nearby with a splash of golden coins. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • PURPLE: "Vast Fortune”, allowing Scrooge to increase the amount of Gold obtained in a wave upon victory, with the rare chance of finding Diamonds as well!

APPEARANCE: Based off the new DuckTales cartoon.

ENTRANCE: A dime bounces onto the screen as Scrooge chases after it, catching it with his cane. He then flips the cane up so the coin lands in his pocket, getting into a fighting stance at the same time. This would be much like the intro to the new DuckTales cartoon.

VICTORY: Takes out a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone and starts to eat it.

DEFEAT: Makes a sudden pained expression as he hunches over on his cane for support, a hand on his aching back as his legs shake, out of breath.


Penny & Bolt, a mid Control duo who combine strategy with power as they knock enemies around the battlefield, leaving them with their tails between their legs.

“You’re my good boy.”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a swing with Penny’s extended wheel bar

  • WHITE: “Walkies”, Penny forms her wheel bar into a scooter and whistles, causing Bolt to drag her through the enemy team via his leash. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: “Staredown”, Penny commands Bolt to use his Heat Vision on the closest enemy, Stunning them and dealing Fire damage over time for the duration. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • BLUE: “Super Bark”, Penny covers her ears as Bolt lets out a loud bark, knocking nearby enemies backwards. Deals more damage the closer the enemies were to Penny & Bolt. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • PURPLE: “My Good Boy”, decreases the cooldown period for both GREEN and BLUE skills, and the damage of the WHITE skill.

APPEARANCE: Based off the characters they played from the Bolt television program, and the Bolt video game.

ENTRANCE: Penny repels down from above with her spy helmet on, where Bolt is already waiting for her, growling at the enemy team. Penny takes her helmet off and tosses it aside, and Bolt perks up when he sees her, tail wagging.

VICTORY: Penny kneels and scratches Bolt, who nuzzles her back in return.

DEFEAT: Penny falls to the ground as Bolt’s ears droop and he whines, snuggling up sadly at her side.


Tigger, a mid Damage dealer who bounces circles around everyone else, leaving them stunned in his wake because, you know… Tiggers are “stun-derful” things.

“Hullo! I’m Tigger! That’s T-I-double-guh-Er, and that’s me!”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, a springy headbutt

  • WHITE: "Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce”, a wind-up charge that bounces all over the screen at every enemy, dealing damage and Stuns. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • GREEN: "Playful Pounce”, a lunging leap at the closest enemy, Stunning them before Tigger bounces back into his original position. Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: "Spring Step”, renews a Tigger’s vims and vigors with a familiar laugh, increasing his Movement Speed and Attack speed for a short time, as well as gifting him some Energy.

  • PURPLE: "The One and Only”, giving Tigger greatly increased stats if he is the only Hero remaining in battle. Effect is reduced slightly if he was the only Hero deployed from wave’s start.

APPEARANCE: Based off the Tigger Movie, with his gold locket around his neck.

ENTRANCE: Bounces after a butterfly before noticing the enemy team, giving a cheerful wave and a playful growl as the butterfly flies away.

VICTORY: Falls back onto his tail and bounces in place, arms crossed and looking quite pleased with himself.

DEFEAT: Tigger’s body trembles as his tail limply falls to the ground, before he ducks and covers his head, too afraid to continue.


Rapunzel, a backline Support who uses her magic hair and frying pan to keep allies safe on the battlefield, along with a little help from Pascal.

“I promise. And when I promise something, I never, ever break that promise. Ever!”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, throws a frying pan.

  • WHITE: "Cast Iron”, Rapunzel ties the frying pan to a lock of her hair and throws it at the farthest enemy, delivering a Stun in the process. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "Gleam and Glow”, Rapunzel naturally recovers the HP of allies over time via her magic hair.

  • BLUE: "Hide and Seek”, lends Pascal to an ally and turns them invisible for a short time.

  • PURPLE: "Tangled Locks”, whenever Rapunzel is attacked at close range, the enemy will have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced. This can be stacked up to 3 times.

APPEARANCE: Based from Tangled’s animated series, with Pascal found on Rapunzel’s shoulder. Her hair is mostly kept braided, much like in the movie.

ENTRANCE: Points her frying pan at the enemy team and approaches slowly, Pascal glaring them down and punching his palm for dramatic effect.

VICTORY: Jumps up once in happiness before holding Pascal in her hands, nuzzling him as both smile.

DEFEAT: Rapunzel makes a quick turn as her hair unravels behind her, trying up her legs before she falls forward.


Luxo Jr., a mid Control character who blinds enemies and pelts them with Pixar Balls from a safe distance. Don’t underestimate them, they’re brighter than you think.


BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, knocks a falling Pixar Ball away with its head

  • WHITE: “High Beam”, focuses more energy into its lightbulb, creating a beam of light that Blinds every enemy hero in front of Luxo Jr. in a cone-shaped pattern. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • GREEN: “Desk Slam”, a forceful hop and stomp with its stand, Stunning enemies close to Luxo Jr… Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: “Pixar Ball Sr.”, every third BASIC ATTACK now knocks a larger Pixar Ball than usual, which deals more damage and gives knockback to whoever it hits. Deals Normal damage.

  • PURPLE: “Energy Efficient”, greatly increases Conservation for Luxo Jr…

APPEARANCE: Same lamp model as the Pixar openings. A visible cord might be trailing behind it, or the plug could be seen as it hops around.

ENTRANCE: Falls down from above, landing on a large Pixar Ball, crushing it underneath. Luxo Jr. then looks around confused, before looking up at the enemy team.

VICTORY: Hops up and down, wiggling it’s base.

DEFEAT: Limply falls over, the lightbulb shutting off.


Agent P, a frontline Damage dealer and a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action. He uses his secret agent training and platypus abilities to his advantage.


BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a webbed jump kick

  • WHITE: "Platypus Pummel”, Agent P turns and slaps an enemy with his tail, knocking them backwards. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "Grappling Gun”, fires a grappling claw at a distant enemy and pulls them to Agent P.

  • BLUE: "Flying Fedora”, turns the brim of his hat into a buzzsaw and throws it, hitting 2-3 times and Silencing its target. Deals Normal damage.

  • PURPLE: "Don’t Do Much”, when at 50% HP or less, Agent P removes his fedora and acts like a normal platypus, becoming untargetable for a few seconds and gaining some Energy.

APPEARANCE: Based from the OWCA Files special episode.

ENTRANCE: Walks in as a regular platypus, before his eyes shift side to side. He then stands up and puts on his fedora, prepared to fight.

VICTORY: Poses with his grappling gun, chattering before he fires the grapple and sends himself offscreen.

DEFEAT: Falls back and lands on his stomach, chattering as he weakly reaches out to the enemy team from the ground.


Good suggestions, but I will say, please don’t have those versions of Donald, Mickey and Goofy ;^^.

I think these versions would fit Disney Heroes a lot sand would be super fun in my view and stay true to the characters :-).

These versions would be amazing ^^. I think at least Avenger Duck, the superhero of Donald would make sense and should be cool :-).
Unfortunately I don’t think the game is available more, but not 100% sure.


For Mickey I am not sure what version of him would be best, like the normal version that he is most know for.

Or if the Kingdom Hearts version, even though I think just Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be better as Mickey is so iconic.


Tinker Bell, a backline Support with a talent for tinkering, which she uses with pixie dust to give allies a boost in the heat of battle.

“I’m a tinker. It’s who I am. And tinkers fix things.”

BASIC ATTACK: Ranged, sparkles flying out of her magic wand

  • WHITE: “You Can Fly!”, spreads out pixie dust to allies, increasing Movement Speed and gives chance to Dodge enemy attacks.

  • GREEN: “Tinker Time”, takes a moment to reinforce an ally with pots and kettles, granting them an increase in Armor.

  • BLUE: “Rough Landing”, uses pixie dust to suspend a single enemy in the air, giving them a Stun for the duration. The damage they take when the move ends depends on how much Fantastic damage they’ve already taken while suspended in the air. Deals Fantastic damage.

  • PURPLE: “Happy Thoughts”, allies affected by her WHITE skill also recover HP for the duration. Her BASIC ATTACK also now deals Fantastic damage.

APPEARANCE: Based from her personal movie series. She is able to converse normally with other heroes, and is roughly the same height as them as well.

ENTRANCE: A fairy-sized Tinker Bell flies in and waves her wand, appearing human-sized and giving the enemy team a confident smile, gripping her wand.

VICTORY: Wings flutter in excitement as she smiles wide and hovers, pumping a fist in the air.

DEFEAT: Frowns before falling onto the ground, her natural fairy glow fading or flickering.


@Kira I’m glad you like the suggestions!

I’ve been giving the Duck Avenger/PK some thought myself, nothing concrete yet but I hope that changes in the future! :smiley:

I do like the more classic designs myself, mixed with some modern touches from the new Mickey Mouse cartoon. It’s very fun to see them interact, and I feel as an excellent homage to their roots.

Personally though, I don’t believe we’ll see any Kingdom Hearts content in the game, and I’d prefer it that way honestly. Since that series is such a big crossover with very little interactions between pure Disney characters, it’s such a gift to see this game taking a more direct route and having all of them banded together against a common goal!

Duck Avenger should really fit theme wise so I see why not :-). I wouldn’t mind just the normal version of Donald Duck, but would be cool if both if not just Donald Duck.

I can say that really dislike the style from the Mickey Mouse cartoon that came a few years ago, I just feel like the characters aren’t treated well :-(. Wouldn’t mind the more simpler black and white style from 1920-1930/1940, but that style from the new Mickey cartoon. Just look at poor Goofy in the picture you posted ;^; .

Anyway, for Kingdom Hearts I could see Sora at least as a promotion when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. Beside that, the game doesn’t just have pure Disney characters, The Incredibles and Toy Story characters are in the game and they are Pixar characters, and beside that a Toy Story world is going to be in Kingdom Kingdom 3. So I don’t really see any problems, Jack Sparrow is there too which definitely doesn’t really feel like classic Disney characters.

We have gotten to know that Wreck-It Ralph is a upcoming world for Kingdom Hearts Union X even if just the original world in the movie, but still fit well I think and don’t really see any problems why Sora can’t be in Disney Heroes and should also draw more people into the Disney Heroes as Kingdom Hearts fans are likely going to be more curious if Sora join.

So yeah, we will see :-).

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@Kira Ah my mistake! I meant to say by “pure” Disney characters, not that I was excluding Pixar (Toy Story remains my favorite movies behind Wreck-It Ralph), but that I was comparing an actual Disney/Pixar character made by the company and used in media and film, to one made solely for Kingdom Hearts!

I apologize for the miscommunication! ^^;