Red Skills Overview

Disney Heroes: Red Skills Preview

Red Skills debut in it’s beta form on Server 1 with update 1.12.2! Starting with this update, a small batch of heroes will have access to a brand-new Red Skill. We plan to add more Red Skills for additional heroes over time in future releases.

Red Skills are a new, fifth hero skill that are designed to provide a potent passive ability or substantially buff another skill. For example, Emperor Zurg’s new Red Skill deals more damage per shot when he is channeling “Ion Blaster”. This damage increases with each shot up to a maximum until he is interrupted.

Because Red Skills usually work together with other skills, they can have an outsized impact on your heroes’ combat power! And, similar to other skills, you can level up your Red Skills to become more powerful still.

Red Skills

Accessing Red Skills
Like other skills, you’ll need to promote your hero to red rank in order to gain access to their Red Skill. Unlike previous skills, you’ll need to unlock a Red Skill before it becomes active.

Unlocking Red Skills
Before a Red Skill becomes active in combat, you’ll need to unlock it. Unlocking a red skill costs Gold, Hero Chips and Red Skill Chips. Red Skill Chips can be earned by playing through the City Watch’s new Epic Mode.

City Watch: Epic Mode

Unlocking Epic Mode
In order to unlock Epic Mode in City Watch, you’ll need to beat Super Hard mode.

Then, to start an Epic Mode City Watch, you’ll need to a team of heroes of red rank or higher, at least one of which has a Red Skill. Only red heroes can be used in Epic City Watch!

Collecting Epic Keys
You will also need to spend 12 Epic Keys to start each Epic City Watch. Epic Keys can be collected by battling in the Super Hard mode of City Watch. You earn 3 Epic Keys for completing a region in Super Hard mode. So you can earn up to 15 keys per day if you do Super Hard mode every day.

Earning Red Skill Chips
Red Skill chips drop in Epic City Watch each time you complete a region. The more heroes you have in your party that have Red Skills, the more Red Skill Chips you’re awarded. You will not receive Red Skill Chips for Mercenary heroes used in battle.

Daily and Weekly Wards
Epic City Watch shares the weekly ward from the Super Hard difficulty plus one additional ward that changes daily.

Heroes with Red Skills in 1.12.2

Note that names and skill icons for Red Skills in this update are still being finalized. Once finalized, they will be released. Each hero will have a custom Red Skill name and icon soon!

  • Emperor Zurg
  • Kevin Flynn
  • Aladdin
  • Jack Skellington
  • Duke Caboom
  • Huey Dewey Louie
  • Miss Piggy
  • Animal

how are we suposed to obtain red skill chips if we can’t enter Epic mode cause you can only get them from Epic city watch



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That’s been answered already, the wording is just poor - the red skill in question does not have to be unlocked, it just has to exist on a hero that you’re using.


200 hero chips seems a little excessive…


Wait, what, the cost for a red skill is 200 chips?!



Ha, well that confirms the target audience for these :roll_eyes:



200 hero chips needed!!! What!

Ok I can start saving up more hero chips then for my six starred heroes.

Yep. I mean there are some heroes I have 6 star and +300 chips but none are current meta and certainly not red gear levels.

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I have a question. If we use the raid ticket on super hard CW, do we still get an Epic CW key? Or do we have to complete a super hard CW manually to get it?
It says battling in super hard mode so that means we won’t get keys if we just raid right?

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Why red skill, why not orange skill?:thinking: :grin:


What the heck?

Polaris 200 chips is excessive that’s over the top.

So this is the 7 star in disguise? I mean 200 chips for ONLY unlock it. It’s going to get worse upgrade it?


I’ve been playing 443 days on S3. I have 23 6* heroes, with those having an excess chip average of 81. Only 6 of those are Red rank.

I haven’t upgraded ANY mods yet with hero chips.

Where on earth is someone like me supposed to come up with 200 extra surplus for a new skill?!

Come on, guys.


Raiding CW does give you 15 keys.

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The introduction of red skills is absurd. First you need to shell out 200 hero chips to unlock a skill. Like that will be easy. Only people who buy diamond crates like crazy would have a chance to unlock this feature. I do not approve of such high number of chips. It’s bad enough for Invasion that you need hero chips to level up your MODS, now you gotta worry about this too… I guess the whales will enjoy this new feature and Free to Play players will be left further and further behind. Reason stands that guilds will need ACTIVE players to fill their guild. We need both Pay to Play and Free to Play players. It’s becoming harder and harder to recruit people at this point. I feel like my server, server 14, nearly half of the top 200 guilds have inactives of 10 or more. sigh not to mention this will be another event to add to the grind…


200 chips??? See this is what people get for complaining that they have extra chips to
Use. Come on man!


Oh dear God, do you guys have any idea how hard it is for us, the F2P, to reach 6th star??? And now, to unlock red skill, we need the same amount of chips??? Not to mention, 10 freaking mil gold!!!

Are you insane???

This game does not only has the whales, it also has the small spenders and us, the one never spend. Do you even think about us, even for the slightest, when you make this decision???

Looking at that kind of amount, surely NOT!

Many have quit already, thanks to a series of bad decisions. And now this? You’d only stop when we all (not the whales) quit, aren’t you?

You… just…never… LEARN!!!