Server 1-20 only: New Solo Deals

Starting with 1.14, we are changing the format for deals on Server 14.

Solo deals are a new form of offers that do not tie in directly to the Diamond packs. Instead, each deal is a self-contained offer giving out only the rewards listed in the event window.

  • These packages do not stack with each other; purchasing one will not award others.
  • Purchasing an equivalent or larger diamond pack will not award these deals.
  • They do award the VIP bonus diamonds with the purchase.

  • Currently, because all of our IAP deals “stack” together, we very rarely, if ever, run multiple deals at the same time. We’re trying out a new format called “solo deals” where each IAP on sale is independent. This allows us to offer more variety and allows us to run the most popular deals for longer periods of time.
  • Note that solo deals will be the exact same deals you’ve been receiving. The only difference will be that the diamonds and VIP rings included are now shown on the event card. VIP bonuses still come with all IAP deals based on your VIP level.

Servers 15-20 will now also have solo deals following the 1.14.2 update. These solo deals allow us to offer more concurrent events that run for a longer amount of time, giving players choices on what to purchase and when.


Servers 1-13 will now have solo deals following the 1.14.2-D update.

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