Stamina Problem & Swapping Badges

I wanted to give a possible solution to the game’s problem with stamina to power up heroes. Badges and bits need to be turned into currency to trade and swap If this has been suggested a lot, I’m apologize!

Background: I’ve been playing since Oct 2020 on S21. I’ve spent around $150 USD on stamina. I only sold a few purple badge bits and I always only raid the best episodes with good supplemental badges. I only included data for Chapters 1-26 (6 stamina per raid).

I always need a specific 50 out of around 200 badges (Sugar Rush, Wicked Beats, Escape, Lucky Cricket, Curious Maze, Potential Carriage, Close Shave, and more) while I have hundreds to thousands of badge bits for the rest of the 75% badges.

Selling extra badges for gold is not worth it. Stamina is way more prohibitive. So as stamina costs rise (Chapter 1 to 26: 6 stamina then each chapter after rises by 2 stamina up to 14 at Chapter 30 (2.3x more)… for example, if we could trade in 150 Dramatic Pause bits for 50 Deus Ex Calibur bits, it would seriously help our stamina problems. It’s too difficult to change the components needed for badges (as some badges are clearly used more), but it’s easy to add a badge trading system. I have over 175,000 unused bits worth over a million stamina and that number keeps growing.

This game is suffocating us and it’s impossible to keep powering up heroes. I spend $30 a month on stamina and I can’t even keep up 8 heroes at max level (R9). I’ll keep playing this game, because I like it, but it’s crazy how flawed badges are ruining this game.


YES, i have over 750 Dramatic Pause bits, so I can convert all the extra into other bits that I need! Great suggestion! :grin:

First of all really good idea and I would definitely like the idea of being able to swap bits I have a lot of for the badges I actually need :-). While I am not sure how the exchange rates between the badges should be, but being able to trade badge bits we have a lot of for badge bits we actually need would be really nice and helpful.

As for the stamina and badge problem I think some of it can be helped by combo grinding as you spend less stamina per badge by getting more badges you need at once.
I think you know of combo grinding SaveElle, but I am not sure how much you actually combo grind I don’t really know.

At least in order to spread info here on how to be able to better keep up with badges better for those who don’t know, here are the link to the Badge Drop Charts which shows all the 6 drops(3 main, 3 hidden) which is really helpful for badge grinding:
([Badge Drop Charts]: Chapter 1-30 badge placing in the campaign)

With this site here you can use word search and search up badges and what stages they are on:

There you will be greeted with this, I personally searching up Fa Family to show:

I will say combo grinding won’t help completely take away all the badge grinding so it is relatively balanced as there will always be some badges you can’t manage to get enough of, but combo grinding do help in lessening the amount of badges you need to grind for as by combo grinding you already have them.

But yes, your idea SaveElle would definitely help and especially those who aren’t into combo grinding or know about it, should overall balance the badge economy for most players if we could exchange badge bits we have a lot of for those that we need and thank you for suggesting the idea SaveElle :-).

My patience with the Stamina mechanic was officially exhausted late last night.

I don’t know what the Devs expect us to do to maintain our characters in order to play through story mode, but my estimation is something like 20xR10.

Since I couldn’t see a way to sustain those stamina requirements without purchasing the stamina bundles, I decided it was best to stop trying to raise my characters up from whatever they are now, because I just find the experience significantly frustrating.

Of secondary concerns are UltraXP bottles (for level raising) and gold (for skill level raising), I never seem to have enough of these either.

End conclusion, I don’t care what new characters they add, because I simply won’t have the resources to make them R10.
Also, I abandoned story mode for the same reason.

I will say, you don’t need 20 R10+ really, but yeah between 5-10 good max characters would be ideal yeah :-).

But yes, you are right that the stamina cost pressure on players are likely too high and unhealthy on players, so more players probably rather want to give up instead of playing at this point.
With such a situation Disney Heroes/PerBlue are technically losing customers, as such also likely potential money/revenue as less and less people pay.

Overall the resource economy should be revised as right now it is likely what makes players not want to play. And while yes games need money, but I think there is a difference between manageable resource economy compared to an unmanageable resource economy that the players can’t keep up with and rather instead leave than pay.

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Great that you did this research. I did one myself and got to similar results. The bits you see at the bottom with 1k+ figures are those in trials that are newer used again in other rank.

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