[Badge Drop Charts]: Chapter 1-30 badge placing in the campaign

This is a Christmas gift to the Disney Heroes community and hope you all with like this gift from me :-). The Badge drop placements charts can make all you’s badge grind more efficient.

I need a few days break first, but if people would like me to make Badge drop charts for later chapters I need help, so if someone who has a lot of Cosmetic Crate Badge designs it would be really appreciated if you could sent them to me as in like from the icon select screen :-). (Also, a few stages have low end badges that drop 1x2 per appearance, so if you noticing them, please tell me so I can add that information wise).

I recommend using these Badge drop charts together with the database item list as there you can search on the badge names and here you can check what is actually on the stage easily.

Here are the badge drop charts and hope they can really help everyone of you badge grinding wise :-).


Wow, great works you got here, thanks a lot @Kira!

Merry Christmas to you.

Thanks Lyn, yeah it has been a project of mine for a while now, so yeah really glad that I finally got to post it and let you other players all see :-).
Hope these badge drop charts can be really helpful and help you all a lot ^^.

Thanks, Happy Christmas to you too Lyn :-).

Great job, Kira! :clap: :clap:Will defeinitely come handy many times. Wakkatu is not really user friendly with badges.

This might be because of 3% chance guild perk, though?

Thanks ^^. Yeah, have been really helpful to me while I have been working on the project :-).
And actually, the Badge Charts and the Database are a good combo together, like you can search up the badge in the database and there see what stages the badge are on, and as such can check what badges are on those stages and compare which one give the most badges you need/are low on.

Not in this case I think in terms of the 1x2 badge drops, this background to say is from around chapter 12-13 were out and I remember a few badges having like x2 . Unfortunately I am not sure if I have any proofs of that as the picture has been saved to have only x1s to make it easier to copy between the chapters.

I don’t remember the name right now, but I do know the Green Golden Flower badge has at least 1 place it gives 2 badges per appearing. So yeah, should be a thing and you can see it if you don’t see x2 on the drop bonus and just 2 of the badge without x2.

Edit: Found it, stage 7 :-).

This is the original version that were on the original information website, however it is down now unfortunately.

And actually I think I might have misunderstood the different ways of portraying information in terms of the two websites, like it isn’t a guaranteed x2 drop, but rather 2 different spawn variables to say.

Like you see here, both 2(Normally 1) and 4(Normally 2), so yeah basically two spawn variables that give the same badge.


I just tried it with one stam pack and only got x2, not x4 three times. I still think it is this perk, it’s good up to Ch. 22.

Ah, if it was the perk the other badge as in “A Very Pine Hat” badge should have had 4 as well I think, but it only has 2 while “Golden Flower” gives 4.

I am not going to say for sure what is the case, but if I understand it right the Golden Flower badge there has 2 spawn options instead of the normal 1 spawn per badge on a stage.

Either way, happy to get the Badge Drop Charts out and I hope they can help you all a lot :-).


That’s definitely helpful!

Glad to hear you think so Governor_Rider_IX ^^.
Yeah, should speed up the grind process for badges you aren’t necessarily grinding specifically for, but that you get either way, like Trion’s Trident as I actually have over 400 bits of it thanks to trying to grind as efficiently as possible.

And yeah, I recommend everyone favorite/bookmark this page so that you all can find back to it easily even if the page fall out of the Latest category :-).

Awesome job Kira providing the info PB did not bother update into the game. Farming blindfolded is frustrating. This list is very helpful.

Chapter 10 node 2 can also drop a badge of motivation plan bit twice.

Keep up the good work.

Edit: Pronounce deleted. My apologies.

Hehe, I prefer no gender pronounces online, but yeah really glad I finally got to post this to everyone to make use of and getting to grind more efficiently :-).
It has already been possible to do more efficient grinding with the database, but since it has no visuals it is harder to actually know which badge is what badge.

However, these two together are really good, since in the database you can check where the badge you want drops are, and with the Badge Drop Charts you can check what is on the stages that the badge are on based on the database’s information. That way you can really easily check what stages has the most badges you need or are low on :-).

In terms of 10-2 I see and yeah, will fix it a bit later and thanks for the heads-up ^^.

Thanks Pepper and I will try, just taking a little break a few days first, but yeah will start up next week :-).

Also, to those here who has a lot of cosmetic badge designs/icons from Chapter 28 and onwards I wonder if you all could send me the cosmetic badge designs/icons, would be really helpful to me :-). Have barely gotten any cosmetic badge designs/icons unfortunately from the cosmetic crates.

If you could send me the cosmetic badge designs/icons from Chapter 28 and onwards like this it would be really appreciated and really help me out a lot in terms of getting out the Badge Drop Charts for the newer chapters :-). Preferably screenshotted by an iPad as that’s what I use.

So yeah, thought I give the heads-up and thanks in advance to those who help in terms of this :-).

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Hi, I wonder if anyone here have these two badges Cosmetic Badge Design/Icon wise, as in the screen you select what icon you want to have? I need it for my Chapter 28 Badge Drop Chart and I wonder if anyone here had any of these two badges :-).

Just need those two now to finish the Chapter 28 Badge Drop Chart.

Added Chapter 28 now and added that Chapter 10-2 stage has a chance of dropping 2 as like there being two spawn spots there of that badge there, so in reality there are 7 Badge Spawns on Chapter 10-2.

And yeah, Happy New Year from the CET time zone and hope you all have a good New Years Eve/Day :-).


Absolutely amazing work done Kira​:clap::clap:
It’s been helping me grind several badges that I need and I find it very useful.
Thank you for putting in the actual time and effort to make this as well😄

Thanks Overwatchgmaer64 ^^.

That’s exactly what I wanted, being able to help people being able to grind badges more efficiently and as such being able to keep up with more characters :-).
No problem at all, happy to help if I can ^^. I of course too benefit from the Badge Drop Charts, so it benefit me too even though I will say my idea and intent has always been that this is something I want to share with the community overall and help as many people as possible :-).
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

And yeah, Chapter 29’s Badge Drop Chart is now up and I hope it can help as well in finding the most efficient grind spots :-).

A work in progress version of, so feel free to use it while I get the badges on the background :-).
30-4 should be the best grinding place as you can essentially grind 4-5 good badges there.

I have now finally gotten Chapter 30 up here and yeah, hope this one can also be a help for you all and in my view are really good chapter, especially 30-4 which I recommend grinding at :-).

I took a screen reduction break for a while, so that’s why I haven’t posted anyone new for a while.
But yeah, happy to finally get back to it again and intending to get out the next chapter hopefully next week if not this week ^^.

So yeah, happy to be a help to everyone if I can :-).

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