Uncle Grandpa's Unlikely Hero Concept (N.4) [Refreshed]

He’s an Uncle? No! He’s a Grandpa! No, wait… oh, I know! He’s Uncle Grandpa!


Team: Red
Stars: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Back-Line


Entrance: He enters the battle flying and landing on the ground.
Victory: His head detaches from the body and it starts flying in the track.
Defeat: Belly Bag walks away, leaving Uncle Grandpa alone and making him cry.
While he’s using the “Tigers and Levels” skill, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger runs away, leaving Uncle Grandpa on the ground while he punches the ground.


Description: This crazy person is about to damage you when he wants! He can also heal himself while he’s flying. With him there are also a belly bag and a tiger! Be careful!

Quote: Good morning!


Basic Attack: Uncle Grandpa throws the first item he finds in Belly Bag at the furthest enemy, dealing him X normal damage.

White Skill, Cheese for Everyone:
Normal/Fantastic Damage

Uncle Grandpa flies through the air and throws X pieces of cheese all over the track, dealing X normal damage to each enemy hit and slowing their movement and attack speeds by X percent for X seconds. Additionally, cheeses deal X fantastic damage per second for X seconds to each enemy hit. At last, Uncle Grandpa recovers X HP and gains X evasion for X seconds.

Green Skill, Harmful Pouch: Fantastic Damage

Uncle Grandpa throws Belly Bag in the middle of the track, dealing X fantastic damage to all the enemies, stunning, silencing and piercing them for X seconds. After that, Belly Bag returns to Uncle Grandpa. During this time, Uncle Grandpa is invincible and has his attack and movement speeds increased by X percent.

Blue Skill, Fly, Healer:

Uncle Grandpa flies through the air, healing himself for X HP, cleansing himself, gaining a shield of X HP for X seconds, gaining X stacks of “Hardy” and applying X stacks of “Fatigue” to all the enemies.

Purple Skill, Warning, Planes: Normal Damage

Uncle Grandpa, once the blue skill is used, stays in the air and flies all over the track, dealing X normal damage to all enemies, stunning, shattering and piercing them for X seconds. Additionally, the enemy with the least armor is snared for X seconds.

Red Skill, Tigers and Levels: Fantastic Damage

When Uncle Grandpa has himself as an enemy, he gains X evasion and X tenacity.

Uncle Grandpa heals himself for X HP whenever he uses a skill of level 121 and above.

If he has no debuffs active, once per wave, Uncle Grandpa goes Berserk for X seconds and he becomes Immune to Debuffs for X seconds.

  • X Evasion
  • X Max HP
  • X Skill Power


It Recharges:

  • When the shatter hits X enemies.

If Recharged:

  • X Skill Power
  • X Armor
  • Whenever he heals himself, he gains a shield of X HP for X seconds.


Goofy: “Two Goofs, One Human”

Goofy wants to be more “goofy”, so he asks Uncle Grandpa the best tricks.



  • X Basic Damage to Allies and Uncle Grandpa
  • X Max HP
  • X Armor
  • X Reality to Allies
  • The enemies lose X Skill Power while they’re scared


  • Now “Harmful Pouch” also snares the enemies for X seconds.

Allies: Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck

Gonzo: “A Bird and an Uncle”

Gonzo (1)

Uncle Grandpa wants to be a stuntman, so he asks Gonzo. He’ll help him in any possible way.


  • X Skill Power
  • X Evasion
  • X Tenacity to Allies
  • X Armor for every X percent of Max HP missing
  • X Basic Damage for every X percent of Max HP missing


  • Now “Cheese for Everyone”, when Uncle Grandpa drops the pieces of cheese on the ground, stuns and snares all the enemies for X seconds.

Allies: Miss Piggy, Li Shang, Monkey Fist

I hope you liked this Unlikely Hero Concept!


Thanks for submitting! Looks good!


Thank you very much!


A Cartoon Network character, on Disney Heroes!? :smiley:
Gee, I wonder who’s next, Spinel? XDXD

But seriously, well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks! I’ll think about Spinel… maybe I’ll do her hero concept…maybe…

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Bro uncle grandpa was a great show! Used to watch it all the time when I was a kid!

That’s great and all but plz don’t revive dead topics.

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