Update 1.14.2 Known Issues

Here are some known issues in the game:

These will require a client update, so they are currently planned for 1.15:

  • iOS players cannot see what they’re typing in chat. Switch to off dark mode to be able to see your typing.
  • the Daily Quest list sometimes resets back to the top of the list
  • The skill point slider will bounce back and undo any duplicate actions. This is caused by upgrading the same skill multiple times within a few seconds. When this happens, the gold and skill points are returned to your account. To avoid this, please wait a few seconds between upgrading the same hero’s skill.

These issues have been resolved:

  • For players who had already finished the weekly challenge today before the update, they will not have a new challenge at the moment. We are investigating.

We had a small fix for this issue with the server update on November 25:

  • Using the skill point slider can sometime add more points than the number selected. We suspect this may be due to a double tap or long tap triggering the upgrade twice. Being careful with tapping the button may be a way to avoid this from happening.

This issue was fixed with the 1.14.2-B update:

  • Skill Point Consumables are being used but not credited in some cases. The team is investigating this issue currently.

These issues were resolved with the 1.14.2-C update:

  • Friendship campaigns on some servers are not accessible. The error message says you must complete ‘chapter 0’ first. None of your progress has been lost.
  • Some players are reporting their team level is displaying much lower than it should. No progress is lost, but players are unable to access everything in the game.
  • Weekly Challenge did not cycle correctly.

Glad I quit dark mode before the update. Hope this is fixed soon!

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Display bug with the Quick Fight button in Invasion -

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Sorry, what’s the error?


Shouldn’t the stamina be on the right of the writing?
It looks very cramped


Ah, I believe we had to do some work on that because some devices and/or languages were causing the text to overflow the button and block other parts of the screen.


Oh, I see

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Where is the Mim’s / Jafar friendship ? :sob: @Polaris


This is by Jafar the worst oversight :joy:


That was a mistake in the patch notes - Mim’s friendship is with Oogie Boogie, not Jafar. Sorry!


My game still crashes as much as it used to.

And lags


Same, especially in the shops


Megavolt looks bigger than DarkWing while crouching for some reason…
Also Gizmoduck looks small compared to the other ducks


Really… Is that all you have to complain about… size… apparently size doesn’t matter :thinking::thinking:


Yes because the only other problem I had was the chat

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I’ve got another one: the list of daily quests keep resetting to the top after a couple seconds, right about the same time the animation for the big battery thing at the top resets. Holding down in the list doesnt stop the reset.

It’s very annoying when trying to scroll down the lists of items yet to be completed…


I don’t think size doesn’t matter😕
I think some characters need resizing


This is true, I’ve noticed it too - the chat button is a bit buggy and unresponsive to taps. Android Pie here

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I have noticed that whenever I type and then stop typing for a bit, the cursor would go to the beginning of the chat. I tried to place the cursor onto the most recent words and the cursor would just fly back to the starting point.

This has been happening for a while now

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Hope it will be fixed, if I write some bugs here.


  • Basic damage doesn’t drop any coins if he kills enemy
  • Amount of dropped coins from [Flying Fortune] is much smaller, if this kills enemies

Huey, Dewey, & Louie

  • [Red skill] Enemies with higher level doesn’t receive basic damage and armor reduction, nowhere is said that skill will fail against enemies with higher level
  • Sometimes, even when enemy is on bear trap it doesn’t trigger
  • Nowhere is also mentioned cap of bear traps, but only six can be once on battlefield, this cap should be acutally removed, this making trio weak
  • [Dematerializer] often deals very low damage (traps from green skill have lower numbers but deal bigger damage on same enemies)

Fight against Brute on Super Hard heist. 22k CRIT damage, really? and no, this didn’t kill Brute.

  • More like suggestion but… as shown on screen above, enemies easily miss traps, traps should be bigger

Donald Duck

  • Oh well, his damage from both skills is also really low, hero refresh for new hero :thinking:
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