Update 2.6.10 Known Issues

Here are some known issues following the 2.6.10 update:

  • Issue with Wasabi’s disk “No Sweat-er”. There is no cap on the true damage this can do, which gives Wasabi the ability to kill any level of Mama Bot. We will be fixing this with Update 2.7.
  • There is a crash using the “claim all” button on daily quests. You can collect the quests individually.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Some iOS users cannot log into the game. We are investigating this issue.
  • Hall of Fame rankings are not fully updated yet. Once we do another server update the information will be corrected.

I believe there is an issue with Baloo’s white skill. He’s only dancing for like 2 seconds and not 12. Any word on this?

No I think the bug is that if any ally uses a healing skill (or something) on Baloo that ally gets charmed

Yes, that too.

But the duration is too short.

  • Yeah, Baloo dances for like 2s and stops, even without getting touched. It makes his white, purple and red disabled.

  • Honey’s Hiro disk doesn’t work in arena and coli

  • Ian has extended duration of reflect in CW

This thread is for new issues that come out of the 2.6 update. Please don’t keep posting older issues that have already been reported. Thanks!


We know, but I hope old issues are heard. Also Fear being bugged to hell (damage reduction staying after dead Fear, Dread stacks not working properly)


Yes, old issues were heard and reported. I really need this thread to stay focused on new 2.6 issues so I can raise them quickly with the team.

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Will you still be able to go back and fix older issues? Baloo is still bugged after all this time!

Yes, we will still fix older issues.


Other passives and Joy works same, so?

You can remove dread by Tron or prevent them by fatigue.

Pooh and Pleakley´s stacks on enemies and effects are gone though.
Jack Sparrow and Nick Wilde´s passives on allies are gone when they die too.
Why do not Joy´s and Fear´s stacks.

The Hub is missing and the arrow won’t go away (I even fought the stage to see if it’d go away)

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Nick shares his SP, if he is dead there’s nothing to share, and Jack grants, without Jack he can’t grant anything.

While Fear grants reduction per stack of dread, once he dies he won’t get more but allies will keep the reduction equal to the stacks at the moment of Fear’s death, and no, Fear doesn’t get more dread when dead, it stay same. Joy as well, and other passives which doesn’t need hero’s attendance, like buffs or debuffs to shields.


The stacks should set to 0 then. There is legitimately no reason for it to stay at the same value. It’s sort of okey for Joy who has a cap. Fear has no cap and consumes them throughout the battle.

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Also, Kermit duplicates Enemies’ buffs?


Won’t it be Kevin’s extended buffs, with Mickey and Animal he uses his active very often and make buffs “immortal”.

So, does Kevin had maxed red skill in that team?


So much chaos happening on one screen…


Shouldn’t Kermit emojis be available?
He got a set in Disney Emoji Blitz.


Able to scroll city watch screen to right so that map disappears

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