War Feedback: March 2022

We are interested in doing more of a deep dive into War so we want to hear all of your feedback!


Quite a long time ago, I made a topic on what is actually still the most problematic part of War: the MMR.

Even though my own guild can handle it okay right now (maybe also because of the merger??), this would be the only thing that comes to mind what is problematic about war right now.


Being war my favorite gamemode - pretty much coli without the repetitiveness of anti quick fight lines - I don’t really have problems with it. Just rewards could still be a bit better (despite being improved once already), and off duty could be more targeted at all heroes, rather than just locking 5 of the most popular heroes every war near the end of the season.

My guild doesn’t have problems with matchmaking but I know many others struggle with it, so that could be looked into as well.

Oh and car bonuses do literally nothing but I’m not sure I even want them to matter more :sweat_smile:


The way MMR is calculated, together with the matchmaking system, results in a “no man’s land” of being incredibly difficult to reach Legendary rank between around ranks 6-12 in war MMR.

It’s been documented & discussed many, many, many times here, with reasons as to why this happens and possible solutions offered.

A rework of MMR and/or the matchmaking that would prevent this happening would hugely improve war & avoid the rather silly necessity of having to deliberately lose wars to stay out of this rank band.

Aside from that, I’d like to see better player management options for the guild leadership / tacticians. War participation is poor across most guilds, so ways to encourage this or provide assistance would be nice, as well as ways to ensure our defences are kept up to scratch.

Car bonuses, as @Phal mentions, are literally pointless at the current S1 cap, as are nearly all sabotage types.


Oh yes, now that you mention it, this is very true. For my guild, problem doesn’t necessarily lie in the offensive part, but there are some people that have far better heroes than they have displayed in their defences. So it would be nice if Guild leaders and Champions (maybe even officers?) could chance defences of other players.

My thoughts on making war harder for higher ranked players is to increase the stats on cars

War is hard for smaller guilds because they don’t have people high enough to send spars.
It would be helpful if there was a practice mode where anyone could setup reasonably high teams to practice against.

There are some guilds on server one that are basically unbeatable due to sheer power differences. Having to fight two or three unbeatable guilds a month is hard.

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I would sum War Feedback in very short answers.

Matchmaking sucks - I am far beyond being slightly interested to come up for war.
Multiple wars in one month with one guild - this should not happen.
War crates - the rewards scale VEEEEEEEEEEERY badly, to the point where the difference between a top guild and a bottom guild is… nothing of significance.

War feedback, let’s gooo:
So if the top 2 guilds in a server win all the other guilds it comes down to them, right? These top two guilds meet each other twice in a season.
The situation right now is: whoever wins the second war between them wins the whole season, no matter the difference in points.
First war–> Guild A 1430 points - Guild B 540 points. (So Guild A wins by far).
Second war–> Guild A 680 points - Guild B 710 points. (So Guild B wins by a little).
The problem here is that Guild B wins the season because they won the second war. And that’s all. Points don’t matter, first war between them doesn’t matter. So what matters? Only the second war?!?
This needs to be fixed.

  1. Matchmaking is bad. Lower guilds might get impossible matchups and can’t make legendary, while for the top guild only the last duel will decide the winner.
  2. Rewards scale badly (general issue in the game)
  3. Fights often go completely different than in spars and not only because of the animation freeze. Ron in particular is a here that seems to gain 300 additional evasion in war.

Matchmaking is ok to me, but it’s been hard after the merge.
I guess if a guild gets to legendary then tanks, it’s not ok.

War rewards are terrible.

War is mostly about ego/bragging rights and it’s too stressful for the pitiful rewards.

Exactly why I stepped down on my main. It’s not worth my time doing attacks just for the bragging rightd

  1. Match making is bad for most of us

  2. Rewards are horrible and it should be increased … A lot

  3. War car bonuses are just as horrible and completely useless

  4. There should be a way for players to have an auto war defense option (which could be turned off) so that their strongest heroes are selected. There are many strong players with weak defense because they don’t know or care to update it

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I have to agree with most people saying that matchmaking is bad. We’re starting to have problems winning wars. Last War season (feburary 2022) was harsh because we had a hard time winning against the opposing guilds.

I kind of figured something was up so the way i looked at the opposing guilds, they have inactive members as fillers and defenders for over a year or more so that’s why we’ve struggled winning the wars based on the number of ppl and participants we have in the guild.

It’s not just based on MMR for matchmaking, but it has to be based on number of ppl in the guild and the guild’s overall power. As a result, We’re not getting much of a fair matchmaking to win wars

  • Better rewards they are currently pretty bad for the amount of effort you put in. I also think rewards shouldn’t stop once you reach Legendary rank you should be getting some sort of reward if your winning wars in legendary rank

  • off duty heroes need implementing somewhere on the war screen. If you miss it the first time it shows up you can’t see them again. Just help people to know who is off duty when doing spars

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Honestly just stop playing the same 7 guilds over and over.

Just allow one guild battle match per season and put in ranges of mmr. So say if fit between whatever highest mmr is minus 14 mmr of top mmr guilds, u play all those 14 guilds one season, then next highest minus 14 u play that range, etc.

Or maybe change war all together… to guild vs guild vs guild, and everyone gets a prize in how they did and reduce it to two matches per week. First gets x amount of rewards mix of stamania, gold, badge crates,hero tokens and red skills, second gets same rewards but slightly less, and third gets same rewards but slightly less than second.

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I posted on the forum about this before. Perhaps it was overlooked. I really dislike the graphic for the skill mods and sabotages. I play the game on my phone and it’s incredibly difficult to see how many gears are in the head, so it’s hard to determine which skill has a mod on it. I suggest instead of using gears for the graphic, perhaps a W, G, B, or P in the head for white, green, blue, or purple.

I bring this up because I like to use sabotages to counter mods, but if I can’t determine which skill has a mod on it, I might as well be playing darts with a blindfold.


There is no way to mod White Skill, so only G, B and P.

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Yesterday, someone from our guild accidentally turned off war queue so we skipped one war :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I didn’t know who as there was no way to check :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

So, 1 more chance I would like to see in war is that ONLY guild leader can change the queue status

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Add some new sabotages.

I’ll give you one for free - Reduce Red Skill level :wink:

We have White, Green, Blue and Purple just need that red skill now. Some hero’s have a pretty decent red skill reduce that level and they will be brought down a peg or too

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