Abby & Runt Concept (#197)

Abby & Runt

Abby Mallard

Runt of the Litter

Description: Two of Chicken Little’s best friends, and one of the few who don’t ostracize him and accept him for who he is, Abby Mallard and Runt of the Litter have a strong chemistry with each other as friends. Looked down for their looks and appearances respectively, Abby and Runt don’t let the constant critism stop them from hanging out with those they adore in their hearts.

Quote: “I guess only girls are good at honest communication and sensitivity.”

Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
Passive- Abby & Runt will always be energized and their energize cannot be cleansed. Instead of attacking, Abby and Runt sing karaoke, healing themselves for X HP, and giving themselves and their allies X Max HP.

Entrance: Abby and Runt will dance and sing their way into the field.

Victory: Abby and Runt high five each other.

Defeat: Abby comforts Runt as he uses multiple anxiety bags.


White Skill:
“Karaoke Night”
Abby and Runt will take the time to dance and sing to karaoke, healing themselves X HP overtime, gaining X max HP, X tenacity and increasing the amount of energy gained from energizes to them and their allies.

Green Skill:
“Dodgeball Reflect”
Abby will throw a dodgeball at the farthest enemy, dealing X damage to them and shattering them for 8 seconds. The dodgeball will then bounce off to a random enemy and will ping pong onto the two enemies, dealing X damage for every hit, as well as stunning them.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Blue Skill:
“Anxiety Breaths”
When Abby and Runt fall under 1 HP, Runt will hyperventilate and Abby will bring out a paper bag for him to breathe in and out. They will heal for X HP, gain berserk for 8 seconds, 4 stacks of hardy, and gain an immunity to all debuffs for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill:
“Stir it Up”
When Abby & Runt use any one their skills or their passive, they will also gain an additional X armor, X reality, and X Max HP, as well as gaining 3 determination stacks and a 40% reduction to all attacks for 5 seconds. This skill can be done every 9 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Excluded Friends”
At the start of each wave, Abby and Runt will grant them and their allies 50% more armor and reality, as well as a 60% damage reduction for all true damage for 8 seconds. Also, enemies will be unable to gain shields for the first 8 seconds, and will be silenced if they attempt to gain a shield.

  • +X Healing
  • +X Fantastic Crit
  • +X Armor

Abby Park

Disk Name: “Broken Karaoke”
Disk Effect: Tenacity for Blue Team

Other Effects:

  1. Blue Team Allies will gain X Tenacity every time they use their basic attacks, and will have their Max HP increased by 5% (+5% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Tenacity

Campaign: (It’s Abby and Runt’s first time interacting with other kids in the new city, and they fear that they will be rejected by some Foxy Loxy-esque popular kids that treat them differently. Fortunately, there’s a kid that seems to get their whole vibe with Abby Park. She like the rest of her friend group are all full of quirks that the duck and pig duo appreciate. Ultimately, they bond over Abby’s friends on karaoke nights and are invited to every 4*TOWN concert in the city.)
Allies: Scroop, Candace & Stacy, Grunkle Stan

Chicken Little & Kirby

Disk Name: “Alien Sleepover”
Disk Effect: Backline Allies Gain Precise

Other Effects:

  1. At the start of each wave, all backline allies will become precise for 8 seconds and will have a 14% damage boost for 12 seconds. (+14% per star level)
  2. +X Basic Damage for Allies
  3. +X Skill Power for Allies

Campaign: (Chicken Little has reunited with his only friends, save for Fish out of Water, and he explains everything that has happened since he was gone. He has been seeing Kirby a lot more often as he gets into some trouble and shenanigans with moonlanders and other aliens. In a attempt to get to know him better and way to touch base with Chicken Little again, they hold a sleepover with some more friends Chicken Little has met.)
Allies: Judge Claude Frollo, Francis & Slim, Gaeton “Mole” Moliere


Great concept :+1:

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