B.E.N Concept (#14)


Description: A navigation robot, B.E.N now resides with the Hawkin’s residence. He unintentionally helps support his allies with the loss of his memory chip.

Quote: “Oh, pirates! Don’t get me started on pirates! I don’t like them. I remember Captain Flint. This guy had such a temper. I think he suffered from mood swings, personally. I’m not a therapist in any way, but I–you let me know when I’m rambling!”

Role: Back
Position: Support
Team: Red


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, B.E.N bonks his head, trying to regain his memory, giving himself 120 energy.

Entrance: B.E.N walks in with blue eyes. He then glitches and loses his memory disk, causing him to have green eyes.

Victory: B.E.N finds his memory disk again and his eyes return back to blue.

Defeat: B.E.N’s eyes turn static with green and black eyes and falls down.


White Skill:
“Warning Clues”
The player chooses one icon for B.E.N to perform when Warning Clues is activated:

B.E.N Treasure Icon Treasure Chest: B.E.N heals himself and his allies for X HP, and gains 250 energy.

B.E.N Centroid Icon Centroid: B.E.N and his allies gain 150% attack speed for 8 seconds and B.E.N gains 200 energy per head bang.

B.E.N Door Icon Door: B.E.N and his allies gain a shield with X HP that last for 6 seconds and gains 100 energy when an enemy has a shield.

While on auto, B.E.N will perform each icon in order and cycle back to the first icon.

Green Skill:
“Memory Gain”
B.E.N finds his memory chip and reverts to his blue eyed form and gains X skill power, and then loses it again reverting back to his green eyed form.

Blue Skill:
“Faulty Wiring”
B.E.N bangs his head really hard causing an electric shock that deals X damage to all enemies and slows their attack and movement speed by 30%.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Purple Skill:
“Forgive and Forget”
B.E.N inspires his allies after 2 basic attacks granting them X basic damage for 8 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Bio Electronic Navigator”
Faulty Wiring now gives B.E.N and his allies 2 stacks of hardy. B.E.N and his allies gain X skill power per stack of hardy. Also, B.E.N now uses Memory Gain at the start of each wave.

  • +X Skill Damage
  • +X Healing
  • +X Fantastic Damage

Dr. Delbert Doppler

Disk Name: “Sense of Deja Vu”
Disk Effect: Memory Gain immune to disabes

Other Effects:

  1. When B.E.N is using Memory Gain, he is immune to all disables for 2 seconds. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (Doppler needs B.E.N’s help in testing his gravity bombs to it’s fullest potential. B.E.N feels like he’s done this before, but can’t put his finger on it).
Allies: Captain Amelia, Baymax, Eve

Hank & Dory


Disk Name: “Forgetful Friends”
Disk Effect: More Reality by Head Bonk.

Other Effects:

  1. B.E.N gains X reality every 2 head bonks.
  2. Damage heroes gain 25% reality (+15% per star level)

Campaign: (Dory is already too much for Hank to deal with, dealing with a more forgetful robot in B.E.N will be a challenge).
Allies: Maui, The White Witch, Gerald, Marlin and Nemo


Where did you find this artwork of Delbert? This almost looks like it could be in the actual game!


It’s fan art on deviant art from Emerald Procyon! I had a lot of trouble finding Hi Res render of Doppler, and this was the best I could find! I think it’s super cool, especially the green glow on the treasure planet map/bomb! I’m glad you like it!

Here’s the deviant art page: Emerald-Procyon - Hobbyist, Filmographer | DeviantArt

What is he from?

He’s from Treasure Planet!!

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Oh,that’s cool

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