Django & Emile Concept (#189)

Django & Emile



Description: Father and Brother to Remy respectively, Django and Emile are members of a clan of rats dorming in the home of an old woman in the French countryside. Django is the leader of the clan and has guided his clan through thick and thin. Emile on the other hand is more laidback and lax, having a more than passionate addiction to eating garbage. Now that his son is a full fledged chef in his own right, Django’s responsible for the safety of the colony, but with Remy’s assistance and guidance, Django has picked up a few pointers on picking out poisons.

Quote: “The world we live in belongs to the enemy. We must live carefully. We look out for our own kind, Remy. When all is said and done, we’re all we’ve got."

Role: Tank
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack:
Passive- Django & Emile are immune to all damage over time effects and will deal X damage over time to any enemy that tries to apply any damage over time effects for 8 seconds. Also, instead of attacking, Django will sniff the area for rat poison, gaining himself a stack of hardy, and removing all of his debuffs.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Django scouts the arena checking for poison, as Emile digs his way out of a piece of cake.

Victory: Emile shares some food with Django.

Defeat: Django facepalms as Emile looks around for more garbage.


White Skill:
“Stern Direction”
Django will call upon the rat clan to rush through the enemyline for 10 seconds, dealing X damage over time to every enemy. They will also lose X armor, X reality, and all enemies will be scared for 10 seconds. When the rats are scurrying through the arena, Django and Emile’s allies will be immune to all damage over time effects and will have their Max HP increased by X overtime.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Piece of Trash”
Emile will pull out a piece of garbage and chew onto it, healing himself for X HP, and giving himself a shield for X HP. Emile will then pass the garbage to the closest ally, and make their basic attacks give 3 poison stacks to any enemy they hit.

Blue Skill:
“Git the Rat”
When an enemy tries to land a crit on Django & Emile, Git the Rat will rush to that enemy and punch them, stunning them, and shattering them for 7 seconds. Git will then stay on screen for 5 seconds, blocking all basic attack and distracting every enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
“Venom Sniffer”
When Django sniffs around for rat poison, he will give every enemy 4 stacks of decay stacks and reduce their normal and fantastic damage by 40% for 8 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Shut Up and Eat your Garbage”
When Django and Emile’s allies deal damage over time effects, they will all become precise for 9 seconds and will have their skill power increased by 50%. Also, Git the Rat will have 90% damage reduction when he is summoned, and will scare enemies that try to attack him for 6 seconds.

  • +X Damage from Git the Rat
  • +X Shield HP
  • +X Max HP

Bruno Madrigal

Disk Name: “Oh Shoot!! A Rat!!”
Disk Effect: Convert Corruption Stacks into Invincibility

Other Effects:

  1. When an ally gains a stack of corruption, they will convert it into invincibility for 2 seconds. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Armor to all Allies
  3. +X Reality to all Allies

Campaign: (It’s Remy’s anniversary of opening Chez Remy, and to honor him and his achievements, Django, Emile and the whole rat gang plan to surprise him with a very special show. Word on the street is that an up and coming “telenovela” artist with Bruno and his rats. Bruno is amazed to see the coordination of Django’s leadership extend to all of the rat gang, and he can actually rehearse an actual telenovela! Ultimately, the telenovela is a recreation of Remy’s whole rise to stardom both in the city and back in Paris, and Remy is more than satisfied with the support of his rat clan.)
Allies: Lena Sabrewing, Will Turner, Max Goof



Disk Name: “Don’t You Know that You’re Toxic?”
Disk Effect: Starting Energy for Midline Allies

Other Effects:

  1. At the start of each wave, All midline allies will gain 150 starting energy and will have a 50% increase in their skill damage. (+150 starting energy per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Evasion

Campaign: (Django has softened his exterior in the city a whole lot more knowing that humans are more trustworthy than he thought. However, he still has a concern for finding poisons and protecting his clan out as Remy would have been the one to decipher them before. Unfortunately Remy has been busy at the restaurant, but knows of a much more proficient poison maker in Sally. At first Django is untrustworthy of her, but ultimately picks up on a lot of Sally’s advice via stimulated tests. Now with more knowledge, Django may need to practice more in poison sniffing, but he feels more confident in protecting the clan.)
Allies: Dot, Bud & Lucille Robinson, Isabela Madrigal


Noice concept!


Great concept :+1:

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