Isabela Madrigal Concept (#85)

Isabela Madrigal

Description: Living her whole life trying to perfect herself under her family, Isabela hid away her true feelings and was seen as the “golden” child. However, Isabela has embraced her flaws and is now ready to unleash her fullest potential and let her flowers bloom.

Quote: “A little sisterly advice: if you weren’t always trying too hard you wouldn’t be in the way.”

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Blue


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Isabela flips her hair, healing herself for X HP and gaining X skill power for her allies.

Entrance: Isabela slowly drops down from a vine swing.

Victory: Isabela twirls around as a bunch of flowers emerge from underneath.

Defeat: Isabela angrily yells at the enemyline.


White Skill:
“Hurricane of Jacarandas”
Isabela will twirl around in a rapid grace, as loads of flowers emerge from the ground across the battlefield and last for 8 seconds. When the flowers are out, enemies will be dealt X damage and their movement speed will be slowed by 30% every 2 seconds. The slow will end when the flowers disapear.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Green Skill:
“Prickling Cactus”
At the start of each wave, three cacti plants will appear in random places on the battlefield. Each cactus will deal X damage per time, and will pierce an enemy for 7 seconds. A new cactus will sprout after 15 seconds.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Blue Skill:
“Hanging Vines”
Isabela will grab onto a vine and swing across to the two farthest enemies and create a shockwave of flowers that will deal X damage to them as well as distracting them for 7 seconds. Isabela will also energize herself for 7 seconds.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
“Flawless Facade”
When an enemy gets damaged by a cactus, they will be dealt X additional true damage per second and Isabela and her allies will gain X basic damage.
(Damage Type: True)

Red Skill:
“What Else Can I Do?”
When Isabela uses Hurricane of Jacarandas, she will energize all of her allies for 6 seconds as well as duplicate any buffs for 5 seconds. Also, Hanging Vines will sap the farthest enemy for 7 seconds and decrease their energy by 200.

  • +X Bonus Damage from Cacti
  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Max HP

Bushroot & Spike

Disk Name: “Careful it’s Carnivorous"
Disk Effect: Cacti Plants Steal HP

Other Effects:

  1. When an enemy gets hit by a cactus, they will lose X HP, and Isabela will steal it and give it to the enemy with the least amount of HP. The cactus sprout cooldown will be reduced by 1 second. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Damage from Cacti Plants
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Bushroot still on the search for the perfect companion, sees a woman who can create the most beautiful flowers he’s ever seen. Isabela has heard through the grapevine about Bushroot’s antiques around the garden and his crimes and rejects his vows of partnership. While she does understand Bushroot’s passion to have people understand his true self, she can’t work with a criminal, but gives him some pointers on finding friends and potentially even a lover.)
Allies: Jose Carioca, Lady Olivia & General Yunan, Tiana



Disk Name: “Flower Power"
Disk Effect: Increased Damage to Pierced Enemies

Other Effects:

  1. Isabela and her allies will now deal 10% more damage to enemies who are pierced. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power
  3. +X Armor

Campaign: (Alice has gotten herself in a bit of a pickle with The Queen of Hearts, as her gardens was overrun by creeps and needs to blame someone for the action. In order to not be “off with her head” she needs her to plant all the flowers again. Isabela sees the injustice at hand, and uses her gift to conjure multiple flowers in rapid succession, helping out Alice in the process who at first thinks she can do it all by herself.)
Allies: The Mayor, Celia Mae, Marco Diaz


These concepts are cool! I’m still confused as to why Encanto isn’t in the game yet yes it has badges but no characters also Isabela and Bushroot interacting would be great! Also Bushroot, Negaduck, And Liquidator should be in the game!

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I’m positively sure it will come soon. If Raya can have three characters in their lineup, I am more than sure we will have Encanto reps in here as well. And I REALLY want the rest of the fearsome five in the game so bad!! Darkwing Duck is probably my favorite Disney show ever and it has so much potential with its villains!!


Nice concept

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Nice very nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1::purple_heart::rose:

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