Forumer of the month - April 🃏

We have chosen the Forumer of the month!!

It’s up to YOU now whom of these 6 finalists will become the Forumer of the Month for April!

The nominations have closed and the voting has started!

Welcome back to Forumer of the month! Today, May 1st, we will start to praise the people that made the forums great in April. But first I wish you all a good Labour Day!


This month’s version has some changes in the nomination process, but no changes to the categories. With the feedback of last month in my mind, I think no changes are needed right now. Best Forum-Gamer did manage to convince a small majority of you that it should stay.

The nomination process has some small changes. First of which is that you can not nominate last month’s Forumer of the Month for this month. This was de facto already in place last month, but it is good to mention again here. The second change is that you can’t nominate the winners of each category in the same category again. The reason for this is both to celebrate diverse qualities in Forumers, as well as give the podium to different people for a certain category.

In practice, this means this month you can’t nominate One_Little_Spark at all. Champion_David, Musketeer, TotallyNotDash and Kira can’t be nominated in the category they were nominated in last time (Creative Content Creator, Important Activity, Best Forum-Gamer, and Helpfulness respectively). You can still nominate them in other categories!

What hasn’t changed is that you can nominate a forumer per category. That means you can nominate from 1 up to 5 forumers. You also still have the choice to nominate in public or private via PM. The restriction that someone can only be nominated once remains as well.

These are the categories:

  • Important Activity: Are they coming online enough? Do they post enough? Are their posts relevant and important to the discussion?
  • Best Forum-Gamer: Did they spam in a great way on Forum Heroes? Were their role-play skills beyond belief? Did they push a game on the forums to a new level?
  • Attitude: Are they being nice to other forumers? Are they so funny they made you laugh all the time?
  • Creative Content Creator: Are they exceptional in making concepts? Do they make nice memes? Do they create good stories?
  • Helpfulness: Are they helpful to other users? Will the take their time to help other users?


Polaris: why should they be the former of the month? “Because its polaris and that’s why they should be in category X."
Discobot: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because its discobot and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: Why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."
Player: why should they be the forumer of the month? “Because they play and that’s why they should be in category X."

How do we decide who wins?

There will be a poll. With the five category’s I will put the different choices in the polls and who ever has the most votes wins. Then their will be five people left whoever wins is the forumer of the month.

You do not have to @ the forumer you choose. I don’t want to be responsible for spam.

Please play fair, no alts!

Submissions are open now and close on 10 May at 21:00 CEST / 20:00 BST / 15:00 EDT. The voting in different categories will follow in the days after.


Important Activity

  • Filadae_Djaq
  • Spicyboi
  • TotallyNotDash
  • Myeong

Best Forum-Gamer

  • MissingLure
  • PiratePawp (The_Eavesdropper)
  • Lucas1999
  • LetsGetDangerousBro


  • Commander-Rex
  • Disney_Hope (A-New-Hope )
  • Kira
  • LilRubyKinz
  • Irrer_Minnie

Creative Content Creator

  • Just_Phal
  • Piraculous_Lad
  • Kasicle
  • Musketeer
  • Wilde_Times
  • Zelkiiro
  • Thred


  • Rinoxeronte
  • Pipsqueak
  • Numi_S1
  • Tragic-Magic
  • AbuBakr-Umar

Hall of Fame

Forumer of May 2020 : @LetsGetDangerousBro
Forumer of June 2020 : @Filadae_Djaq
Forumer of October 2020 : @Irrer-Minnie
Forumer of the year 2020
Forumer of February 2021: @Myeong
Forumer of March 2021: @One_Little_Spark


New month, new possibilities. I wonder who I’m going to vote for? Also congratulations on last month @One_Little_Spark , I’ve been dong somting recently and wasnt online to congratulate you. :slight_smile:

My nominations:

Important Activity: @Filadae_Djaq for his constant activity on the forums.

Best Forum-Gamer: @MissingLure for the Danganronpa stuff he does in Forum Heroes. :sweat_smile:

Attitude: @Commander-Rex for his constant fun-loving attitude and how he engages with the forums.

Creative Content Creator: @Just_Phal for his insanely well done concepts for Scarlet’s contest last month.

Helpfulness: @RinoxeRONnte for constantly giving advice on concepts.


Thanks @Myeong for the first nominations!

I didn’t officially open nominations yet, but I don’t know why I didn’t open. Last month it was necessary to wait until the 2nd, but we can actually go ahead and start nominating right away this month!

So nominations are open!

… Whoops. :sweat_smile:

Ok this is good art.

YES! I love this idea.


Not my art though! Just found it on the internet to use it here!

I figured lol, but I love it.


I think this depends on the country… :eyes:



Just to make things complicated:



Oh, I always thought that May 1st as Labour Day was an international holiday.

But maybe it’s more like a European holiday :man_shrugging:


I always thought September 6th was international Labor Day as well :v


Can we add a category for ‘the king memer’ on here please? /j

Technically this category covers memes:


It is in Mexico too

Can someone elaborate on this?



Now I need to keep track of that :weary:


Bumping this to remind everyone you can still nominate!

For Attitude, I would like to nominate @Disney-Hope. They are a lot of fun to talk with.

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