Friend Land ideas today

Hey everyone today I will show you the ideas of the characters I have so far

1 Yoshi
Hal and Bubbles (Angry birds)

2 Meltus (Mixels)
Duck Hunt Duo

3 Melman (Madagascar)
New character Springy Hand and Snake
Chomper (PvZ)

4 Coco and Poliwag
Piranha Plant

And 5 Alex the Lion
Slinky Bull
So uhh what do you guys think about these Characters: note non of them have red Skill

Is this…spam…or… :neutral_face:

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It’s more of a concept collection without any links.

Yoshi/Hal and Bubbles

Meltus/Duck Hunt Duo

Melman/Springy Hand and Snake/Chomper

Coco and Poliwag/Piranha Plant

Alex the Lion/Slinky Bull

@Duck_Hunt_Duo, I hope you don’t mind me sharing the links to your concepts.


Just go to Friend Land ideas part 1 through 5

Thank you for clearing that up. :grin:


I hope that you like my friend Land ideas

Good ideas :bulb:

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