Heimlich Concept (#209)


Description: Another member of PT Flea’s array of clown performers, Heimlich is a jolly lime green caterpillar with a more than substantial appetite. With the dreams and ambitions of one day becoming a majestic butterfly, Heimlich can at least start out fresh with what he has at the moment. After all, a large feast and adequate clown skills are more than enough for the creeps to handle.

Quote: “I hate performing on an empty stomach!”

Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Red


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, Heimlich will eat a leaf, healing himself for X HP and making himself invincible for 5 seconds.

Entrance: Heimlich crunches his way into the arena.

Victory: Heimlich sprouts wings and flies ever so close to the ground.

Defeat: Heimlich will curl up in defeat.


White Skill:
“Pie Flavored Scare”
A pie will be thrown in Heimlich’s direction, hitting him on the head and causing an explosion of jam on every ally, healing them for X HP, and giving them 300 energy. Heimlich will reveal his headless body to the enemies scaring them for 15 seconds before poking his head back up to lick the pie jam, healing himself for X HP, and gaining 3 stacks of hardy.

Green Skill:
“Candy Corn Munch”
Heimlich will pull out a candy corn, as he munches it down, healing himself for X HP, and increasing his shield HP by X and his Max HP by X. He will also give his allies a shield of X HP, and energize them for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill:
When Heimlich reaches 50% of his HP, he will become berserk for 8 seconds as he undergoes a metamorphosis as he gains small wings. After gaining wings, Heimlich will now be able to fly for a short while, as he gains a 10% chance to dodge all attacks for every use. He will have a max of 8 times he can gain dodges.

Purple Skill:
“A Very Hungry Caterpillar”
Once per wave, when Heimlich’s allies fall under 30% of their Max HP, Heimlich will grant them 4 stacks of hardy, as well as making them berserk for 10 seconds and giving them reflect for 6 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Beautiful Butterfly”
After Heimlich transforms into a butterfly from Metamorphosis, his reality will increase by 80%, and will gain a damage reduction to all normal damage of 60% for 6 seconds. Also, Heimlich will grant all backline allies an increase in their skill levels by 25 levels for 8 seconds at the start of each wave.

  • +X Damage from Pound Earthquake
  • +X Armor
  • +X Max HP

Francis & Slim

Disk Name: “The Heimlich Maneuver"
Disk Effect: Metamorphosis Grants Knockback Immunity

Other Effects:

  1. After Heimlich transforms into a butterfly from Metamorphosis, Heimlich will gain an immunity to all knockbacks, and will remove 100 energy when an enemy tries to knock him back. (+100 energy per star level)
  2. +X Healing
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Heimlich has been reunited and welcomed back into the circus bugs, bringing back his title after his fill-in Quackerjack. Heimlich proves his hilarious comedic sketches again with his fellow clowns Francis and Slim, and is granted with more food as a reward for his efforts. It may have been a while for him to come back, but Heimlich has still got his star quality with him!)
Allies: Massimo, Luisa Madrigal, The White Witch

The Mad Hatter


Disk Name: “All-Knowing Insectoid"
Disk Effect: Sap from Pie Flavored Scare

Other Effects:

  1. When Heimlich uses Pie Flavored Scare, the explosion of pie jam will sap all enemies for 2 seconds. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Armor for Heimlich and his Allies
  3. +X Reality for Heimlich and his Allies

Campaign: (As Heimlich is exploring more of the city on his free time, he comes across a huge table with all the food he could ask for! The Mad Hatter and his gang greet Heimlich and invite him for his “unbirthday” party! They also introduce him with another caterpillar with a sophisticated manner, and a knack for alliteration. Heimlich likes these new friends and vibes a whole lot with their crazed yet lackadaisical mindset.)
Allies: Krushauer, Ratigan, Chicha


Great concept :+1:

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Cool! Also he’s getting in Disney Magic Kingdoms soon!

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