Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

Oh, okay. I didn’t read that part.

Forget what I said, @Missing_Lyrics :grin:

Okay, and thanks for looking out for me [Filadae_Djaq]

Yeah, I got time.

I think you meant this, lol

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Here’s my unlikely submission Peni Parker Concept - Unlikely Concept

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Here is my likely submission:

Captain Salazar

My likely submission: Irrer Minnie Submission for the Hollywood Studios Contest!

Here is a question I need an answer to.

Would people like more time to work on submissions or enter in this contest?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not needed

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What is the difference between “No” and “Not Needed”?

I would love that the contest start today or tomorrow, but idk if others need more time.

I’m ready when you are @Imagineer_V. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still not done with Voyd so I’ll need a bit more time

Not needed is like “I am done with my submissions”

No is self explanatory.


Got it. Thanks!

Can you vote in the poll so I can keep track? If a few more people say they need more time I will give an extra week or so.

I still haven’t finished both of my submissions yet. :cold_sweat:

There is a good amount of people who need more time so I will give another week. Things will be due on the 27th.


My Likely submission.

This is my likely submission. Gale - Likely Concept

Got it done, finally!

Voyd Likely Submission

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