Marcy Wu Concept (#115)

Marcy Wu

Description: Promoted by the fellow newts of the prospering city of Newtopia to a chief ranger, Marcy Wu is about as bubbly, inquisitive and clumsy as a leader can get. With her knowledge of geek culture, and her trusty sparrow aiding her, Marcy will bring her intuition as a ranger and apply it to her fellow allies.

Quote: “Anyway, I just role played like your typical artificer rogue and next thing I know, BOOM!! I’m the chief ranger of the Newtopian Knight Guard!””

Role: Control
Position: Back
Team: Blue


Basic Attack: Marcy fires an arrow from her hand crossbow.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Marcy rides down on a zipline from her grappling hook. The rope rips off as Marcy lands face first on the ground, before brushing herself off.

Victory: Marcy will fistbump her arms in the air, as Joe Sparrow flies down and dances.

Defeat: Marcy’s cape will catch on fire as she frantically runs around in a circle.


White Skill:
“Joe Sparrow”
Marcy will snap her fingers and summon her giant bird Joe Sparrow, who will fly in the air and flap his wings, creating a gust of wind that knocks back all enemies and snaring the two closest enemies for 9 seconds. Joe Sparrow will stay on screen flapping his wings for 6 seconds.

Green Skill:
“Molotov Arrow”
Joe Sparrow will swoop in with bags of oil that he drops in the middle of the enemyline, exploding the bags and causing a trail of oil. Marcy will then shoot a fire arrow on the oil, setting off a large fire that stays on screen for 4 seconds that deals X damage over time to any enemy that comes close to it. Joe Sparrow will also swoop back around and knock back the two closest enemies through the fire dealing X damage.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Blue Skill:
“DnD Dice”
Marcy will pull out three DnD dice and throw it up in the air, giving herself and her allies a random buff. These buffs are randomized and have different chances of landing.

  • A 40% chance for an X crit damage increase, X fantastic crit, X evasion, X tenacity.
  • A 30% chance to heal X HP over time for all allies for 6 seconds.
  • A 20% chance for Marcy and her allies to gain a shield of X HP for 7 seconds.
  • A 10% chance for Marcy and her allies to be invincible for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill:
“Intuitive Mindset”
When Marcy or her allies knocks back an enemy, they will be cleansed of all of their debuffs, gain X basic damage and will become precise for 5 seconds. Marcy will also study all allies for 8 seconds. The precise will have a chance to fail against allies above level X.

Red Skill:
“Resorceful and Reckless Ranger”
When Marcy gets hit by a crit, she will gain 5 stacks of determination, and gain a 70% chance to dodge all attacks for 7 seconds. Also once per wave, Marcy and her allies will gain a 100% increase in their attack and movement speed when they land a crit.

  • +X Damage over time from Molotov Arrow
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP

DT17 Gosalyn

Disk Name: “Ranger in Training"
Disk Effect: Reflect After Cleanses
Other Effects:

  1. When Marcy cleanses a debuff, she will gain reflect for 2 seconds. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Armor
  3. +X Reality

Campaign: (Marcy is doing her daily duties as a ranger, whilst also researching more about the new city and its strange oddities. She comes across DT17 Gosalyn and is surprised to find out that despite her age, she is a master at crossbow training and can even perform tricks! The two find a lot in common in each other, with Gosalyn being addicted to a new RPG game called Vagabondia Chronicles, which is Marcy’s all-time favorite game!! They ultimately give each other their numbers and vow to both practice their skills and hang out toghther!!)
Allies: Mirabel Madrigal, Russell & Kevin, Franny Robinson

Jake (Rescuers Down Under)

Disk Name: “Chess n’ Checkers"
Disk Effect: Joe Sparrow Stuns Knockbacked Enemies
Other Effects:

  1. When Marcy knocks back enemies with Joe Sparrow, enemies will be stunned for three seconds, and have their movement speed reduced by 16% (+16% per star level)
  2. +X Skill Power to Marcy and her allies
  3. +X Reality to Marcy and her allies

Campaign: (Jake has made quite a hobby for himself in the game of checkers, so much so that he has found himself in a tournament. He knows the competition will be tough, so he needs to find someone that can help him get even better. He ultimately calls upon Marcy Wu to be his tutor who is ecstatic to learn more about the creatures from the Outback. While she was actually the head of the chess club, she uses her knowledge of another similar game from Amphibia known as Flip Wart, to ultimately give advice and help Jake stand a chance.)
Allies: Sasha Waybright, Mulan, Lucy Pevensie


Nice very nice :slightly_smiling_face::+1::black_heart::blue_heart:


Great concept of Marcy Wu.


Great concept! :+1:


Thank you so much!!! She’s by far my favorite out of the calamity trio!!



Nice concept that will be cool if she was the first to get added


She is definitely a popular character by fans, but I would honestly think Anne or one of the plantar members would be the first to be added. Marcy would be better as a second or third choice. But out of all the characters of Amphibia, Marcy is definitely the character I want to see the most!!



Good hero concepts! Amphibia characters should really be in Disney Heroes Battle Mode!

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