Morgana Macawber Concept (#137)

Morgana Macawber

Description: Translyvania is the epicenter for the famed Macawber Manor, and of the members that descended from there was Morgana Macawber. Originally a criminal, she later reformed her ways and even managed to hit it off as girlfriend to the one and only Darkwing Duck! Spellcasting and her ties to the dream world are only a mere fraction of what Morgana can accomplish.

Quote: “And now, with the city asleep, I’ll finally be able to steal enough money to pay off my student loans!"

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Red



Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, Morgana will call on the demon ruler of the dream world Nodoff to throw some sleeping sand on the closest enemy, decreasing their attack speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

Entrance: Morgana elegantly teleports and makes her entrance to her position on the arena.

Victory: Morgana puts on some lipstick and smiles.

Defeat: Morgana glares in anger at her defeat.


White Skill:
“Nodoff’s Sleeping Sand”
Nodoff will give Morgana a large sack of sleeping sand that she throws onto every enemy, slowing their attack and movement speed by 90% for 10 seconds. After four seconds after Morgana uses this skill, all enemies will be stunned and snared for 8 seconds. The slow will have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill:
“Frigid Spell”
Morgana will try to perform a freezing spell on the closest enemy, but accidentally misfires and hits the two enemies behind them, freezing them and making them take X damage over time for 7 seconds.
(Damage Type: True)

Blue Skill:
“Eek and Squeak”
Morgana will command her two bats Eek and Squeak to target the two enemies with the most energy, as each bat will circle around the respective enemy, giving them three stacks of weakness and hexing them for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill:
“Sweet Dreams”
When Morgana uses her passive or Nodoff’s Sleeping Sand, enemies will be cursed for 6 seconds, and Morgana and her allies will be immune to slows for 8 seconds. The curse will have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill:
“Translyvania’s Virtuoso”
At the start of each wave, two random enemies will be dealt X true damage over time for 5 seconds, and will also be shattered and have their reality reduced by 50%. Also, Morgana and her allies will gain a 100% attack speed boost if an enemy tries to debuff them.

  • +X Damage from Frigid Spell
  • +X Reality
  • +X Max HP



Disk Name: “My Valentine Ghoul"
Disk Effect: Debuff Absorption

Other Effects:

  1. When an enemy is debuffed, Morgana will absorb that debuff without affecting her instead. She will then apply that debuff to all enemies for 2 seconds. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Reality lost by enemies
  3. +X Max HP

Campaign: (Morgana and Darkwing have a heated argument with each other, and the two separate for the time being, which gives Negaduck the perfect chance to gain her affection. Morgana senses deja vu all over again, and finally stands up to Negaduck, attempting to punish him for his advances. Ultimately Darkwing saves her, and the two team up reuniting with each other and taking down Negaduck a peg or two.)
Allies: Kanga & Roo, Pheobus, Mabel Pines

Eda Clawthorne

Disk Name: “Bad Girl Coven"
Disk Effect: Curse from Frigid Spell

Other Effects:

  1. When enemies are frozen by Frigid Spell, they will be cursed for 7 seconds and have their healing reduced by 10% (+5% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP to all allies
  3. +X Reality to all allies

Campaign: (Eda has been thinking about starting an alliance of witches known as the Bad Girl Coven, the namesake by her own image, and acting as a rebellious group of misunderstood yet good hearted witches. Morgana Macawber hears word of this, and wants to join Eda and help her find recruits. They have a bit of difficulty with finding the right kinds of witches for recruiting. Madam Mim, Magica De Spell, the Sanderson Sisters; all bad to the bone… They ultimately scrap the idea of an alliance and just stick to being a duo.)
Allies: Dr. Calico, Disgust, Candace & Stacy


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