Ember Lumen Concept (#146)

Ember Lumen

Description: Migrating from their home country in Fireland, Ember Lumen and her family have worked their hardest to keep their convenience store in Element City running. Overtime, Ember discovered more about herself, branching away from her traditional beliefs and was able to find a loving partner and a successful job in glassmaking. With her intricate glass sculptures and her rather difficult temper control, Ember will make the most out of what she can accomplish.

Quote: “The only way to repay a sacrifice so big is by sacrificing your life too."

Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Ember is immune to all shatters and will give two stacks of weakness to any enemy that tries to shatter her for 9 seconds. Instead of attacking, Ember will create a melted glass orb, healing herself for X HP.

Entrance: Ember drives her motorcycle into the arena.

Victory: Ember will light some fireworks.

Defeat: Ember loses her temper and turns purple.


White Skill:
“Kerosine Blockade”
Ember will pull out a kerosine can and spray it on the ground, as she steps into it and becomes a wall of fire for 3 seconds. Enemies that are close to Ember will be dealt X damage over time and lose X armor and reality over time. If an enemy is knocked through Ember in this form, they will be dealt X damage over time, lose 400 energy, and will gain four stacks of weakness.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Green Skill:
“Explosive Temper”
When Ember gets hit by crits, she will turn purple as she tries to control her temper. After three crits landed, Ember will let out her anger as a large flame goes through the enemyline dealing X damage, reducing their tenacity by X, and removing all of their buffs.
(Damage Type: True)

Blue Skill:
“Melting Glass Creation”
Ember will use her fire to create a glass vase from the surface. She will present the vase to her allies, healing them for X HP and giving them reflect for two seconds. Ember herself will also heal X HP and gain reflect for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill:
“See-Through Spectacle”
Everytime Ember makes a glass orb, she will gain reflect and a 30% damage reduction for 5 seconds and reflect for 2 seconds. She will also gain X max HP and X tenacity.

Red Skill:
“Blazing a Bright Trail”
When Ember reaches 20% of her HP, she will become invincible for 8 seconds and will instantly use Explosive Temper which will deal 25% more damage. Also, when an ally has a stack of hardy active, Ember will grant them energize for 6 seconds.

  • +X Damage from Explosive Temper
  • +X Skill power
  • +X Armor

Wade Ripple

Disk Name: “Through Fire & Water"
Disk Effect: Kerosine Blockade Lasts Longer
Other Effects:

  1. Ember’s Wall of Fire form from Kerosine Blockade lasts one second longer. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Damage from Kerosine Blockade
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (Ember is finally reunited with her nurturing and extremely unlikely partner Wade Ripple who has been missing her company ever since he came into the new city. In usual Wade fashion, he cries in joy for her return and Ember can’t help but feel “warm” inside to see him in the flesh! The two take a nice stroll in the city and have a nice date together.)
Allies: Captain Hook, Morgana Mccawber, Elizabeth Swann

Daisy Duck


Disk Name: “Double Date"
Disk Effect: Glass Orbs Grants Shields
Other Effects:

  1. When Ember constructs a Glass Orb, the ally with the least amount of HP will be given a shield of X HP for 7 seconds and will be healed 10% of Ember’s HP. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Shield HP
  3. +X Armor

Campaign: (Ember has made friends with Daisy Duck and the two have a fun idea they want to try out together. For one day, they will switch their boyfriends and hang out with the other’s lover. Overall, Ember relates so much to Donald Duck mostly for his temper, and Daisy is more than flattered for Wade’s flattery and sensitive side! The two plan do more of these special outings for fun!)
Allies: Kanga & Roo, Baloo, Gus Porter


Great Concept :+1:


Nice concept!!:+1::+1:


Nice Concept!


Great concept! Love the friendship campaigns!!


This was well worth the wait. Can’t wait to see which character you have a concept planned for next.


Oh believe me. I got so many more in mind for the future! Even super obscure picks in there too! :wink:


Like Aladar, Suri, and Plio from Dinosaur??

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I haven’t seen dinosaur yet… but no movie or tv show is off the hook because I haven’t seen it yet! So who knows!

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This is good, might see this coming to the game soon but what do I know. (That was a rhetorical question)

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