Question about allowed and non allowed toons

@Loutre , @Nugget … I know you say there is a list of toons Disney says you can’t use for this game. I was wondering if you can list which ones here if possible as curious if Roger Rabbit is among that list. Between the judge, Rodger, weasels, Jessica rabbit, baby Herman, Benny the cab, and Eddie Valiente… there is plenty to choice from and make a full collection off of in my opinion.

We can’t really give you any information like that and don’t want to really fully say no to anyone because we have been told no before only to have that change. We’ve also had the opposite where we’ve been told yes and then been told no later.

Things that I don’t feel will change, but have been told no that I know we’ve mentioned before are Cars and High School Musical. That is all I will say.


I only can guess it might be (one of them) Edna Mode as she was added to another game.

Great to know.

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Ok I can appreciate this as the response , thanks

because the Disney doesn´t have rights or they are too big? :thinking:

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They’re too big and scaling cannot work.


Why not simply reduce their size so they don’t take half of the screen?
The size doesn’t necessarily has to be 100% accurate: Toy Story for example, it’s supposed to be small toys, yet they are the same size as humans in the game.

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