The Liquidator Concept (#11)

The Liquidator

Description: Once a corrupted business man, an accident with a tainted vat, turned Bud Flud into a living embodiment of water. He uses his new powers both as offense and defense against his enemies.

Quote: “This is the ultimate form of advertising. Would you rather drink my pure mountain magic or a big fat monkey brain?”

Role: Front
Position: Tank
Team: Red


Basic Attack: The Liquidator fires a blast of scalding water.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: A figure wearing a trench coat walks into the arena. It overflows with water revealing The Liquidator.

Victory: The Liquidator drinks his patented water bottle.

Defeat: The Liquidator folds his hands and looks away.


White Skill:
“Surf’s Up”
The Liquidator rides a wave through the enemy line dealing X damage and knocks them back. Enemies have their attack speed and movement speed reduced by 25% for 13 seconds.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Green Skill:
“H20 Modification”
The Liquidator shape shifts his paw into a hammer and whacks the closest enemy dealing X damage and knocking them back. The Liquidator also gains X HP based on the remaining health of the enemy.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Blue Skill:
“Passive Puddle”
The Liquidator dodges a melee attack and turns into a puddle. As a puddle, Liquadator dodges all attacks for 4 seconds and gains a shield with X HP for 15 seconds after he transforms back into his real form.

Purple Skill:
“Aquatic Tycoon”
When the Liquidator uses Surf’s Up for the first time, allies regenerate X HP for 8 seconds.

Red Skill:
“New and Improved!”
When the Liquidator has stacks of hardy, he gains 100 energy for every basic attack. Also, the Liquadator’s chance to dodge attacks is increased by 15%.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Shield HP



Disk Name: “Scald of the Ocean”
Disk Effect: Passive Puddle also Shields Ally

Other Effects:

  1. Passive Puddle gives the ally with the lowest HP a shield with X HP that lasts for 10 seconds. (+1 second per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Shield HP

Campaign: (Moana needs to think of a creative way to apprehend The Liquidator, as his temperature changing abilities render her control of the ocean useless).
Allies: Asha, Megavolt, Davy Jones

Honey Lemon


Disk Name: “Hydrogen Observations”
Disk Effect: H20 Modifications Removes Buffs

Other Effects:

  1. H20 Modifications now has a 10% chance to remove one active buff from an enemy. (+10% per star level)
  2. +X Damage from H20 Modification
  3. +X Basic Damage
  4. +X Skill Damage

Campaign: (After retrieving a sample of Bud Flud’s liquid, Honey Lemon, through DNA testing is surprised to learn about how the Liquidator became the mutant he is today).
Allies: Hiro, Thackery Binx, Randall


Great concept, as always!


Reject Mountain magic
Return Big Fat Monke Brain

And about the concept quite good, very good

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