Update 1.17.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.17.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.17.10 Update! Mulan and Li Shang come charging in from Disney’s Mulan.


  • New! heroes Mulan and Li Shang from Disney’s Mulan!
  • Improvements to City Watch matchmaking, Cosmetic Collections, and Challenger Seasons!
  • Bug Fixes!



Mulan is a front-line “Damage” hero. Mulan will be the May Sign-In Hero on Servers 1-22!


Fireworks Frenzy
Mulan calls in a volley of fireworks to hit all enemies, dealing damage per rocket and blinding enemies hit.

Cannon Attack
At the beginning of each wave, Mulan launches a firework at the farthest enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.

Fan Out
Mulan dodges a melee attack and counters with her fan, granting her a shield.

A Little Luck
While Mulan has a shield, her normal crit chance is increased.

Honorable Warrior
While shielded, Mulan is immune to blinds and her attack speed is increased.


  • Mulan and Bo Peep
  • Mulan and Colette

Li Shang


Li Shang is a front-line ”Support” hero. Li Shang will only be available in Diamond Crates on Servers 1-17!


Raging Fire
Passive: Li Shang starts battle in his heal stance, healing himself with each basic attack and healing allies for a percent of what he heals himself. Li Shang also gains armor while in this stance.

Active: The player chooses which stance Li Shang switches to, giving himself and allies a shield and dealing damage to nearby enemies. While on auto, Li Shang will switch between all available stances.

Coursing River
Li Shang fights in his speed stance, increasing his attack speed and increasing his allies’ attack speeds. Li Shang also gains basic damage while in this stance.

Great Typhoon
Li Shang fights in his energy stance, increasing the amount of energy he gains and giving allies energy with each of his basic attacks. Li Shang also gains reality while in this stance.

Down To Business
Li Shang’s allies gain a percent of the armor, basic damage, or reality he gets from each stance while the stance is active.

Discipline and Strength
When Li Shang uses “Raging Fire”, he and his allies receive stacks of hardy. Allies receive a percent of the increases to armor, basic damage, or reality of the stances Li Shang is not using.


  • Li Shang and Mulan
  • Li Shang and Kristoff & Sven

Hero Refreshes

It’s time for 1.17.10 so it must be time for another Hero Refresh! With this update we’ve decided to refresh The Genie and WALL-E!


Genie is a Control hero that relies heavily on his powerful white skill, providing healing, energy, and invincibility to allies with it. The changes we’ve made to The Genie give him greater support potential and synergy with heroes who have heal over time skills such as Yax, Ralph, or Miguel. We also powered up his Memory Disks to give him greater synergy with allies who freeze or grant shields.

Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Three Wishes
Genie grants 3 wishes, healing the 3 weakest allies over time.

  • Increased amount of HP healed
  • This skill now heals allies over time instead of in a single instance

Genie turns a random enemy into an object, stunning them. When the target reverts to their normal form they are dealt damage.

  • Increased damage
  • Increased stun duration

Cosmic Power
Genie’s 2nd wish now grants invincibility in addition to healing. Genie’s 3rd wish now grants energy in addition to healing.

  • Increased invincibility duration
  • Increased energy granted
  • The effects of Genie’s purple skill have been moved to his blue skill

The attack speeds of Genie and allies are increased when they are being healed over time.

  • Genie’s purple skill now increases himself and allies’ attack speeds while they are being healed over time

Genie’s Memory Disks

"Break the Ice" from Elsa

  • Increased basic damage per memory disk level
  • Increased freeze chance per memory disk star level
  • Increased freeze duration per memory disk star level
  • “Break the Ice” now also has a chance to freeze enemies when Genie is damaged

"Strike Rich" from Mike Wazowski

  • Increased skill power per memory disk level
  • Increased shield HP per memory disk star level
  • “Strike Rich” now grants allies reality while they have a shield


Our other hero slated for a Hero Refresh this update is WALL-E! WALL-E is a Control hero with a variety of debuffs and a hero who excels in providing his allies with energy. Our changes to WALL-E increase this synergy potential as well as making him an effective counter to enemies who sap such as Flynn Rider, Captain Hook, or Eeyore.


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


WALL-E flies through enemies with a fire extinguisher. Enemies are damaged and frozen for a duration.

  • Increased freeze duration
  • Increased damage

Solar Power
WALL-E uses his solar panel to grant allies energy and blinds enemies.

  • Increased energy granted
  • Increased blind duration

WALL-E creates a garbage box and pushes it at the closest enemy, damaging them and knocking them back

  • Increased damage

WALL-E grants energy to allies at the start of each wave. WALL-E also blocks an amount of sap debuffs applied to himself and allies each wave.

  • Increased energy granted each wave
  • WALL-E also blocks an amount of saps per wave for himself and allies

WALL-E’s Memory Disks

"Rusty Sidekick" from Dash

  • Increased skill power per memory disk level
  • Increased disable length to WALL-E and allies per memory disk star level
  • Allies now gain energy when they disable an enemy per memory disk star level

"Legacy Hardware" from Kevin Flynn

  • Increased skill power per memory disk level
  • WALL-E now grants allies basic damage the more energy they have

Other Improvements

  • City Watch Matchmaking Improvements (Servers 2 & 22 only)
    • Matchmaking will now look for opponent lineups with more variety. This should result in fewer meta lineups. Scaling will be applied to any lineups to bring them to the correct difficulty level for the player.
  • Hero Power Changes (Servers 2 & 22 only)
    • We are changing the way badges factor into the hero power calculation. It will now be determined by the rarity of the badge. Players may see the power of their heroes increase or decrease due to this change. This change was made in order to make power calculations more uniform across heroes (old and new), and help improve City Watch matchmaking.
  • Cosmetics Collections Improvements
    • Made Cosmetic Reward Leveling Up go up to 40 times faster!
      • Decreased the number of points it takes to gain levels - it now takes 4 times fewer points to level up!
      • Increased the amount of points granted for duplicates gained from Cosmetic Crates by 10x! This is not retroactive, but we will be sending players some Cosmetic Crates after the update
      • Increased most of the Collection Set rewards by up to 2x (legendary and rare cosmetics are now worth 2.5x and 2x the points respectively)
      • Adjusted the bonus stats for each level to account for the large increase in possible levels
    • Added information to the Cosmetic Crates about cosmetic rarity drop rates
    • New Hero Emojis!
      • Jafar, The Queen of Hearts, The Beast, Launchpad McQuack, Gizmoduck, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Rafiki, Kevin Flynn, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Magica De Spell
    • New NPC avatars!
      • Blue Ninja, Purple Ninja, Brute, Cannon, Blue Mage, Purple Mage, Blue Blob, Purple Blob, Automatic Turret, Robot, Skeleton, Purple Ghoul, Blue Ghoul, Blue Bug, Purple Bug, Thief, Blue Hoverbot, Purple Hoverbot, Tank Hunter, Control Hunter, Damage Hunter, Support Hunter, Chomp Chest, Blue Mecharaptor, Purple Mecharaptor, Blue Purrickly Pear, Purple Purrickly Pear, Rapscallion, Coldsnapper, DOT Goblin
  • Challenger Seasons Improvements
    • Daily rewards will be received if a player has made an attack in the past 7 days, even if an attack has not been made in the current season week (which always starts and ends on Monday).
    • Keys are now automatically applied to player inventories daily, even if they don’t open the game.
    • Bonus changes. Please note these changes will not apply to day 1 of this new season, and we will be granting extra fight chances to make up for the missed day. You can read the full details here.
      • If you win a fight within 15 seconds, you’ll now earn some bonus points. This should help give you more points against intentionally weak defending teams.
      • Bonus points for damaging enemies are now averaged based on the size of the enemy lineup. This means you’ll be able to earn more points against defenses with few heroes.
  • Badge Booster Crates are smarter now
    • Crates have been adjusted to prevent massive numbers of duplicates
    • Crates will now filter out lower rarity badges if you’re at a high team level
    • If you don’t have many equipable badges, crates can grant badges for the next rarity of the heroes, but will still exclude badges for the current server rarity cap.
    • Badge tokens now have a chance to drop when you don’t have many badges you need.
  • Added Guild Level 5 emblems
  • More Mod Upgrade pieces will be added to Invasion Tier Rewards in future Invasions
  • In Creep Surge and City Watch, when a player hires a mercenary, it will automatically be added to the player lineup.
    • Note if your lineup is already full, the mercenary will not be added.
  • New Perk: VIP7 Removed the cooldown when attacking Port and Trials
  • Added a push notification for Challenger Seasons weekly updates

Bug Fixes

  • Heroes
    • Fixed a bug with Gizmoduck’s red skill where it was not healing allies over time.
    • Syndrome’s memory disk will now block Pooh’s slow
    • Syndrome now targets the enemy closest to the center of the screen with “Probe Scan”
    • Fixed an issue with Powerline where he could stop doing skill damage or blinds if he KO’d opponents in the previous wave with those same skills.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Accept the Challenge” daily quest from being completed
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing opponents in City Watch to have red skills when they were not yet red rarity
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a player’s hero to be marked as used in Creep Surge when a player used a hired mercenary
  • Fixed an issue with legacy ranking sorting in Challenger Seasons
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing power crafting from counting toward the Normal Campaign daily quest.
  • Fixed an error that was causing the Port and Trials to say “Come back a different day.” when all modes were open.
  • Fixed an issue where player avatars would change when they logged out.
  • Fixed an issue in Invasion where damage done would display as 2.15B even if more damage was done to the boss
  • Fixed several crashes and performance issues

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes moving out of Crates will appear in the Elite Campaign unless otherwise noted.

Servers 1-17 Update

New Hero

  • Li Shang will only be available in Diamond Crates

Servers 18-20 Update

New Heroes

Servers 21-22 Update

New Heroes

  • Winnie the Pooh will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Powerline will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Eeyore will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Tigger will be available in the Elite Campaign

Nice update! We got some Mulan characters and a Genie refresh. :grin:

But is Li Shang’s portrait not transparent?


omggg Mulan finally sksks


You choose the shirtless version… Why?


Let’s get down to business to get Mulan and Shang!


Uh… quite early to announce sign-in hero.


Too early for the sign in


Yay! I’m so glad Wall-E got a refresh!

Elsa might just have a new teammate :slightly_smiling_face:


This wasn’t the Other Boss battle bot for invasion?


Could he able to self-heal after refresh? :eyes:


It’s really nice we’re getting Pooh and Friends so fast in server 21-22, but there are a few characters that are getting behind like Miss Piggy, Animal and Linguini. Are we ever going to get them?


I have questions about these Hero Refreshes.

  • How are these two Hero Refreshes viable in any situation?
  • Which mode works best for them?
  • What is a good counter when using them?

Mulan and Li Shang!
Pooh emojis!


What’s good is that we can even use creeps as an avatar. Isn’t that awesome?


So… is Genie still unable to heal himself or…?


It is finally here!!!


No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!


They’ll never come

Also, Li Shang’s pic looks weird…


Oh yeah, we are finally celebrating The Chinese culture with new Mulan characters.


@Polaris for the pvp challenge, wont heroes like hades will be a problem? He can stall more longer than 15 secs so i do not know if players will use him as their 1 hero defend and prevent teams to earn the 2 bonus objective.

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