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Sorry for the long break. More concepts are coming soon!!

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Added Liam to the list!

Added Bryce to the list!

  • Gelatin
  • Firey
  • Mary Lou
  • Jared

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Who’s next? Y’all’s pick!
Vote closes 2/26 or when the tie is broken.

Firey is chosen. Concept coming soon!

Firey added to the list! Poll for next concept is on the Firey concept!


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Added Gelatin to the list!

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Added Karen Reynolds to the list!

( I couldn’t find a gif )

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Nori and Reachy added to the list!

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Four & X added to the list! IMG_1085

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Jackie Fuchs added to the list!

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Tennis Ball added to the list! image

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Gaty added to the list!

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GPS added to the list!

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Spraypaint & Mouse added to the list! image

You are doing wonderful.

Might I suggest a few franchise s for you to be inspired by?

(NOTE: these are only suggestions. You don’t have to pick any, but it would make me happy.)

Murder Drones (Notable units. N, Uzi, Doll, Nori and Yeva)
The amazing digital circus (notable units, Pomni, Caine, Jax and gangle, kinger and zooble,)
Indigo park (notable characters, Rambley and Ed, Molly macaw)
Deltarune/undertale (Notable units, Spamton g spamton, papyrus, sans, annoying dog, Queen, King, Noel, and Rules card)
MINCED (Chuck steak and Silas sausage)
And Internecion cube. :stuck_out_tongue: (Ic:on)

Charger Block & Crown added to the list! image

Why can’t you do them?

I have to be honest, I am faced with wiki bullying that has Made me too worried. No one likes my concepts anymore. Also have you researched these yet? You are doing great! Ps. and minced technically has animated meat. I hope you researched, I can’t wait to see if you do them soon. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to anything now, Maybe just do Donut from Bfb I really want to see the twinkle of contagion in a concept.

I’ll add Donut to my list. I can imagine a move set with him.

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