A Lover of Song and Dance (Unlikely Concept)

Name: Libby Folfax

Quote: “YEAH!! Here we go, here we go.”

Description: This girl is ready to dance with some enemies, in hopes that enemies fall to her moves, and allies applaud her moves.

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Team: Red

Basic Attack: Libby slaps the enemy.

Victory: Raises her hands and moves her hips side to side.
Libby Victory

Defeat: Groans and yells in defeat.
Libby Defeat

White Skill: Let’s Dance
The player chooses one of three dance for Libby to Dance to.

L Dance #1
Dance 1: Libby stuns all enemies for 10 seconds and deals X fantastic damage.

L Dance #2
Dance #2: Libby saps the closest 3 enemies and deals X normal damage.

L Dance #3
Dance #3: Libby silences all enemies for 15 seconds and deals X fantastic damage.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

While on auto, Libby will alternate between Dance #1, #2, #3, and repeats this for the rest of the wave,
These disables have a chance to fail if the enemies are above level X.

Green Skill: Lookin’ Stylish
Libby Skill #2
Libby strikes a pose, charming the closest enemy and increasing their attack speed by 250% for 12 seconds.

The charm & speed increase have a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Blue Skill: Keyboard Concerto
Libby Skill #3
Libby pulls out her keyboard and plays a tune, healing herself and the weakest ally for X HP. She then proceeds to deal X damage and silence the enemy for 12 seconds after she heals her ally.

Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Purple Skill: Dancing Diva
When Libby finishes her dances, allies receive the following bonuses:

  • After Libby stuns enemies from Dance 1, Libby uses 60% of her basic damage as armor towards allies.

  • After Libby saps enemies from Dance 2, Libby uses 40% of the enemies’ energy stolen towards her allies, giving them 500 energy.

  • After Libby silences enemies from Dance 3, Libby uses 70% of their max HP as damage over time over 8 seconds.

Red Skill: Funky Jam Dance Party
Libby Skill #5

When silenced allies are either stunned, charmed, or sapped, Libby steals up to 2 active buffs from enemies towards herself.

Libby’s allies also deal 10785890 bonus damage to Silenced enemies.

The buff removal has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Battle Badge:

Is Charged When: Silence is applied to 3 enemies

+X Skill Power
+X Reality per Tank Hero

  • Team Heal (30% healed for allies)


Libby Folfax/Cindy Vortex

Disk Name: Girl’s Night Out

Disk Symbol: A mannequin in a funky dress

Campaign Title: Malls, Monsters, and More

Campaign Description: Cindy and Libby try to enjoy a fun trip to the City mall, but they have to avoid a bunch of creeps, and get out of the way of a hair-brained scheme by Randall.

Allies: Randall, Angel, Kim Possible

Charm Enemies on Speed Boost

  • Charmed enemies lose X reality

  • Charmed enemies lose X armor

  • Whenever enemies gain a speed boost, Libby Folfax gains a 20% (+20% per star level) chance to charm enemies with a speed boost for 2 (+2 seconds per star level) seconds

Libby Folfax/Powerline

Disk Name: Backstage Pass

Disk Symbol: A concert ticket that reads “VIP”

Campaign Title: DJ Disaster

Campaign Description: Powerline hires Libby to be a personal DJ for his next big concert.

Allies: Clawhauser, Jimmy Neutron, Minnie Mouse

"Keyboard Concerto" gives Hardy to allies

  • +X Max HP to Libby Folfax and allies

  • +X Skill Power per Red Team ally

  • After Libby heals with “Keyboard Concerto”, Libby gives all allies 3 stacks of “Hardy”. Each stack of hardy blocks a debuff from being applied and is then removed. When a stack of “Hardy” is removed, Libby heals all allies for 50% (+50% more HP per star level) of their Max HP.


I’m happy that I worked on this concept, It was so much fun! Who would you like to see next on Concepts by Chamelia? Let me know in the comments below!

What do you all think of this concept?
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Remember, if you have any questions for me regarding my concept or future ideas, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks, and have a nice day!

What show/movie is she from?

It looks like Jimmy Neutron graphics,but is that what she’s from?

Libby Folfax is from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

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Thought so,it’s a sweet concept tho

I’m glad you like it! What parts are your favorite?

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Just the overall concept,it’s entertaining :slight_smile:

I love the insane charms and memory disks. Which disk would you work for if you could choose?

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I do like her White and Blue Skills tho

Id go with the Powerline Disk

The hardy should remain very useful, so make sure you partner her with heroes like Belle, Tron & Linguini so you can have amazing effects and heals. For me, I would go for her Cindy disk, because it would make for a great counter towards heroes who rely on speed boost, like Animal, Goofy, and Li Shang.

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