A Super-Powered Mind and a Mechanical Canine (unlikely concept)

Name: Jimmy Neutron & Goddard
Quote: “Gotta Blast!”

Description: This boy genius, along with his loyal dog, Goddard, use their various gadgets and gizmos to control and damage enemies on the battlefield.

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Stars: :star: :star:

Team: Red

Basic Attack: Jimmy shoots a laser from his watch, while Goddard shoots a laser from his mouth.

Entrance: Flies down on Goddard, and set onto the ground, like the end of the Jimmy Neutron intro.

Victory: Jimmy smiles to the camera, while Goddard dances.
Jimmy Victory
Goddard Victory

Defeat: Goddard runs away, in which Jimmy holds onto him, running out of the screen like the end of the intro.

White Skill: Play Dead!
J&G Skill 1
Passive: Goddard enters battle with Jimmy, dealing 650,000 damage with each hit.
Active: Jimmy instructs Goddard to play dead, causing him to blow up near the battlefield at the closest enemies, dealing X damage to nearby enemies and himself. Shortly after, his parts come together and heals himself for X HP.
Damage Type: :fist: Normal Damage

Green Skill: Shrink Ray
J&G Skill 2
Jimmy pulls out his shrink ray and shrinks the enemy with the highest evasion, shrinking them for 12 seconds and reduces their Max HP, Skill Power, and Evasion by 90%. Once they are back to normal, they are dealt X damage.
The shrink has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.
Damage Type: :sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Blue Skill: Brain Blast

Once per wave, when Jimmy reaches below 60% of his Max HP, he thinks of a solution on how to defeat the enemy of the same role that last damaged him.

*Tank: Jimmy deals a percent of their max HP and basic damage as bonus damage towards disabled enemies.

*Damage: Enemies now receive 2 stacks of “Weakness” when damaged by “Play Dead!”

*Control/Support: Enemies now take damage over time after “Shrink Ray” over 6 seconds.

Purple Skill: Genius Behind the Genius
Enemies damaged by “Play Dead” are now blinded for 10 seconds.
The blind has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Red Skill: Big Brain
Jimmy Neutron is always “precise”. Precise heroes can target invisible heroes and their attacks cannot be dodged or evaded. When Goddard is healed by “Play Dead” he gains 750 energy and 5 stacks of Hardy.

Battle Badge:

Is Charged When: Blind is applied to 5 enemies

+X Basic Damage
+X Reality per Red Team Hero

  • +40 Evasion


Jimmy Neutron & Goddard/Bunsen & Beaker

  • Disk Name: Final Exam

  • Disk Symbol: A vial with the Jimmy Neutron symbol on it.

Campaign Title: Science Affair

Description: The City Science Fair is coming up, so Jimmy must come up with a new invention to impress everyone. For help, he turns to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

Allies: Wasabi, Yzma, Kevin Flynn

Energize after "Play Dead"

  • +X Skill Power

*+X Armor to Jimmy Neutron & Goddard

  • When Goddard heals with “Play Dead”, Jimmy makes himself and allies Energized for 3 seconds. (+3 seconds per star) Allies Energized by Jimmy gain 65 energy when they basic attack.

Jimmy Neutron & Goddard/Honey Lemon

  • Disk Name: Fowl Play

  • Disk Symbol: A ray gun that’s shaped like a rubber chicken.

Campaign Title: The Great Egg-scape

Description: When the Yolkians arrive in the City and take away Hiro Hamada (who the Yolkians think is Jimmy Neutron), Honey Lemon turns to Jimmy & Goddard as they must work together to rescue Hiro.

Allies: Captain Amelia, Slinky Dog, Pleakley

Shrink “Most Wanted” Enemy

  • +X Max HP

  • -X Skill Power whenever they are blinded

  • When Jimmy uses “Shrink Ray”, he will prefer to target the “Most Wanted” enemy; this skill lasts 2 seconds longer (+2 per star level). The “most wanted” enemy is the enemy who has dealt the most damage thus far.


Cindy Vortex
Carl Wheezer


Welcome to the forums! If you don’t mind, I have some feedback to give you.

Based on the way this is worded, does this mean that Goddard has his own HP stat (kind of like Sven does with Kristoff)? If so, you should probably include that in a passive description (again, like Kristoff & Sven).

How much is their Max HP, Skill Power, and Evasion reduced by? Is it a percentage or a set value (in which case, you would need to add another couple of variables)?

“As bonus damage”… to what? Generally, the term “bonus damage” refers to additional damage on an already damaging attack. You could just say “as damage” instead.

Also, what is the exact percentage? And does it apply to both the HP and Basic Damage stats, or is it a different percentage of each stat?

How many stacks of Weakness? This is not something that should increase with Skill level, especially since enemies can only have a maximum of 5 stacks of Weakness anyways in the actual game.

Over how much time exactly? 6 seconds? 10 seconds? Give an exact amount of time.

These also should be set values instead of variables.

Also, you’re missing the 3 stat boosts that Red Skills give.

How much extra Energy does Jimmy get while Energized? It changes with every character in the game, so you’ll have to give a set value.

Check out Imagineer’s concept making guide for more help: A Guide to Making Character Concepts

But good start!


I fixed everything up so I can include those variables. Hope you like them. Who would you like to see a concept of next? I’m going to be starting Concepts by Chamelia. I have a couple of neat concepts coming your way so stay tuned!

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Honestly, I’m down to see whatever concepts you decide on making next!

Oh, one last formatting tip: to separate your skills and make the concept easier to read, use lines. You can make them using three asterisks in a row, like this: ***, but on their own line.

Thanks for the feedback! It really helped me out to make a good concept. I’m going to be posting hero concepts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So stay tuned, because on Monday, I’ve got a concept that makes everything awesome.

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Whoa… I admire your work ethic, but be careful not to burn yourself out trying to uphold that release schedule.

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