Arlo & Spot Concept (#190)

Arlo & Spot



Description: Severely frightened by most things, including chickens, Arlo is the youngest and smallest of his Apatosauros hatchlings in his family of corn farmers. His fears only got worse when his father died in a flash flood, leaving him all alone in the wild. Fortunately he comes across his once captured orphaned cave boy Spot and throughout their journey survive the fiercest of enemies. With the glow of the fireflies guiding them, Arlo and Spot will protect their allies, even if it means facing their crippling fears.

Quote: “We need to get home. You’re gonna love it, Spot. You’ll have a warm place to sleep, right next to me. And all the corn you can eat. There’s lots of space to run around… It’ll be your farm too. We’ll all look after it together…”

Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack:
Passive- Instead of attacking, Arlo and Spot will eat some hallucinating berries, reducing their reality by 20%, but healing themself for X HP, and gaining berserk for 4 seconds. The closest enemy will also become confused for 6 seconds.

Entrance: Arlo runs into place with Spot riding on his head.

Victory: Arlo will throw Spot into the air with his head in victory.

Defeat: Arlo will protect Spot as he curls up and shields him as he cowers.


White Skill:
“Firefly Fortitude”
Arlo will spin his tail around in a circle, as a large amount of fireflies illuminate around him and Spot, giving them a shield of X HP, X Max HP, and making them immune to all blinds for 7 seconds. The fireflies will also fly to every ally healing them for X HP, and giving them a 50% dodge to all attacks for 8 seconds.

Green Skill:
“Chicken Run”
Arlo will cower as a group of chickens rush through the enemyline, dealing X damage to every enemy as well as giving them 2 stacks of fatigue. If a scared enemy is hit by this skill, they will be stunned for 10 seconds, as well as lose 40% basic damage.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Blue Skill:
“Feral Caveboy”
Spot will growl at the enemyline, scaring them for 12 seconds, and giving him and Spot a shield of X HP, and berserk for 6 seconds. He will then pounce on the enemy with the most Max HP, dealing X damage, removing 50% of their Max HP and giving 10% of the stolen Max HP to his allies.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
“Tenacious Companionship”
When Arlo and Spot gain a shield, their allies will have their green skill cooldowns reduced by 100%, and will gain a 50% increase in their skill power and Max HP. This skill can be done every 15 seconds.

Red Skill:
“Primitive Duo”
When Arlo and Spot use Firefly Fortitude, they will blind the two closest enemies for 9 seconds, and will give an additional 300 energy to all allies. Also, for every second Arlo and Spot have a shield active, they and their allies will gain a 2% increase in crit damage that cannot be reduced.

  • +X Shield HP from Firefly Fortitude
  • +X Max HP from Firefly Fortitude
  • +X Reality

Plio, Yar, Zini & Suri

Disk Name: “Walking with Dinosaurs”
Disk Effect: Scares Block True Damage

Other Effects:

  1. When an enemy is scared, their true damage will be blocked for 3 seconds, and will lose 50% basic damage. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Skill Damage
  3. +X Evasion

Campaign: (The lemurs are still searching for their adoptive Iguanodon Aladar and accidentely mistake Arlo for him. Arlo is relatively new to this city, and wonders if they are missing animals that live on the triceratops Pet Collector, and are trying to return to him. The two explain their sides of the stories, and Arlo agrees to help out the family for the time being until Aladar or Near return. The lemurs also meet Spot and have loads of fun together, even when the cave boy and Zini come across some hallucinating berries.)
Allies: Bill Sykes, Dr. Calico, Phineas & Ferb

Mrs. Calloway & Lucky Jack

Disk Name: “Are You Chicken?”
Disk Effect: Backline Ally Immunity

Other Effects:

  1. At the start of each wave, every backline enemy will be immune to all debuffs for 8 seconds, and will be invincible for 2 seconds. (+2 seconds per star level)
  2. +X Max HP for all Allies
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (As if flash floods were bad enough, A new kind of chicken is invading the Patch of Heaven, and is scaring off the actual chickens of the farm. Mrs. Calloway asks Arlo and his family of farmers to help protect their farm. They apologize, saying that they are the ones who care for these dinosaurs. All of a sudden a flash flood occurs, and Arlo has to face two huge fears at once as they bring all the farm animals in the barn and save the crops and Mrs. Calloway understands his fears of the flash flood after learning about the fate of his father. Mrs. Calloway is grateful of the dinosaur family for saving the Patch of Heaven, and gives some of their food as a gift for their generosity.)
Allies: M-O, Panchito Pistoles, Wade Ripple


I was kinda expecting Rex to match Arlo or Stitch
to match Spot as one of the friendships but your choices are great too. Awesome concept! Nice to see The Good Dinosaur having some recognition


Nice concept!
You always make the best concepts!


Thank you!! I would have gone with Rex, but I wanted to be more creative with my choices! The lemurs from Dinosaur I thought were the best choices for Arlo personally, and it could be a cool reference to the pet collector and all the animals that live on him!

And since Arlo’s family are farmers, I thought of giving the friendship to a Home on the Range character respectively lol!


Amazing concept :+1: (Even if I don’t like Dinosaurs (The disney movie) :joy: :rofl:)


Dinosaur is a CURSED movie lol


Great concept :+1:

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