Dev Q&A: March 2021

Welcome to our first Q&A session for 2021!

Discussion for this session will include these topics:

These topics are open for you to post your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll be reviewing it and responding just as we do the rest of the forums.

We think the last Q&A session was a great improvement so we’re using the same format again! We’re going to collect questions from you and then post the answer in an organized thread. We want the live session to be fun and lighthearted, but we also want to address your questions.

Post your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them next week!

Our live Q&A will be Wednesday, March 17 3-4 PM CT

Here’s the team involved in this session:

  • Polaris, Senior Community Manager
  • Leaf, Product Owner
  • Commander Jack, Senior Game Designer
  • DoubleBeans, Lead Hero Designer

We’ll be posting the State of the Game with the anniversary in May, so stay tuned for that!


I can’t think of anything yet, but just as a reminder for other people: PB isn’t going to answer “is X hero coming” so don’t spam it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Melhoras nas Recompensas de Torneios para poder beneficiar todos os jogadores desde daqueles que gastam dinheiro até aqueles que não podem, fazer algumas mudanças ou uma nova competição seria bem vinda também, pois o jogo fica rodando sempre nas mesmas coisas a 2 anos

Why do collections exist? I know you can get some good rewards, emojis and profile pics, but it doesnt really have a generic use


Collections give buffs, you know


Try to make Guild contests more accessible for small and newer guilds too. Last contest my Guild in server 1 barely reached 1st reward. Also improve FTN contest. It has become almost possible lately


I only have three questions.

1: Is Gogo Tomago on the release schedule?

2: Will Gogo (when she is eventually introduced) have these skills?

3: Will Wasabi’s block skill be updated to the proper version?


You mean impossible

…Wasabi’s current animation is actually canon. Watch the training scene in BH6.

These won´t be answered. “Will XY come and will have these skills” type of question.


It was, it isn’t anymore.

Being a tech based team, Hiro progressively upgrades their equipment to meet new challenges, for Gogo and Wasabi, they needed stronger shields.

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In some ways, the show may not even be canon. Fred’s last name was clearly something that started with L in the movie and in the show, it’s Frederickson. That can’t just be a retcon either.

We are talking BH6 movie, not BH6 Series… So “isn´t anymore” is irrelevant if it is in the film.

Can you give decent rewards for end of Invasion in stead of just a bunch of mod power? You made all these changes but nothing is in place to keep players motivated to keep going after day 1. I struggle to convince my guild to be invested in Invasion and you’re not doing anything to help. Im not fond of the algorithms used to pick your opponents level either. I have one R7 toon and it’s yellow. Now I have to fight an entire blue Invasion against R7 opponents. It’s utter drag and uphill all the way.


Yes. The show is irrelevant to the game. The movie is the source material this game uses.


That’s not how canon works…

Once something is canon it’ll always be canon.

  • is there any character from a movie you would like to see? (If they are coming don’t share, if they aren’t atm who are they?)
  • who was your favorite character to design
  • are there any heroes you would want to remake?
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Well, that’s one way to get PB to give us hints on who is or isn’t coming soon. :sweat_smile:


Like last Q&A, when Leaf told us their favorite movies and when the majority of employees said they liked Vinny :smirk:

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