Luz Noceda Concept (#77)

Luz Noceda

Description: The art of witchcraft can be quite challenging to a normal human, but that doesn’t stop Luz Noceda from casting spells in a unique fashion! With her practical use of glyphs, Luz will do her best to keep her head in the battle and be of service!

Quote: “Light in the darkness, a glittering bridge of ice, the mightiest tree in the forest! You can make all these, and more, with glyph magic!”

Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack:
-Passive- Instead of attacking, Luz will hold her breath while casting an invisibility glyph, gaining a 40% chance to dodge all attacks, increasing her evasion by X, and making her invisible for 6 seconds before she becomes transparent again.

Entrance: Luz jumps from an ice glyph and lands in style.

Victory: Luz will put on her cat hoodie and playfully meow at the enemies.

Defeat: Luz sits down as she puts her cat hoodie all the way.


White Skill:
“Glyph Iceberg”
Using an Ice glyph, Luz will create a barrier of ice blocking all enemies from moving forward for three seconds. When an enemy uses a melee move on the wall, they will be frozen for 7 seconds and be dealt X damage over time while frozen.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Green Skill:
“Illuminating Glyph”
Using a light glyph, Luz will create an orb of light that will heal her for X HP, give her and her allies three stacks of hardy, and cleanse herself of all debuffs. The hardy application has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill:
“Ice Slide”
Luz will create a trail of ice across the enemyline freezing the closest and farthest enemy for 6 seconds. She will then slide across to the right side as the shattered pieces of ice will deal X damage to all enemies. The freeze will have a chance to fail on enemies above level X.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Purple Skill:
“Novice Witchcraft”
When an enemy is frozen, they will gain three stacks of fatigue, and lose 50 energy per second as well as X evasion.

Red Skill:
“Wonderful Art of Wizardry”
At the start of the wave, when Luz in invisible, she and her allies will be energized for 6 seconds and also gain an additional 100 energy for every crit. Also, Illuminating Glyph will now blind the closest enemy for 8 seconds and remove all of their buffs. The buff removal will have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

  • +X HP Healed from Illuminating Glyph
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Max HP

Penny Forester

Disk Name: “Fangirl-Out"
Disk Effect: Glyph Iceberg Grants Damage Reduction

Other Effects:

  1. When Luz uses Glyph Iceberg, she will grant her allies 10% damage reduction on all sources of attacks. (+8% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (Luz has found a friend in Penny Forester, and the two discuss their upbringings and their interests. When Penny brings up Bolt, Luz is beyond ecstatic to hear that a super-powered dog isn’t just in some anime! She is beyond amazed and infatuated by Bolt {Potentially even more than King} and vows to help Bolt and Penny out as a sidekick!)
Allies: Bolt, Dr. Delbert Doppler, Honey Lemon



Disk Name: “Art of Evasion"
Disk Effect: Crits Equal Hex

Other Effects:

  1. When Luz crits an enemy, they will be hexed for 3 seconds. (+1 per star level)
  2. +X Crit Damage for allies
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (When exploring the city more, Luz hears about a woman often called the master of illusions. She finally meets the woman in the form of Esmerelda and is confused as she does bear any coven brand. When Esmerelda shows how she uses the art of illusion tricks, Luz is happy to find and meet another human that uses her own form of magic!)
Allies: Sally, Prince Eric, Flash


Wow, I love this concept, cool

Awww!! Thank you so much!! I still have more Owl House characters in mind… so be on the lookout!!


WOWEEE!! So cool

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Well done!

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