Deja Thoris Concept (#156)

Deja Thoris

Description: Princess of Helium, and regent of the Royal Academy of Science, Deja Thoris is beyond passionate for her people and will not stop at nothing to keep balance between her society and her enemies. Having formed an alliance with the Tharks, a society of green four-armed lifeforms, Deja has an army by her side and will fight for what she and her people believe in.

Quote: “We may have been born worlds apart, but I know you, John Carter. From the moment you caught me in the sky, I knew. I felt the heart of a man willing to lay down his life for others. A man willing to fight for a cause, here, on Barsoom.”

Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Blue


Basic Attack: Deja will swing her sword on the closest enemy, dealing X damage.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Deja will walk into the arena and brandishes her sword.

Victory: Deja will smile as she cleans and puts her sword down.

Defeat: Deja will take a knee and fall in defeat.


White Skill:
“White Ape Ambush"
A white ape will jump down from the right side and pounce down on every enemy, dealing X damage, and stunning them for 7 seconds. After using this skill, Deja and her allies will land guaranteed crits for 6 seconds.
(Damage Type: True)

Green Skill:
“Thark Gallop"
Deja will call on Tars Tarkas to rush through the enemyline, slashing away at every enemy, dealing X damage and knocking them back. The two frontmost enemies, will be snared and drained for 5 seconds.
(Damage Type: Fantastic)

Blue Skill:
“Brandished Mirror"
Deja will take the time to look at herself with her sword, and cleanse herself of any debuffs as well as heal herself for X HP. After using this skill, she will gain an 80% chance to land crits, and will now have true damage on her basic attacks and skills.

Purple Skill:
“Advocate for Justice"
When Deja uses Brandished Mirror, she will deal 40% more damage to enemies with any negative status effects for 6 seconds. Effects include stuns, freezes, silences, shatter, pierce, and blinds.
(Damage Type: True)

Red Skill:
“Princess of Helium"
Deja Thoris will have a 60% to dodge all attacks for the first 7 seconds of each wave. The dodge can not be cleansed or removed. Also, Deja will become precise after using White Ape Ambush for 12 seconds.

  • +X Damage from White Ape Ambush
  • +X Crit Damage
  • +X Skill Power

Sasha Waybright

Disk Name: “Otherworldly Interference”
Disk Effect: Crits Equal Hardy
Other Effects:

  1. When Deja lands a crit on an enemy, she will gain one stack of hardy. This can be done every 10 seconds. (+1 stack of hardy)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Skill Power

Campaign: (A gang of White Apes have been rampaging throughout the city, and Deja Thoris is called into action along with Tars Tarkas as well as a new face in Sasha. Deja underestimates Sasha for her age and opts to protect her from the massive apes. Sasha however, only scoffs at Deja as she takes down one ape flawlessly. Deja and Tarkas are beyond stone faced, and they ultimately team up and stop the apes.)
Allies: Judge Claude Frollo, Peter Pan, Luz Noceda



Disk Name: “Princesses of Valor"
Disk Effect: Immunity to Negative Stacks
Other Effects:

  1. For the first 10 seconds, Deja is immune to all negative stacks, such as fatigue, weakness, decay, and corruption stacks. She will also gain a 12% damage reduction from all sources. (+12% per star level)
  2. +X Max HP
  3. +X Crit Damage

Campaign: (Deja is quite intrigued with the princesses of the city, including the ones that can hold their own in a fight. Raya, the princess of Heart is one of these princesses that she gains a liking towards, especially the creatures in her world like her armadillo/pill bug hybrid. Raya is also interested in the Thark colony, and the grotesque white apes. The two ultimately take on creeps together and compliment each other’s skills.)
Allies: Mr. Waternoose, Lilith & Hooty, Ember Lumen


Great Concept :+1:


Nice Concept!


Great Concept of Deja Thoris


Her actress looks really familiar. Is she by any chance played by the same actress as Namaari?


Unfortunetely no. She is played by Lynn Collins in John Carter. The VA or Namaari is Gemma Chan. Now that you mention it, she could be a great live action Namaari or Raya lol.

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